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  1. Thanks for ur reply, i appreciate any thoughts :). A few weeks ago, i found a plugin for TT sim and its pretty neat. I get what u mean with the pay, especially since there is also paid dlc for board games made by the devs i would assume, extra cash grab. I'll look into the links u sent. Thanks, happy summoning :)
  2. There isn't really much for me to say. I use a Windows 10 laptop. Lackey used to work fine, but a few months ago it cut off the top bar and made me click below something to access a menu or action. Before this, Lackey would close if I touched my screen, as I have a touch screen. Tabletop Simulator does cost money, but is on Steam and seems more active than Lackey as a community. If we can make an accepted community plugin like the one for Lackey, it would really help out people like me and also spread the word about Cipher on the Steam workshop. Note I have never fiddled around with TT sim much, and I am not trying to force people to help just me play.
  3. I probably shouldn't have included the Brave Heroes, but I did say alternate. A lot of people really haven't been talking about anything but the Braves though...lol
  4. I've been thinking about this for awhile as I have a love hate relationship with these, which has now changed to content with my analysis. Mainly due to from my knowledge no confirmed chance to get these units again, and how hard it is to summon them as f2p when you go for other banners. For example, I spent most of my orbs on Nohrian Summer and I got Celica instead of Summer Leo, who I could get on any other banner. My luck seems better on other banners, as I got 2 5 stars from Sacred Stones 1st time and 2 5 stars from Brave Heroes 1st time, one being Brave Lyn, my first alternate 5 star other than free Brave Lucina. You could argue I should save my orbs more, which now I may start doing after Brave heroes with my %4 rate. I'm going to go over the alternate units to see what ones are more replaceable than others. Heroes of the same weapon and movement type will be compared, so I wont be comparing Brave Lyn to Takumi or Bridal Cordelia. Fan service done right, at least maybe: Spring Festival: #2 Spring Chrom can hold his own in Atk and Def, but Raven is a great Brave Axe user with Hawkeye Chrom's resistant counterpart. #3 Spring Lucina is just a more defensive blue mage which takes away from her Atk but has great Spd. Linde is better in most cases and Delthea is great support. #4 Spring Xander has the highest Def of the lance horseman but lowest Atk. Great debuffer, buffer and using Bonfire but Clive is also defensive and Mathilda is the resistant counterpart. #1 Spring Camilla is unrivaled on flier emblem being one of two magic users on a pegasus. Due to this she's almost mandatory to respond to defensive units. Bridal Blessings: #4 Bridal Caeda is a slightly better Spring Lucina with 1 more Spd and 5 more Res. Go Delthea/Linde. #2 Bridal Lyn is one of the more versatile healers, stopping counter attacks with Dazzling Staff and Candlelight. Only bested by horse healers on horse emblem. #3 Bridal Charlotte is a great for a infantry lance on the offensive, but Sharena is only 4 less Atk. #1 Bridal Cordelia was considered the best archer before Brave Lyn (though that doesn't matter as they aren't the same movement type), but Innes is a better mage killer with 9 more Res 2 less Atk and 1 less Spd and works fine. Ylissean Summer: #3 Summer Robin (F) is Sharena with 7 more Res but 8 less HP. EIther work depending on what a team lacks. #1 Summer Tiki is more defensive and resistant Spring Chrom. Another great choice like him. #2 Summer Gaius is a slightly better Setsuna with 2 more Atk so good Quad. #4 Summer Frederick is similar to other debuffers but with Seal Atk Spd with the 2nd highest Atk of the Ninjas. Won't enjoy a counter like Felicia or Saizo and Kagero is used a lot anyways. Nohrian Summer: #2 Summer Xander is better than Summer Tiki in HP and Def but bad Res. Barst is his counterpart, though infantry pulse makes him very useful. #3 Summer Leo is similar to Sanaki and Katarina, though Katarina has better Spd. Leo can run Quick Riposte though and is the unit I wish I got ;-;. #4 Summer Elise is the better variant of Nino with Gronblade (same Atk/Spd as Delthea, just not a better weapon to start with). #1 Summer Corrin is a must for flier emblem with or without Spring Camilla, or just Spring Camilla. Can't be compared to anyone else sadly. Hoshidan Summer with Staff Male Corrin someday? #3 Brave Lucina is a better Sharena with better buffing and Atk/Spd. Slightly less bulky. #4 Brave Roy is closest to Cain and Seth with slightly less bulk for more Atk/Spd. Eldigan and Xander are the Def variants with less Spd. #1 Brave Lyn is the only horse archer so similar to the flying mages is not comparable. Closest thing is Bridal Cordelia, then Innes. #2 Brave Ike is in the end the better Bartre and somewhat the opposite of Anna. So far, only Spring Camilla, Summer Corrin and Brave Lyn are unrivaled. Of course some of these units come with specific new skills but that doesn't mean their available versions are truly inferior. All units have their uses, even Wyrs... I hope this review eases the minds of those who missed out on these units like me or didn't get their +10 merged or optimal IV's. Leave your thoughts in the comments, and happy summoning!
