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  1. I'll probably go after Byleth or Edelgard. Even though I'll be choosing Blue Lions, I don't need a lance horse or a bow horse.
  2. Hanne’s description of Manuela kinda reminds me of Charlotte: Both look prim and proper, yet both have contrasting personalities to their appearance. More so, both would like to meet men. I kind of interested in marrying her if the game allows it.
  3. Kind of weird Dark Mage and Mercenary are Male only even though they weren’t gender locked in Awakening and Fates, yet Fighter can be accessed by female units. Has it been confirmed how mounted units move again? Or the requirements for Dancer?
  4. Blue Lions. I’m sucker for the color blue, and I Like Ashe and Annette. Gonna try to steal Dorothea.
  5. How do we know it’s a 3 Houses Banner?
  6. Really? The female Corrin on Amazon costs 35$. I think the reasons we can’t have something like Fates is because it would be too much effort create data for 10 different characters. At Fates, there was only 4. I think another reason why I think Amiibo aren’t that spectacular is because bonuses are very small in most game. In Yoshi and Poochy Wolly World, being able to unlock skins based on Amiibo was a huge boon, but most other games don’t do that. A lack of an Amiibo heavy game also probably comes from Nintendo not wanting outrage from people who dislike Skylanders and Disney Infinity for their figure to life practices. Regardless, FE music is great, so I’m looking forward to the tracks. Does anyone what an auxiliary battle is though?
  7. No. For two reasons: 1. As mentioned with Revelations, it would invalidate the other paths if there was a simply a superior system. 2. I'm fed up with GameFreak releasing the third "true" path after releasing their intial pair of games. I don't need Fire Emblem following a similar path.
  8. Ehh... Yes and no. Corrin's father is the human portion of Anankos who dies before the game, while Anankos fought endgame is only the father through technicallity, cause the human form is an incarnation of his soul.
  9. I'm currently playing through Conquest Lunatic, so I can't give a full comparison, but the maps I found annoying were Chapter 10 and pretty much everyone after 23 but before 26. 25 was obnoxious, since you had 5 waves of Dark/Bow Knights as well as Great Knights alongside an Entrap user made it quite difficult to press forward. Endgame was laughable though
  10. Well, Regardless of what people think, Wolt is voiced by Tim Goodman!
  11. Yeah, but I want a banner dedicated to Hoshidans only, not shared.
  12. The one on the right looks to be Azura due to the hair. Similar wise, the spiky hair vibes give me the impression of Male Corrin. Come on Intelligent Systems, give us a Hoshidan Summer already!
  13. I'm currently replaying Fates. I also should try to finish Kirby: Star Allies and Apollo Justice. My main concern is that I'm going to Alaska a day after 3 houses launched, which means I'll have to wait a week before I get my special edition. I might buy the a Digital version and give the physical copy that comes with the Special edition to my brother who also has a Switch. I very hyped, and I really don't want to be spolied on vacation.
  14. You can beat up " arrogant nobles "... I wonder if there's more to that? Like maybe some plot relevance?
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