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  1. Thank you ! Reallly ? I will see that
  2. Hello, im new to this Forum, im a big fan of fire emblem, i discovered it in super smash bros melee, and i dont regret it, i like the GBA Fire Emblem games (FE6,FE7,FE8)... I also play super smash bros on the Wii u, (I cant wait for Ultimate)...I speak different language : French, Arabic, and English, and...Sorry if my English is bad sometimes...^^'
  3. My first S support was Azura, because i really liked the character...(I played Conquest)
  4. are you french ? Cause the names of Belle Sword and others make me think that you are :>
  5. i think that the roster is complete, but i'd love to see other fighter joining the battle...^^'
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