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  1. We have Owain. That's cool. Was kind of hoping for Severa, or at least Inigo, but I'll take what I can get.
  2. I'd like to note that all of this is from the perspective of a teenager: If businesses that thrived off of addictive practices did not exist, then pretty much every business in the world would not exist. People can be addicted to almost anything, even simple things like going shopping like normal. Some people may simply be addicted to spending money. The real point that interests me is how kids factor into this. First of all, I doubt a kid younger than maybe 11 or 12 would actually play Fire Emblem. However, should that be the case, they may enjoy it, but will certainly not understand all of the depth. Heck, I've been playing this game since launch and still don't understand a few of the complicated aspects of FE Heroes (let alone the main games). However, for smartphone games in general, I believe that the parents are responsible for their children spending money until they either get a job and have the ability to spend money on their own, or until they are officially an adult. If I was a parent, I would be careful what kinds of games I would expose my child to. The majority of Free-to-Play games would certainly not be on that list not only for the more-than-likely chance of it being of poor quality, but also for the effect that it would have on the child. I'm a teenager who still lives with their parents, and I've spent money on Fire Emblem Heroes. However, the money either came from the money I've saved up, it was a reward for doing well in school, or with their permission. The credit card is linked to my phone, but I've never DARED to spend money without their consent. Before I make a choice, I usually contemplate. Is there something else I could buy instead? Do I acknowledge that I may be "wasting" my money? I plan on getting a job rather soon, but I still don't think I would spend the money I'd get paid with on this game. I think the fact that the money I spend on the game mostly comes as a reward for doing well in school helps me. This means that I essentially only have 4 chances to spend money on Fire Emblem Heroes this way since report cards come out four times in the span of a year. That gives me PLENTY of time to think out my decision. Enough about me, back to the topic at hand. I personally believe that for adults, they reap what they sow. More often than not, it's their fault. As such, I don't think sympathy is necessary. For kids (who would be lucky to even know this exists) it then falls mostly on the parents. If parents played an active role in keeping track of what their kids play, there wouldn't be problem. Honestly, the biggest problem is that most kids SHOULDN'T even have a phone at a young age. Though I may not have thought fondly of it at the time, I believe that not getting a phone until I was 12 helped me significantly when it came to my mindset of gaming and the value of money. One last note: I think that for FE Heroes (a game that surpasses the "standard" or quality when it comes to free-to-play) one should spend some money on it. I'm not saying that they should blow their entire life savings, but at least a simple $5 as a "thank you" to the developers. Though I don't exactly "like" the idea of free-to-play, in cases like this, as long as the game is good, the system is good. Personally, I'm okay with the payment system that Super Mario Run had (though what we were spending money on wasn't worth what we got in return). The big problem is just the fact that the industry has been spoiled by being able to play for free, when they don't realize that developers need money to make games and that the one-time payment is actually the best way to go about it, for the company and the producers. In general, if you MUST blame someone, don't blame the company that makes it. They need to make their own living off of games. But if the industry decided to move away from the free-to-play model and into the one-time payment system (assuming everybody accepted it, which is unlikely) then everybody would benefit.
  3. I don't know why, but small random things (usually by other people) really get on my nerves. I'm sure that everyone has had those certain 'things' that just drive you up the wall if you see it happen. I'm sure we can all relate. So... What things really bother you (that you probably shouldn't be bothered by but still are)?
  4. I was being sarcastic. My point was that he looks extremely happy as if he was about to make it to the top... Even though he's not. We know that, but he's just a case of "ignorance is bliss." RIP Oscar - 9/15 to 9/15 Died at the hands of the meta before he even got a chance.
  5. That's basically what I tried to say, but the words didn't exactly come out that way. However, I do think that it's okay to add characters that round out the meta and make it as balanced as it can get. Kind of like how we got Brave Lyn which counters Elincia. IS probably knew that Elincia would be formidable, which created Brave Lyn. The meta will never be completely balanced, but the fact that IS is aware of how one characters affects the meta makes it so that they can plan their units in relation to one another.
