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  1. I can accept this. I think it's safe to assume that we all agree that Lyn at least DESERVES to be in this game, right? I'm still not sure if this makes the "leak" real or not (I'm one of the few who would be okay with that) since Lyn is a pretty safe guess if you were willing to believe that there would still be characters outside of the three main games mentioned. As for the balance issue, I think this game would just be better if the game lost the triangle system. There shouldn't be any weapon "effectiveness" which would negate the "too many swords hurts balance" argument and lets us get the characters we really want (a large majority of which use swords). Also, her model looks a little weird. Not horrible, just different compared to her artwork in other games. Good enough, I suppose. In general, this fits right in with my expectations.
  2. I have quite a few. Many of these bother me to this day. Sent home my only Ryoma just for feathers (to be fair, I never planned on using him). Back when I was still new at this, I inherited Poison Strike onto a Camilla because since she had a low attack stat, I didn't think she'd do much damage without it. Promoted a 4 star Peri into a 5 star one because... I wanted to use Peri. However, I didn't bother to check her nature until after promoting her. I now have a -Atk/+Res 5 star Peri. I make poor choices when choosing what units to summon for. I go by whatever character looks the best or which is my favorite. Because of that, I have an overabundance of Blue units which makes it hard to balance my teams. That also means that I ignore my chances to summon for units like Hector and such. I raised a Selena from 3 star to 5 star for no other reason than the fact that I liked her as a character. Since then, I've invested more skills into her than I'd like to admit. Even then, she's hardly a 'good' unit.
  3. We've all done it. At one point or another, we've made some dumb mistake in this game that has cost us something. Did you inherit a bad skill onto your hero? Did you promote a bad hero into 5 stars? Did you mess up your arena streak? Reply some of your dumbest moments.
  4. Time to finish the Fates characters and most of the children. Mozu: Meek Villager (Infantry, Lance) Stats: 32/33/30/18/27 Weapon: Killer Lance+ Special: Sol Skills: Fortress Res, Escape Route Shura: Reassured Rogue (Infantry, Bow) Stats: 40/33/22/30/20 Weapon: Assassin's Bow+ Assist: Rally Atk Skills: HP Def, Hit and Run Hayato: Maturely Adept (Infantry, Green Tome) Stats: 32/34/28/22/29 Weapon: Tiger Spirit+ (13 MT, Effective against cavalry units) Special: Growing Wind Skills: Steady Blow, Windsweep Orochi: Mystical Foreseer (Infantry, Blue Tome) Stats: 40/39/24/20/24 Weapon: Bird Spirit+ (10 MT, Effective against infantry units) Assist: Reposition Skills: Wings of Mercy, Hone Spd Reina: Soaring Sharpshooter (Flier, Archer) Stats: 39/40/21/18/28 Weapon: Silver Bow+ Special: Moonbow New A Skill: Movement Immunity - Ignores advantages/disadvantages of weapons that are effective against a certain movement type (EX: Ridersbane, Bows) Other Skill: Ward Fliers Rinkah: Flaming Tribeswoman (Infantry, Axe) Stats: 31/33/29/28/25 Weapon: Rinkah's Club+ (14 MT, Grants +2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res when at 100% health. If at 100% health at the start of combat, unit takes 2 damage) Special: Blazing Flame Skills: Sturdy Blow, Obstruct Nyx: Ancient Youth (Infantry, Red Tome) Stats: 31/40/32/17/20 Weapon: Fumbulvetr+ (11 MT, If unit initiates combat, they receive +3 Res afterwards) Special: Luna Skills: Swift Sparrow, Knock Back Benny: Wild Warrior (Armored, Lance) Stats: 40/27/13/48/20 Weapon: Killer Lance+ Special: Ignis Skills: Fortress Def, Wary Fighter Now for some of the children... Siegbert: Studious Heir (Cavalry, Sword) Stats: 33/38/31/24/20 Weapon: Brave Sword+ Special: Luna New B Skill: Conquest Assault - If enemy initiates combat and deals damage that is at least equal to 50% or more of unit's maximum health, unit counterattacks and enemy cannot make a followup attack. Other Skill: Drive Atk Forrest: Bravely Bold (Cavalry, Red Tome) Stats: 34/36/23/21/33 Weapon: Mjolnir+ (13 MT, Hits twice when unit initiates combat) Special: Glacies Skills: Defiant Atk, Cancel Affinity Hisame: Levelheaded Swordsman (Infantry, Sword) Stats: 31/38/33/23/25 Weapon: Silver Sword+ Special: Astra New A Skill: Rebellious Stride - If unit is attacked by an enemy that has a weapon advantage, unit's special countdown is accelerated +1 after attack. Other Skill: Vantage Nina: Sly Shooter (Infantry, Bow) Stats: 37/33/30/22/21 Weapon: Mini Bow+ (12 MT, Can attack at 1-range, Effective against fliers) Assist: Draw Back Skills: Distant Def, Hit and Run
  5. I'm supporting Selena because I'm determined to make her a half-decent unit. It's not like she's a bad unit in the first place! baka In all seriousness, I'm just doing this to see if it makes a huge difference, it won't. Assuming that's the case, I'll just change it to Berkut or Brave Lyn.
