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  1. So I've been pulling for a few Velouria merges. I picked up a +Def/-Hp copy which is great for a lot of her Bonfire/Ignis builds, though I recently picked up a +Atk asset copy as well. Running some calcs, +Def seems to operate slightly better on both phases (Buffed or not). Kind of torn which Asset to run with overall here: +Atk or +Def? Having a similar dilemma with Reyson, though with comparing +Atk vs. +Spd. All thoughts welcome.
  2. Have had a lot of luck with banners of late (Getting my targets early on). HS.Hinoka & Duma were two that I wanted and I ended up getting both within 60 F2P orbs respectively (Along with some other cool stuff). Anyway, I just took my 2nd Anniversary free summon. Targeted any green, as I'm still chasing a Spring Camilla copy. Three green appeared. Ended up getting my second Winter Chrom (+Def/-HP). Pretty happy with that, as my other copy had meh IV's. Merge it is.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful. I'll consider it all when deciding overall. Maribelle will be running a Pain+ setup, so I'm almost sold on +Atk for that. Likely +Spd for the rest. The dancers I'm still undecided. Might think about that one a bit more before deciding.
  4. I've been mulling over which optimal IV asset (Still getting use to calling it that) to run with of late, with a few different heroes: +Atk or +Spd??? for the following: 1. Leif - Running the calcs, it seems fairly close between the two. Probably one of the hardest to make a call on. 2. Spring Catria - +Spd seems optimal (Especially for Bladetome builds), though +Atk looks to be stronger in some cases. 3. Exalted Chrom - Leaning towards +Spd, but only because I predominantly use him in a Cavalry team. +Atk seems better though. 4. Summer Linde - Recently picked up a +Spd/-Def (My current one is +Atk/-Def). Leaning towards using the +Spd copy tbh. 5. Maribelle - Same analysis as Summer Linde. The other two units I'm still deciding on our Performing Arts Azura & New Years Azura (I have 2 of each): I've got a +Atk & +Res copy for both. I currently use the +Res copies as they're both dancers (And it obviously helps their survivability), but I mean, the +Atk copies always seem tempting to use. Any feedback/thoughts on the matter, is much appreciated :)
  5. Just hit Tier 20 yesterday! Have had a pretty good run mostly this week. My defense team kept me immune for a couple of days as well.
  6. My first summon of 2019 was actually a free NY Azura (+Atk/-HP)! No joke haha. Legendary Azura Banner - Very good banner for me overall (Sniped Blue & Colourless). Picked up exactly what I was after (Leg.Azura, SM.Camilla copies, x1 Veronica fodder/merge & my First SM.Takumi). NY II Banner - Sniped Red, hoping for Gunnthra copies to use in next seasons arena. Ended up picking up a few copies of Hrid instead (One with +Atk/-Spd IV's), which I was content with if it did happen. Used a few F2P orbs later and finally got a copy of Gunnthra (+Atk/-Spd, which is workable for now. A merge later will fix that anyway). Currently saving orbs for the upcoming Radiant Dawn banner.
  7. Free Ticket Summon today gave me: Another Eir! This time with +ATK/-DEF IV's :) Love using her in AR. Been waiting so long for an answer to Staff units.
  8. My Hero Fest summons have been giving me mixed results (170 F2P orbs + Some PTW Orbs after): 1. I had 2-3 Green Stones appear on about 90% of the circles (Unheard of haha). I picked up a few Lewyn's for fodder and for better IV's (Best one being +Res/-Def overall). 2. Colourless well and truly hated me on this banner. Got pity broken at a high rate by a 5* Nanna then a few circles later by my 2nd Mikoto. Eventually I got a few copies of Eir (Took the longest it has ever taken me to summon a specific unit ever), though each and every copy has bad IV's. I'll continue to use my Neutral copy for now, until I decide whether to merge them all or use two copies in AR.
  9. Only had enough for 1 match yesterday. Just did a perfect run then from 2 tough matches (4 Aether destroyed. 0 units lost). Despite this, I'm 4 Aether short for 1 more match, which leaves me just out of the next tier by 40 lift. There goes -360 Lift underseverdely. I hate this game mode.
  10. Nice pulls. The Surtr I got was +Res/-Def, but eh, I'll take it. Ylgr on the other hand, was +Spd/-HP. The superbane hurts, but the boon is nice. Great, fun unit to use. Congrats. Sigurd still holds up well today I feel. Underrated tbh. What IV's did you get?
  11. I joined Team Ylgr after Laevatein lost. May the better sister win here.
  12. I was trying in this mode initially, but when you start seeing the same broken, uncreative teams that a mindless zombie who wants to just play the game on easy mode could put together, it's hard to take it seriously. Until I come up against a team that doesn't consist of the usual boring units that I might take seriously as some effort was made to attempt something different, then i'll continue to use a fun whatever team on offence and proceed not to care about the outcome. My defense team managed to be successful 7 times in a row last week, with multiple defenses a day. Now I just get 1 match and it's generally 60-80 lift loss each time.
  13. My current focus is to maintain my Tier 21 status, whilst also achieving top 1K in Arena Assault as well. So far, I've been successful; 16 crowns and as well as Top 1K consistently for the majority of the year. My arena teams are essentially set at the moment, though I get the feeling with the likely addition of light/dark seasonals around the corner, that will change, Whilst I am P2W, I'm also a strategic person by nature (I also respect F2P players). I study up as as much as I can on unit builds, team tactics, arena scoring and so on. It's not always down to having the best units. You still need to know how to use them. My next focus is on improving in Aether Raids, though my time has been limited with playing that mode of late. My defense team is working extremely well, though I find offense takes a lot of careful planning and a lot of time and effort. I find myself rushing through it at times, just to tick off a box from the daily checklist.
  14. One of the tougher Abyssal maps to beat I feel. I finally managed to beat it last night with a Blade Tome Summer Tana + 3 Dancers with WOM (2 Red & 2 Green Units). Wasn't a turn one victory either.
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