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  1. hmmm with the buff to staves, hopefully they do something to Daggers soon or eventually.
  2. woo more SP grinding. I'm just glad at least one of them is a reward
  3. I haven't unlocked Lyn yet so It could change. Favorite is probably Marths. I love his speed in his style. But Camilla comes really close 2nd. It feels so brutal and satisfying using her attacks. Least favorite is probably Horse Units so far. Playing Xander, Frederick were pretty eh. I don't mind Elise so it might be just close combat weapon horse people.
  4. had like 94 orbs. Got a Celica and Clair :/ Didn't get any of the Halloween units. Probably gonna wait a bit, finish Tempest and buy some orbs to try again.
  5. Frederick is fun to play. But I prefer Camilla cause hey man Meteor Axe. Got the game today and took a break. I don't remember the number but Xander is my next place. Also fliers are fun.
  6. 2 summons. 1st one got nothing. Heres the 2nd one Sigurd and Tailtiu have decent IVs I think. Deirdre is eeeh I've been blessed and won't be blessed agaub for a long time now.
  7. mfw I said Y!Tiki would slaughter MAle Corrin. welp. and Team Nowi lost. uuuuaugh. Guess I'll be on Male Corrin. Just to face my friends whos all on Team Ninian.
  8. I actually support Censored Gaming also. idr the amount. Probably 10 or so. I also support another person, they do nsfw art.
  9. I'm not planning to be on her team, but I hope Sophia wins, Other then that, idm any other winner. Young Tiki will slaughter Male Corrin so ya
  10. I just used the rest of my orbs in attempt for Jaffar cause I have 2 Jaffars with crap IVs. Not surprised but got no one. Rest in grand pieces
  11. It depends on the level of spoilers. Major plot twist or important character dies I'd like to avoid. But if its something in like the beginning then I won't be as mad because I was gonna run into pretty fast anyway. However, it also depends on how old the content is. Such as FFVII. Its been 20 years. But if its something new, I'd rather hear nothing about it.
  12. I mean its understandable if you're a fan of the genre. Being able to discuss and prove why things are different, etc. So you're cool. Idm them but I wouldn't call myself an expert. I'll be careful in the future of my wording.
  13. Granted I dont play as much, I've only played a few. That was not my intent and I apologize for the misunderstanding. However, it will still have the same battle plan of one vs many. Though yes you are right, compared to someone people who played the main flagships.
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