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  1. 222 Well, there's only one way to fix that! By going and eating some delicious gelatin.
  2. 220 Pudding just makes me think of QP from QP Shooting. Though also Neptune, now.
  3. It's been a hot minute since I've read this, my apologies, so I just sorta skimmed the recent posts to catch up. But congratulations on clearing what I remember being one of the most obnoxious chapters, especially with no deaths! Sort of a shame the level from Iago wasn't more impressive, but hey, what's done is done regardless!~ I'll try to keep up more with this so I don't become so lost and behind again, ahah.
  4. Happy birthday Beep! I hope this day is good and you have a great year ahead!

  5. Hey you're cute

    1. Caster


      Hey you're cute too let's get married

    2. DefaultBeep



      wait hold on shoot

    3. Vaximillian
  6. Tsk tsk, Vaxxy-chan. It's no good to steal without permission when you think I won't see it~ (Adorable sprite though! Maybe I should post the art I made that "inspired" it sometime...)
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