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  1. It's been a hot minute since I've read this, my apologies, so I just sorta skimmed the recent posts to catch up. But congratulations on clearing what I remember being one of the most obnoxious chapters, especially with no deaths! Sort of a shame the level from Iago wasn't more impressive, but hey, what's done is done regardless!~ I'll try to keep up more with this so I don't become so lost and behind again, ahah.
  2. Happy birthday Beep! I hope this day is good and you have a great year ahead!

  3. Hey you're cute

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      Hey you're cute too let's get married

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      wait hold on shoot

    3. Vaximillian
  4. Tsk tsk, Vaxxy-chan. It's no good to steal without permission when you think I won't see it~ (Adorable sprite though! Maybe I should post the art I made that "inspired" it sometime...)
  5. Thank you for reminding me that I still haven't played that game yet, despite having owned it for... a while... I have a problem Though if you're unsure, it's actually supposed to be Katarina, from... well, Fire Emblem, haha. 126
  6. Ah, I see. So what normally happens when I go away from somewhere for a while. Nice! 36, 42, 112
  7. ...Something tells me I missed something. 33, 39, 109
  8. Thanks! And definitely hunt, haha. For maybe the first time, I made sure to save up a stock of orbs before the banner arrived, so I went into it with about 103 to hopefully get her with. And it worked, so hooray for patience! Thank ya! Took me 58 of my 103 saved orbs, so I still feel lucky to have gotten her so quickly, heh. Especially after seeing how it's gone for some other people in this thread... I also ended up with a 5-star pity-breaker Nanna through part of those. The one I had before is +HP/-Atk, which is pretty poor... except this new one is +Def/-Atk, which might actually be slightly worse, so oh well I suppose. Thanks again! Yeah, I've been waiting quite a while... since her debut banner technically, though I didn't actually pull on it because I was scared of getting Luke or Athena instead, haha. And then in both of her VG banners, I spent every orb I could muster, and even bought some 75 orb packs, only to get two Young Tikis and a 5-star Fae on the first, and three Sigurds on the second... But she's here now, so it was all worth it! She's +Def/-HP, which I'm actually pretty happy with, in two ways. Her Atk and Spd are completely untouched, as is her Res, which are probably her three most important stats, so that's already a relief. But I'm also planning to give her some enemy phase defensive skills, particularly double Distant Defense in her A and S slot, which combined with Reese's Tome's full -owl effect and a superboon in Def, gets her to 37 Def and 50 Res (39 and 52 with S Summoner Support!). The best tanking stats? Not really, but good enough for what I'd like, especially if I can give her Dull Ranged 3 or something as well, heh. And -blade+ would probably be better for her to have in terms of effectiveness... but I'm a stickler for building around personal weapons, especially for a tome named after one of my favorites, hehe~ Oh yeah, I remember back when everyone but me was getting great Katarinas like crazy... but now I have her too! I'm finally one of the cool kids!
  9. baby katarina

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      I would never.

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      I appriciate her. What do you take me for.

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      Screw Clarisse, I want her to myself.

  10. My quest in life has finally been completed. I'm going to go faint now.
  11. Right now, my Catria is +Def/-HP, and has a Def-refined Slaying Lance, Bonfire, Close Defense 3, Quick Riposte 3, whatever C buff her friends want, and preferably Close Defense 3 Seal. I was originally planning to give her a Firesweep or Brave build... but then noticed that there are a large number of other lance fliers with stats entirely better than her for running either of those. So, I decided to try focusing on her Def instead, which I think she's third highest in for lance fliers? The only thing about her build I really plan to change is giving her Aether for Arena points. Bonfire works great with Slaying and QR to activate in nearly every round of enemy phase combat she enters, so switching to Aether isn't the most practical, but it's something I'll probably have to do eventually, regardless of its practicality.
  12. Thanks! It's really nice to finally be able to use Fir as a somewhat good unit, even if she's still not exactly outstanding, haha. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to spend my feathers in the near future yet (strongly considering promoting some Legions to convince Katarina to show up though), but my next +10 is definitely going to be Catria. She was my second ever 5-star promotion, after Fir, and she's a character I like and actually have enough copies of to +10, so she just seems like an all-around sensible choice right now, heh.
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