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  1. Heineken? Fu*k that sh*t. PABST. BLUE. RIBBON! (I cannot not post this when anyone references Heinies)
  2. I fu*king love anime avatars. They're the best people, besides girls with sleeve tattoos.
  3. Thank you! I'm glad someone appreciates my profile pics. Nietzsche's eternal recurrence, except coming back as an unemployed shitposter that retweets anime tiddies and harasses journos.
  4. Same, I would play during downtime. I feel like I lose interest in playing console games after playing FEH I said I would never spend money on this game again...then I saw Spring Kagero. Lol
  5. I used to be into the grind but I can't justify it now since you spend too much time on the quests v. what you get. Like I could just work an overtime shift and spend money and still get the chars I want without the grinding. Also not interested in HM farming since I don't rly need skill fodder and don't care abt staying in T20. The appeal of new chars has gone down for me too. I love the new Tana Karla and Cordelia but I've already lost interest in using them.
  6. Want to watch Yuruyuri, Kill la Kill, and High School DxD next...because I'm attracted to feminine energy
  7. If you know what futanari is you're a weeb for life, even if you staop watching anime and playing vidya
  8. A. Yell for a nurse, holla at her and get #, request Dilaudid
  9. Losing interest in playing...everything seems like a grind. At this point I just login for the daily orbs. Only reason I'll keep playing is for the new chars
  10. IS be liek: "Spend your entire week playing our simplistic strategy game to get 30-40 orbs to get a STOCKPILE of Swap fodder, Bartre, and OG Henry"! Or spend that time working an extra shift and just buy the orbs.
  11. @silveraura25 This guy has issues. Summer Cordelia is an amazing unit. She's super fast, and has much better defensive bulk than her flying alt. She is a great unit to do potential one-turn map clears with.
  12. I pulled her! I put the Brave Lance+/L&D3/Galeforce//Desperation set on her and she does really well with that.
  13. If I got transformed into a girl, I'd go to the mall and get sexy underwear, tight yoga pants, and get all dolled up like an IG girl. What does this mean
  14. Got Summer Tana and threw Bladetome & Desperation on her, very neiss so far. I'm pulling for Cordelia next just for the art. Pulled Innes, Luke, and F Morgan as collaterals, lol.
  15. I'm not going to upload my list bc nobody cares, but I decided to poast here that I have 22 differenct flier 5-star units. I want to do a fliers-only run through AA soon.
  16. Hell yeah! Good to hear you got Stripdelia. I got Tana and I'm working on 'Delia next. I'm considering foddering off Hinoka's Hone Fliers to Summer Tana so she replaces my -Atk Halloween Nowi.
  17. Wew lad. Last year's summer units got powercreeped...fanservice-wise and gameplay-wise. Tana being my favrit character from FE8, getting an amazing flying mage stat spread plus more Cuboon art? Also, wtf is Cordelia wearing. I don't think she's looking for her 'perfect match' wearing that.
  18. The Squad is Camilla (+9 w/Brave Axe, double Savage Blow), Cordelia (Brave Lance+/L&D 3/Galeforce), Spring Kagero (Heavy Blade SS) and Airzura.
  19. Yes, a lot of recycling goes on. Every cycle is like this: 1 TT, GC, and VG. There will be a new GHB, and BHB, and two recycled ones. We get two new banners, a couple with specific skills/weapon refines, and a Legendary Hero Banner. The story will advance at a snail's pace. So, we get a handful of new maps and a lot of grinding. I guess I've lost enthusiasm after playing it for a year. I keep it fun by using Flier Emblem Galeforce Death Squad (also featuring Kagero).
  20. I want Lucius and Raven for bois, and Kagero and Oboro for girls. Also: is anyone else getting bored of this game? It's gotten too easy for me, and there's not that much to do now. TT is fun to use the new units, but it is repetitive and gets old after a few days. I'd like to see more maps, not necessarily BHB or GHB, but a new challenge.
  21. Hell yeah! I agree 100% with this. Also, the girl from Three Houses looks like a character from one of the DS Castlevania games.
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