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  1. Sound like fun, and a darker take on the fantasy setting of Fire Emblem is always welcomed, well for me anyway. The avatar hate imo is really vocal minority and I think the Avatar feature is here to stay. Even Koei wanted a avatar unit but they benched it for some reason. Marriage it might not be in a every game, but an avatar I say it has like 80% of getting in. Heck even Echoes was going to have one but since they felt the Avatar unit would take up Alm and Celica space up it was benched too. In my opinion they should of went with a avatar anyways since Faye and Conrad don't add anything to the story anyways.
  2. Uh because I like the games. You can like the games but dislike the Fanbase. I don't think in the long run it wouldn't, bottom line is no matter what the fans base will be split. Fates or Echoes didn't mend the Fanbase, so I don't think a random person will clam down the Fanbase.
  3. What does my name have to do with anything I've been a fan since fire emblem 8. I call it how I see it. the fanbase is either old fans complaining about IS pander to much the 3ds crowd or the newer get bashed for liking the 3ds fire emblem. I know the older feel neglected but they don't have to be bitter about it.
  4. Fire Emblem fanbase love to hate anything not from the GBA era or Ike games. Ironic enough if it was just the GBA and Ike games no one on this forum would be pissed, yeah I know fire emblem are some the most hypocrite fanbase.
  5. Oh gatcha Est VA sound cute but also sound like she one of those girls who are superficial and really peppy.
  6. Oh why? You met her before was she mean or rude. Also Altera is one of the best waifu in Fate.
  7. Ohh found someone who agree that Catria voice actress sound like cardboard also sound like she was justing readimg her line and just sound bored during her voice clips. I love Conner voice as Felicia though. Also dislike Desix voice too. His voice actor sound like he was trying to hard to sound evil but came off as cartoony, hamy, Saturday villian.
  8. It gets on my nerves when people who dislike Robin say he stole Chroms spotlight he really doesn't the ending chapters is like 3 chapters and until than chrom has the story. Have people forgotten that Chrom and Robin are dual protagonist they are both important to the story in the long run.
  9. Yes and still favorite fire emblem game. What I love about it is the characters Awakening seem more character driven than same thing like Echoes which seem like it characters are just pieces to move the plot.
  10. Well you really must hate Awakening and Fate to call them all that. It a free country well we're I am anyways. I find Echoes trying to be a fantasy story(Celica) while trying to be a typical fire emblem story(Alm). One half get the short end of the stick Celica route, while the other gets all the all the glory. I still like the game and while it story it better than Awakening, the characters for me at least in Awakening are way more fun to me Echoes characters seem really basic and the support didn't really add anything to them some did but most of them were meh to okay. Awakening cast was quircky and fun and the supports added something to them more personality more background and more Charm.
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