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  1. That was meant to be the shadow of the arm and axe. Though I agree that it's a little too much. I'll keep in mind to make it a little less drastic. I didn't really consider that. I just decided to make whatever I thought would look nice. I should probably still at least attempt an edit to the original fighter sprite. Thank you.
  2. It's not a portrait, but I don't think it would be a good idea to make another thread for sprites in general. I want to try to make female versions of male classes and male versions of female classes. I'm currently working on the fighter. I know that there are a few problems with this sprite. I'll get to them. The walking animation is much worse, however. I'm trying to make them look decent before I do any polishing.
  3. It's fine. It doesn't seem like anyone else had the same problem. I'd say that Aether is the best offensive skill. It's difficult to match its strength, with its extra damage and self-recovery. Dragon Skin is probably the best defensive skill, but I'm not sure it counts, since it's exclusive to enemies.
  4. "Best" can be taken a few ways: most viable, strongest, most accessible... There's probably more ways I haven't listed that you could take it. I can't really have an answer without specification.
  5. I finished editing one of the sprites. I mostly just cleaned it up a bit, but I also made a couple tweaks to the eyes and mouth. I would have more done, but I'm working on my own sprites as well as some other stuff.
  6. You have to be careful about which colors you remove. That color was really important for blending and transitions. Using only the outline color makes the jawline and the clothes' lining stand out too much. Your updates look much better. I really like the use of color in the hair of the second sprite. I feel it really complements the armor. The fifth sprite's hair, however, looks a little off. The darkest and brightest colors seem too desaturated. I'll make the revisions. If you like them, you can use them in ROM hacks, no credit needed but appreciated.
  7. I wasn't saying that you shouldn't be comparing my portrait to FE portraits. I was only saying that using FE portraits' proportions as a reference for what my portrait should look like might conflict with my style, if that makes any sense. Does that nullify the problems you've noted about my portrait, or do you still see some issues with the updated portrait's proportions?
  8. I compared the portrait to Roy before I even made this thread. I am well aware that the shoulders are small. Really, the entire portrait is smaller than usual. That was my choice. It might be because you're comparing this portrait to FE portraits that his shoulders look off. Consider that FE7 Zephiel's head is larger than this portrait's, but his shoulders are about the same size. Though, his torso is at an angle, if you were to shift and resize him to my portrait's size, it would probably be about the same proportions.
  9. I didn't intend for him to look androgynous. I just don't want him to look broad and manly. He's just meant to look youthful. Can you see him more as a "boy" than a woman?
  10. I separated his head from the armor, if that helps. I think this "emptiness" is noteworthy. I'll remember to consider the balance a bit more in the next portrait.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to keep the new palette. The old hair's highlights were too bright, in my opinion. Also, just to be sure, do you mean his left, or our left?
  12. A little bit of broadening and color editing has lead me to this. I do want to keep this style. I feel the extra color in the hair and the softer skin shading really helps make the sprite feel more alive and colorful.
  13. Thank you for the praise. Sorry for the resolution. I thought it would make the sprite easier to see. I have been practicing with sprite and pixel art. Though, I still have much to learn, I feel I understand most of the basics rather well. I'm going to make some edits based on your thoughts. I'm not really sure what you mean by the colors needing to have more contrast, though. Do you mean that the palette is boring?
  14. This thread is for all of the sprites I will make. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some criticism on them. I currently only have a portrait to show off, aside from my avatar, unfortunately. I would have more, but this one took me about a week for me to make this, and I'm anxious to see what people think of it. I will add more sprites to the thread later. I'm sure that even though I think it looks beautiful, many more professional artists could easily pick out its flaws.
  15. Some of the sprites' hair palettes seem rather dull. The colors are too similar to one another, and it's a little difficult to tell the difference between them unless you look really closely. If you make the shades and shines of the hair contrast one another a little more, I think it would look better. Also, it seems like you removed one of the lining colors from the top right sprite. I feel that extra color would really help blend things together, especially around the jawline. I'll offer to make revisions to your sprites. Though, if you're not okay with that, I understand.
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