  6. This is the last of the Echoes characters: Silque: Purely Blessed (Infantry, Staff) Stats: 35/29/30/22/27 Weapon: White Light (7 MT, Heals 5 health to all allies within 2 spaces of foe) Assist: Martyr Special: Imbue Skill: Breath of Life Python: Happily Lazed (Calvary, Bow) Stats: 36/37/32/22/18 Weapon: Slaying Bow+ Special: Astra New B Skill - Effort Strike: If unit is about to suffer a fatal blow, they will immediately counterattack no matter the range. Other Skill: Panic Ploy Luthier: Stern Sorcerer (Infantry, Red Tome) Stats: 37/41/21/25/26 Weapon: Flame Bolt (11 MT, Neutralizes "effective against" bonuses) Assist: Reposition Skills: Fire Boost, Desperation Tatiana: Eternal Bliss (Infantry, Staff) Stats: 35/30/37/14/22 Weapon: Panic Assist: Martyr Special: Radiant Aura (Gives all allies a +2 in every stat when an allied is healed) Skill: Darting Blow Mycen: Knight of Legacy (Calvary, Lance) Stats: 41/37/22/29/21 Weapon: Silver Lance+ Assist: Reposition Skills: Fortify Def, Cancel Affinity Valbar: Tough Stuff (Armored, Lance) Stats: 37/31/15/50/17 Weapon: Ridersbane+ Special: Ignis Skills: Earth Boost, Brash Assault Jesse: Haughty Warrior (Infantry, Sword) Stats: 36/36/20/35/23 Weapon: Ruby Sword+ Assist: Noontime Skills: Close Def, Lunge Atlas: Heroic Villager (Calvary, Sword) Stats: 36/34/30/27/23 Weapon: Zanbato+ Special: Luna Skills: Obstruct, Savage Blow Deen: Dead-Set Assassin (Infantry, Sword) Stats: 33/40/35/18/24 Weapon: Shadow Sword+ (15 MT, Grants Atk/Spd +2, Inflicts Def/Res -2) Special: Blazing Flame Skills: Seal Atk, Threaten Spd Conrad: Masked Mystery (Calvary, Lance) Stats: 34/33/40/25/18 Weapon: Weapon: Blessed Lance (14 MT, Grants +4 Def/Res) New Special: Moonlit Assist - Allies within 2 spaces of unit are healed by 30% of damage dealt. Skills: Triangle Adept, Lance Valor
  7. I'm bored, so I might as well do some more... Silas: Loyal Comrade (Calvary, Lance) Stats: 41/31/26/20/32 Weapon: Brave Lance+ Special: Moonbow Skills: Mirror Strike, Escape Route Kaze: Swift Shuriken (Infantry, Dagger) Stats: 30/30/42/16/32 Weapon: Wind Shuriken+ (12 MT, If unit initiates combat, unit is granted Atk/Spd+2 during battle) Special: Galeforce Skills: Distant Def, Poison Strike Charlotte: Beautiful Brute (Infantry, Axe) Stats: 45/42/28/20/15 Weapon: Killer Axe+ Assist: Reposition Skills: Brash Assault, Hone Atk Flora: Frozen Elegance (Infantry, Dagger) Stats: 35/35/30/25/25 Weapon: Cold-Cut Dagger (11 MT, Units can pass through foes if its own HP ≥ 50%) Special: Iceberg Skills: Distant Def, Guidance Scarlet: Flying Warrior (Flier, Axe) Stats: 33/36/18/39/24 Weapon: Brave Axe+ Special: Sacred Cowl Skills: Life and Death, Hone Fliers And now for some of the children... Kana (Female): Nohrian Child (Infantry, Sword) Stats: 32/34/36/23/25 Weapon: Levin Sword (14 MT, Deals magical damage instead of physical) Special: Draconic Aura Skills: Distant Counter, Infantry Pulse Kana (Male): Hoshidian Child (Infantry, Red Tome) Stats: 32/36/32/25/23 Weapon: Calamity Gate (14 MT, Accelerates Special trigger (Special Cooldown -1)) Special: Draconic Aura Skills: Close Counter, Drive Atk Shigure: Voice of the Revelation (Flier, Lance) Stats: 37/35/28/27/23 Weapon: Blessed Lance (14 MT, Grants +4 Def/Res) Assist: Rally Atk Skills: Vantage, Breath of Life Kiragi: Lighthearted Archer (Infantry, Archer) Stats: 30/39/28/30/25 Weapon: Dual Yumi (12 MT, Hits Twice) Special: Sol Skills: Defiant Spd, Drag Back Ophelia: Outgoing Aplomb (Infantry, Blue Tome) Stats: 35/40/25/25/25 Weapon: Lightning (8 MT, Hits 3 Times but cannot make followup attacks) Assist: Rally Res Skills: G Tomebreaker, Atk Ploy
  8. Here is just some random things I came up with for more Echoes characters: Kliff: Cynical Mage (Infantry, Red Tome) Stats: 36/36/22/29/25 Weapon: Sagittae+ (14 MT, Foe suffers -7 RES through its next action) Special: Luna Skills: Triangle Adept, Quick Riposte Fernand: Prestigious Noble (Cavalry, Lance) Stats: 38/34/32/31/20 Weapon: Fernand's Lance+ (14 MT, Grants weapon advantage vs. colorless foes) Assist: Shove Skills: Fury, Guard Kamui: Easygoing Mercenary (Infantry, Sword) Stats: 31/30/38/23/28 Weapon: Dragonslayer+ (12 MT, Effective against dragons) Assist: Draw Back Skills: Steady Stance, Live for Bounty Forsyth: Scholarly Soldier (Armored, Lance) Stats: 40/25/20/30/30 Weapon: Silver Lance+ Special: Bonfire New A Skill: Triangle Reversal (Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle disadvantage, Atk-20% if advantage) Other Skill: Def Ploy
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