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  1. I actually prefer having Thracia be Leif's story, but yeah either way I wish gen 2 got fleshed out more although I think they were short for time towards the end. I just love it when they slowly rack up achievements and make/earn their names, it's better than living up to a sort of expectation imo. Another take I'd love though is the main lord being wrongfully imprisoned, followed by them clearing their name and unfolding a grand journey, bonus point if a lot of moral grey area is explored well.
  2. If anything a likable and engaging story, it just makes the experience so much better for me.
  3. Neither really, although both could work with some tweaking as is no. If they're going to have an avatar it should be a side character and if there's S supports they shouldn't feel so forced like they often do.
  4. I'd like another make something of their self type story, similar to Ike or Leif but maybe from a darker setting like leading a rebellion. And I'd like the main lord to unknowingly make large and painful mistakes that develop their character and the plot, and start to unveil a greater picture. I just want something with a lot of believable emotion with solid execution, generally speaking that's all I'm asking for but a sort of rebellion story that builds up would be hype.
  5. I get tellius and jugdral vibes off the title i love it
  6. Love Micaiah and Ike, with shoutouts to Alm, Ephraim, Leif, Sigurd among others lol. Love a lot of them really
  7. I think well written characters have a meaningful depth, whereas likable characters are more defined by their design and/or prominence of a trait or two they have. Take Soren and Gonzales for example, Soren has a lot of building upon his character while essentially being a love it or hate it character early on, while Gonzales has much less to him with a focus more on his appearance/intelligence and simultaneously hitting a likable archetype or two in the process. I like both characters, although I happen to love Soren's type of character on top of his added depth.
  8. Expecting a darker take this time, maybe with a strong female lead and an avatar side character rather than lead. I'm assuming they're collecting data from heroes and think this sounds about right while also not being too bad. I'm not huge on avatars really so them being on the side is kinda more of a hope lol.
  9. There are a lot of really cool ideas like capture, the multiple objectives, personal weapons, scrolls among other things but I got as far as chapter 17 before I quit do to, "trying to get through it", rather than thoroughly enjoying the experience. Maybe I'll try again another time but it's probably towards the bottom of my hypothetical FE ranking, although to be fair having not finished it that's not fair to thracia. Hit rates just felt way too unreliable, ballista use use really apparent, fatigue was imo poorly executed, and seemingly unfair map design without prior knowledge are some of what comes to mind for my personal reasons of disliking thracia.
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