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  1. Happens very often I guess - as they say its gacha. I recently tried out a new game called the alchemist code - besides being a much deeper game it also has a much more user friendly gacha system even with guaranteed results. So I am a little bit disappointed with IS and nintendo. A 4,50 pity rate is either a lot of money or a lot of grind, well, rather a lot of time saving up orbs. Getting nothing can be depressing.
  2. If you do ta3raven you could consider bowbreaker. If you for max sp wom and drive res or something. Even though I would start with skills that are easy to handle and give you an edge during battle.if you are serious about 4* merges I would consider giving them 5* weapons. Personally I dont like the solution of 4* merges but its temporarily the best thing you can do if you want to max out rewards asap.
  3. Dont know about rules but I could think of lots varieties of modes ☺ My recent idea was a take on shadowverse/hearthstone where you draw from a set of units. Like battling against another player both have like up to 32 units in their 'deck' etc. Of course this was just a rough idea and would need complex rules to work and be fun.
  4. Sounds actually pretty cool - not because of its predictability but because you see how they change their teams each season - assuming there is change in the first place. Hope they make that real time pvp happen. Would like to battle against you one day ☺☺☺
  5. Guess its even much easier to prepare for those battles. I assume you run into the same opponents more often as the number of people who have all+10 armor emblem defense teams might be relatively low.
  6. I would like additional arena modes. Alternative arena assault mode: At the beginning of a season you need to pick 28 units for a unit pool. And only those units can be used during the entire season. No doubles of course. The units would need to be varied, 7reds, 7blues etc. Battles would be against the pools of other players with randomly selected teams. Each team would be comprised of alk color affinities. Imo that would be quite interesting and unpredictable. You could end up fighting with 4 dancers against 4 dancers for example - battles that otherwise never happen An additional alternativve feature could be permadeath. If you manage to battle through all 7 teams with no deaths you get maximum rewards and ranking points. If one unit dies you get a replacement of the same color. There is lots posdibilities to spice things up.
  7. Did a full pull on the legendary banner. Free pull was spring lucina - +hp-atk, utterly useless. Rest were 3 3* send home units and a 4* laslow. Btw, I somehow caved in and pulled some more from the winter banner, quite unlucky - spend some money again ?. At least I got a +atk-hp Ike. Anyway, this whole pulling was getting on my nerves - had to realize its turning into a problem for several reasons. So I made a resolution to do just one full pull from each and every banner and call it quits after that. Might not be the most fun way to play the game but thats gonna be it.
  8. I had a good run today in aa. 5t battle had a couple dc units so I thought Blyn would take care of them. Had to realize she had renewal as her b skill - needless to say it was too late at that point.
  9. Where can you take that survey? I am open to everything that is a new mode
  10. Foddering off barst for reposition and two useless skills just for the sake of maximizing SI. Only to realize I must have double-clicked reposition and it didnt inherit. Wasted
  11. I think many a character can be quite surprising. When it comes to regular arena battles its obvious that you want to pick the strongest, most versatile units with probaby most merges. You dont know what you are getting into so you wanna have the most chances to win. Thats probably what tier lists are about. Arena assault is a different matter, you can only use a unit once. Besides the first match you can also check the map and can make use of niche units. It was thanks to aa that I began to appreciate the not the best units or oeven low tier units and started to build them. Recently I found use for Leo and Boey - two units that I didnt really appreciate. I wouldnt really pull for these units but I am glad that I have them. Guess specialization is key here. Its hard to recommend Caeda for example if there is Elincia. I would probably never spend 20k feathers to promote her but she broke my pity twice and now she fills her role as a hector sayer every once in a while. Its actually quite fun to invest into weaker units and make them to be more useful or even badass.
  12. Thanks - I wouldnt necessarily say neutral, though. Low speed units get doubled often and a higher defense halves the loss in hp. I would also add breath of life if you have it, cant have too much healing in regard to TT. Also if you happen to no have renewal 3 but access to renewal 1. Take it!!!! It will trigger at the beginning of each new stage - better than no renewal.
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