  6. If we're going to talk about artwork, then I just made a thread dedicated to your favorite artwork and why. You all should check it out. No, it's not dedicated to thighs. That'll be saved for later. Anyways, Elincia looks like she's happy to be on the battlefield, Nephenee looks like she wants to kill somebody, and Oscar looks like he's ready to make it to the top of the tier list.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes has some great artwork, which often goes overlooked. In fact, I base all of my summons off of the artwork! Thanks to some ideas from the "Dauntless Crimeans Focus" thread, I came up with an idea for an artwork-based tier list (tier list is saying a bit much) Obviously, it'll take forever to make an actual list of the best artwork, so for now, the question is: What character has the best artwork and why? Obviously, this is all opinionated, so there is now right or wrong answer. Meanwhile, I work on an actual tier list. In general, I just want to know everybody's opinion. I think it'll be a fun "social experiment" to see everybody's taste in artwork!
  8. I feel like a topic like this deserves it's own thread? more research insert thigh tier list here. Moving on, I'm still surprised that IS didn't include a forth unit. Granted, considering how good these units are, I don't think the meta can handle another. Is a Thigh discussion a viable reason for a post? Probably not. Why are we talking about this again?
  9. As far as this goes, there are a few units that I feel really deserve some buffing because they could change the meta for the better. I've made a list of possible units that could use this, assuming they go the route of simply changing stats (which kind of seems odd). Selena - If IS could exchange some of her defenses for a little more attack, she could be a good balanced unit. Her only problem now is that her attack is so low that she can only effectively hurt green units (which would be a good role role on its own, but there aren't enough green units for this to be a role worth dedicating a spot to). Any Unit That Suffers From Low Attack Stat (That Actually Needs it) - This would be people like Odin. In today's meta, a unit HAS to deal a substantial amount of damage to truly be decent at best. Healers and Most Daggers - If IS could fix the viability of these units, I believe that it could change the meta for the better. Units That Lack Speed - Units like Leo and Laslow. Leo can be good, with enough buffs, but is mediocre otherwise. If the meta wasn't so reliant on speed (or Brave weapons) then these units would be good enough, but that's not the case. Honestly, I don't see how changing stats would be an easy fix, but I'm sure IS has something in mind. Most of the problems stem from the meta, not the units themselves. While typing this, I see that many of you are pointing out very viable points in regards to everything. As such, the question should now be... Does it need a change (like Vaximillian said)?
  10. During an interview, IS said that they're working on a way to fix the problem and that they are aware of it. At the moment, no. Many people say that today's banner is the start of the "Power Creep" era of units, but I think it's too early to tell. There will always be units that are preferred over others for their battle prowess. It's just a matter of how long that character will stay in the spotlight. For example, I think that there will be a unit in the future that will be able to shut down Brave Lyn effectively. Unlike Reinhardt (who is used so much for his weapon and overall roll), what makes Brave Lyn so great is her stats and her B ability. As of now, taking Brave Lyn down isn't hard if you have the right melee units for it. However, I predict (let's put this on record) that a unit will be able to completely counter Lyn and make her lose the spotlight. She'll always be a "great" unit, but it's only a matter of time until she loses her viability (to a certain degree). Look at Takumi, he was the best unit at launch, but fell from his throne thanks to new game mechanics. While I don't think this will be Lyn's downfall, I'm just skeptical of her ability to remain one of the best units. So in short, when it comes to Power Creep, all we can do is Blame Takumi go along with the changing meta and rely on IS to balance out what needs balancing.
  11. I find it odd that some of my favorite characters in the FE franchise (mostly from recent games) perform rather poorly in this game. As a result, I'll give them the makeover they deserve! First, I want to redo the three children from Awakening that made it into Fates. I think they deserve an alternate form considering that all three of them are... Less than great. Laslow - Elegant Hero (Infantry, Sword) 35/39/32/21/23 Weapon: Dancing Blade+ (13 MT, -5 Spd, Hits twice when attacking) Special: Moonbow Skills: Swift Sparrow, Pass Odin - Thunderous Hero (Calvary, Blue Tome) 39/38/28/27/23 Weapon: Lightning Bolt (12 MT, Unit automatically makes a follow-up attack if attacked at HP ≥ 80%.) Assist: Swap Skills: Windsweep, Atk Smoke Selena - Snarky Heroine (Calvary, Bow) 32/40/36/22/20 Weapon: Spiral Bow+ (11 MT, If unit attacked by an enemy that has a weapon which hits twice per attack (Brave Weapons, Dire Thunder, etc.), then unit is gains +3 Def/Res during combat and foe cannot make followup attack.) Special: Luna Skills: Close Def, Guard
