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  1. For me, if they would repeat with the Awakening/Fates/Shadow Dragon packs I'd choose (is nearly the same options as the ones I putted in another topic before the confirmation of the characters): Fates: Garon (I felt betrayed with his "not inclusion") + Effie (for some armoured unit, and because I like the character) + Lilith (it would be interesting). And... Iago? (if they repeat the NPC as DLC characters, probably taking the place over one of my previous characters). Shadow Dragon: Camus (mounted lance and I like him) + Naga (another manakete... and have the god of manaketes as a playable character) + Jake (to have a ballistican as a new moveset and... because he's Anna's boyfriend). And... Gharnef? (same as Iago). Awakening: Walhart (same as Garon u.u) + Cherche (I like the character... I wouldn't mind if she were even a clone of Camilla or Minerva) + Adult Tiki (as it would be too weird having her as a costume for the actual playable Tiki XD). And... Validar? (same as the other 2). If they would use different games: Gaiden/Echoes: Alm (because of Celica) + Berkut/Rudolf (another mounted lance... but with a different moveset) + Lukas (similar to Oboro?). Binding/Blazing Blade: Roy (popularity... and one of my favourites XD) + Zephiel (armoured sword and potentially awesome moveset) + Hector (armoured axe and very popular). Fan favourite: the three more asked (potentially Ike would be here... maybe they could use the CYL ranking). It could also include Darios (Yelena and Oskar too?) as playable characters
  2. First of all, sorry if the "XD" bothers you, but is a way of transmiting my feelings "via writting" that I got used over the time (and as English is not my mother tounge, and I use this more than is necessary). Obviously, what I wrote was an overexagerated summary, and not all what he said was explained in my comment (nor I was interested to explain absolutely all the points he said textually), but I think saying that he said "plenty of positive points" is also overexagerating. About the focused villain, I think this is more a personal opinion that he has instead an impartial point, aand I can understand that (even if I don't share the same opinion), but trying to put this as a general truth is what bothers me. And as he compares the HW story (and remember, he said that it was very good even if it was extremely simple) with the FEW one, I don't get his point. About the movesets, get used to it doesn't mean he changed his opinion, only that now he doesn't mind. Also, as was shown here in the comment of the user who started this topic, he even considered Camilla a clone of the Pegasi (although I think it was a mistake from his script, but with the popularity of the channel and knowing not all the people are in with the information of the game I think is not excusable). With the "quality or performance option", he said he liked the capability of choosing because he found the "performance" option "bugs him" because he prefers good graphics, not that the "quality" option has great graphics (instead, he said between lines that the game have bad graphics, saying "they aren't spectacular, but it feels like a FE game", which is a bad evasive to avoid saying the game has bad graphics) or the "performance" option runs the 60 FPS well (or even deny it), so by his opinion, if the game had only the option of better graphics at 30 FPS he wouldn't mind it. And with the FE strategic gameplay implemented into the musou formula... Yes, he indeed said he liked it, but he didn't said reasons (he only explained which mechanics are in and, in the end of the video, says his first opinion about it saying he likes it). Also, I said in my first comment that he sure said some possitive points (like the History Mode). However, I think those are buried over the negative points. Finally, with my reference of "He used the roster excuse and magically extended it to the rest of the game to feel less bad" I didn't wanted to say that all the negative points are there because of the roster. Instead, I wanted to explain that he did it with the disappointment he had with this roster (again, not because of the roster itself).
  3. It's funny, because the GameXplain review of FEW was basically throwing sh*t (well, I'm exagerating here :p) to the whole game (except the gameplay, that is pretty similar to the rest of the games of the genre (as far as I know) and the History mode, but after comparing it with the Story mode, which was considered as trash some minutes ago in the same video, making most of the thinks better than the Story mode with the GX opinion (XD), and he even criticized this mode XD). He even said the music was not appealing XD. And after al this garbage-throwing, he dares to say that he liked the game, after all this continuous attack that was the review XD. I think he saw that is way superior to HW and HWL, but he used the roster excuse and magically extended it to the rest of the game to feel less bad XD.
  4. Oh, Frederick and Xander look great! With that video I found Frederick more interesting (the first videos I saw about him were... insipid and non attractive). And Xander and his magical horse are even more awesome than in the E3 XD.
  5. I like what I see... but I think I'm not going to make her one of my mains XD. She moves too much to attack, and this is terrible for a 1v1 battles (at least as I know for my Hyrule Warriors personal experience). If don't take to much time to you, @Jedi, could you do this for other characters? I've seen videos from History Mode (to avoid spoilers) and I see a lot 4 or 5 characters and that's it (maybe they're the best ones, or at least the favourites of these YouTubers, who knows), and I've didn't see so much gameplay about (for example) Xander, Camilla or the OC twins (apart of the obvious official gameplays).
  6. "Is now confirmed"... Boy, it's confirmed since the E3, and Nintendo remember it in all of the trailers they've launched. If the people were lying themselves all this time... XD. However, the tweet confirms that even the american and european Switch copies have Japanese audio, but in the sacrifice to change the language of the entire game (and the Switch OS). In my case, I don't really care about the absence of dual audio (although I'm going to have an ear bleeding with Hinoka every time she talks until I get used to it XD). As some say, it's possible to be implemented in the future as a free DLC like in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but who knows.
  7. This is more like a wishlist than a prediction, but here I go: Fates: Garon (we need axe users and he has the best potential), Lilith (I don‘t know, I like the character and I think her dragon form would give her areally interesting moveset) and Effie (an armour unit that we still don‘t have). Shadow Dragon: (note: I've never played, but I'll try it XD) Camus (I know him because of Echoes and Heroes... and he would be a mouned lance unit), Naga (a really crazy option, but... having the lord of dragons as a playable unit would be interesting) and Jake (is the boyfriend of Anna and we yould have a Ballistican. He could use bows as in Fates if we don't want to add a weapon type). Awakening: Walhart (Wolf Berg can give him a different moveset than Frederick's), Cherche (to have a real wyvern rider instead of a malig knight like Camilla) and Inigo (as a Bow Knight... I prefer him as a hero and having Severa as the Bow Knight, but I prefer Inigo over Severa, so...).
  8. FF is my favourite franchise... You earned a million points XD. I have NT preordered (the steelbook version ewe).
  9. Well, here are my questions to you. 1. What's your favourite FEW moveset and pair-up (and why)? 2. If you had the opportunity of choose only one character to be putted in the game, who would be, why and what kind of moveset would you give him/her? 3. Do you like Final Fantasy? :v I didn't have seen your stream yet. But when I have the game for my own and I finish the story I'll watch the videos for sure (even if you release a second stream with the english version... as I'll have the Spanish one (I preordered the Special Edition n.n) I won't care to see it two times, one in Japanese and one in English (as I'm studying Japanese I'm interested in this stream too, but my level maybe is still too low), to try to catch some regional (and language) differences. And sorry for the complexity of the questions (is like a little bit of... cheating, asking multiple related things into the same question :P.
  10. Well, great to know. Thanks a lot, you satisfied my curiosity so much XD.
  11. Great great! This is a real good sign! I hope the sales don't stop increasing, so those who don't get their favourite characters from other games than SD, Awakening and Fates (I still want ma' boi Roy, among other characters, from these three games and from the other games :v) will get the second installment of the game with new represented games! Good luck, FEW, you're doing your best!
  12. I have two questions related with weapons: Thanks in advance n.n.
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