  5. Hi everyone, i'm new to Serenes Forest but have been on the Cipher discord.I have been playing Heroes since release and f2p. So far I have 25 five star heroes, with one being a duplicate Ninian. I also have been using Camus and Xander as four stars on my horse team. Here's the list: Alfonse: Neutral Marth: +Spd -Res Saber: +Atk -Spd Zephiel: Neutral Young Tiki: +HP -Res Celica: +Res -Def Leo: +Res -Atk Sharena: Neutral Brave Lucina: Neutral Free Choice Azura: Neutral Effie: +Res -HP Clive: Neutral Mathilda: +HP -Res Tana: +Atk -Spd Hinoka: +Res -Def Ninian: +Atk -Spd and +HP -Res Delthea: +Atk -Def Raven: +Spd -Res Hawkeye: +Res -Atk Hector: +Res -Atk Nino: +Spd -HP Takumi: +Res -Def Brave Lyn: +Def -Atk Maria: +HP -Atk (really only good for grinding, as well as my 1st 5 star summon) Overall the only bad things about my selection is the number of blue units compared to others as well as some IV's. I'll throw out some of my ideas and see what everyone thinks: Quadstrike Infantry Buffed Raven, Brave Lucina, Delthea, Azura/Ninian Pros: High Damage, Brave Lucina and Delthea can be good in battle as well Cons: Low defense, someone will die in Arena Tana or Dancer Armor Emblem Tana or Ninian/Azura, Hector, Zephiel, Effie Never tried this team out but could work, though Tana could die due to needing to fly ahead for Guidance. Horse Emblem Brave Lyn, Leo, Xander 4 star, Camus 4 star I have the buffs they want, but upgrading them and getting Raurblade+ for Leo is 60k feathers though the regular version works fine. This team could survive with Xander and Leo defending, maybe Camus having Renewal and Reciprocal Aid for Quick Riposte Leo. I can level a Reinhardt but my 2 aren't +Atk. Dragon Emblem Young Tiki, 4 star Nowi, 4 star Fae, Ninian Fortify Dagons sadly doesn't stack, but Ninian doesn't need the buff herself. My dragons don't have optimal IV's but would work. Renewal and Reciprocal Aid/Ardent Sacrifice? Hone Nino Nino, Alfonse, Sharena, Rallier Focusing on Gronnblade+, Nino could be pretty impressive, but not a Cecelia on Horse Emblem My Old Arena Team Delthea, Hector, Azura, Yong Tiki, swap one for bonus unit I lose against some Horse Emblem, especially Brave Lyn. Overall i'm happy with my units and this has opened me up to choices I've never thought about. I've been wanting to use Leo since I got him early on but never did. Wish I got Summer Leo but Celica showed up instead. I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions and their own personal teams as well. :)
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