  12. I'm okay with this. Now I'm trying to imagine playing a Heroes map with this music...
  13. My summoning results haven't been spectacular to say the least... I've got a 4* Marth and a 4* Roy... Even though I already have 5* versions of both of them. Granted, it's the first day. I shouldn't be too worried. Plus, other than the fact that these units are the key to arena victories overpowered, I'm not overly excited for any of them. I won't die if I don't get any of them. It looks like Lyn has a rival now.
  14. With the release of the latest banner, many have concluded that the inevitable "Power Creep" is upon us. With the release of (only) 3 new units, several older units have become outclassed immediately (according to others). Even if some people don't agree with this being considered a "Power Creep already, it's hard to deny that this is going to be a big problem sooner or later based off of the direction that new units are heading. So... How should Intelligent Systems fix "Power Creep"? Is there even a way to solve it?
  15. Gee, I can't wait to spend my orbs only to get Donnels and Stahls. Hopefully, the fact that I saved up orbs this time helps... No it won't
  16. After sleeping on the debating over yesterday's reveal, I have come to realize a few notable things... First, the idea of secret characters seems very plausible. In fact, if that is the case, it would be very exciting to find what characters they put in for us. I won't be mad if that's not the case though. Secondly, I'm actually really hyped for this game. I wasn't at first since it wasn't a traditional FE game, but it seems really cool now. I don't know why, but Lyn's reveal just made something snap for me and now I'm fully invested in this game. Lastly, the fact that Lyn wears some kind of pants under her skirt bothers me. FE Heroes, why did you tease me with that artwork?
  17. Here's another one of mine: * I inherited a Tomato Tome from a spare Summer Leo onto a Raigh since I wanted to use him... Then I got another character I wanted to promote and inherited that Raigh (which also had Iceberg) onto my now 5 star Peri... That has -Atk...
  18. Compare what you can see to a piece of Navarres artwork from any other game, and it's pretty easy to see.
  19. That's actually... A pretty realistic idea. Good thinking. You're now surpassed many of the people in this community who either say that it's completely wrong, or completely right.
  20. My top-notch theory that was made in one minute: Maybe the cover art IS REAL in addition to Navarre. However, the special addition contains 25 character art cards, presumably one for each character. This could mean that there are exactly 25 characters (minus DLC since they probably won't get cards). The two main original characters could SHARE a card which then leaves one card open for somebody like Navarre. But then why isn't he on the cover? This may mean that the art cards may not cover every character and that there may be even more characters that we haven't seen... Actually, scratch all of that. It makes no sense. My new theory is... Nintendo is just really bad at being consistent and is making us ask questions we wouldn't have to ask if they just did things properly. Or Navarre is Not Playable/DLC. That could work too. All of this makes a really bad debate war that is really just more entertaining to watch than anything.
  21. But Lyn's sprite matched the cover art. I don't know what to think anymore. Great job Nintendo, you're making more questions than you are answering.
  22. Not only did someone in Nintendo of Europe leak something, they forgot to edit out something that CONFIRMED the leak (even more than it already is). Caeda isn't my favorite, but I don't mind her. I'd like to point out that when people complain about too many sword units, they forget to mention Caeda... At least she's (kind of) a noteworthy character.
  23. I probably should have checked that first. Well now I can say that I'm... Satisfied. Time to watch the forum go up in flames with anger of this discovery. Honestly, I'm just excited for Anna to be in the game and Lyn too, I guess.
  24. Wow... I probably should've checked that first. Welp, time for this forum to go up in flames in anger while I sit back and remain satisfied with the leak. I could probably write an entire essay regarding this debate.
  25. Reaction After Seeing Direct: Oh gods, the forums are going to have a field day with this one. In all seriousness, I'm still not entirely convinced that this makes the leak automatically true. If you were willing to believe that characters outside of the 3 main games they specified, then Lyn would be a safe pick. Personally, I'd be 100% okay with the leak being true. However, if it isn't true, then I'd be curious to see where they go with it now.
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