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  1. Larcei, or Lakche as I grew used to calling her due to playing an outdated patch. Much like her mother, she was an absolute beast. I fondly remember that chapter early in Seliph's story where you're supposed to avoid Ishtar, and then Larcei went and curbstomped her.
  2. Now that I'm done with just about everything on the Fire Emblem franchise (other than Fates, which I skipped, and Three Houses) I figured I'd check out Kaga's post-IS legacy, since after all he is responsible for one of my favorite videogame series ever. Having finished the first map, this is basically FE all over again, so I don't expect to get confused by the gameplay or mechanics. However, just from looking up info on those four characters among which you have to choose one, I can tell the game has plenty of secrets and obscure sidequests. I don't replay games much if I can help it, so I'll often try to do everything there is to do on that first playthrough (barring mutually exclusive stuff, naturally). With that in mind, what are some of the most easily missable events or items I should watch out for?
  3. I just wanted to thank you for your hard work on this. I've been meaning to branch out to Kaga's post-FE stuff for a while and today's the day I start doing so with this game. Very excited to see what it has to offer!
  4. Just updating to say I finished the game. Unfortunately my Marth did 1 less point of damage than in playthroughs I've seen (23 instead of 24) because his sword mastery was still at B, which I failed to consider. It wasn't much of an issue, though, since I managed to keep another two allies ready to strike with Mercurius and Gradivus, so the total damage ended up as a neat 23+3+69+4=99. Fun game overall. Out of the late game chapters, 20 and 22 were definitely the worst ones for me, whereas 23 actually felt really easy, 21x was annoying yet simple and 21 was quite doable beyond figuring out a smooth start. Now I guess I'll read the conversations I missed via Bond Drop and play the Gaiden/DLC chapters, then that'll be a wrap. I appreciate the game suggesting I go for Reverse Lunatic but that's gonna be a thanks, no thanks.
  5. Thank you for the additional details. I finished Chapter 21 and Marth is now at a point where he can reach max Strength, Speed and enough PV/Defense with a Bond item of each type. Since I've barely even used the ones I got throughout the playthrough, there's enough to spare, so thankfully I'll be able to use the permanent stat boosters on other characters whose usefulness is less situational. And who knows, maybe Marth will even get his max stats naturally before the final chapter - he's at LV 25 currently. Thankfully I also still have an intact Again staff and three uses on the Rescue staff, so with a bit of luck I should be able to pull this off when I get there and finish the game with everyone recruited and alive. We'll see. First, there's a couple more hellish-looking maps to deal with.
  6. Thank you. I guess I have no choice but to invest in him then. Most of the goodies from the Secret Shop on Chapter 21 will have to go to Marth. Oh well, can't hurt to have another okay character, I guess.
  7. Since you have no Warp staff to send units there and (from what I've heard) you can't open chests with Thief if there's an enemy on top of them, are these chests completely inaccessible on this difficulty? There's no ally Ballisters to use or any sort of high range magic, so unless you can prompt the sorcerers on top of the chests to move, I don't really see a way. I've still got a few chapters left before I get to this one, but if they're completely impossible to reach then I'll start spending my Thief uses elsewhere.
  8. I finally picked up the game again and got past Chapter 20, which was my biggest roadblock ever in Fire Emblem last time I played. Since I played FE3 a few years ago, I sort of know what to expect for the final boss/chapter, but I'm wondering if I'm going to need Marth at all combat-wise (it's my first FE12 run). Currently, he's LV 19 and sucks, but since this is Lunatic he triple sucks. I've still got time to boost him via items and such, but I'd much rather spend those on better characters if shunning Marth isn't going to make the endgame significantly more difficult. Thanks!
  9. Yes I have it, that's not the one. But anyway, I already learned what it is via a random user comment on the Internet - apparently the only source for this info. Turns out the localization team must have made an oopsie because it's got nothing to do with field exploration. All you need is go to the Harajuku Idolasphere and trade Detritus for each type of Incense, for a total of six types. I'll just leave this thread here for anyone coming afterwards with the same question.
  10. It's listed inbetween -The Play Record for the last Request (NG+) -The Play Record for beating Lunatic And I have no clue what it is. I already 100% explored/looted all game locations so that's not it. There's a decent guide for achievements on GFAQs' board, but this Play Record doesn't seem to be in it. Thanks!
  11. On the topic of Hammerne uses, for my run it turned out as: 1. Grafcalibur 2. Thief Staff 3. Thief Staff 4. Thief Staff 5. Forseti It turns out that sixteen uses of Thief were more than enough to nab every single thing I really wanted along the way (in fact, after the last repair I only used the staff once, so make that thirteen). Grafcalibur needed to be repaired relatively early on because I was using Asvel a lot and tomes were not that frequent yet, whereas I repaired Forseti because Ced spammed it for the entirety of 24x in the middle of the room... although I barely even needed to use him on the Finale. Frankly, Thracia just loves showering the player with a ton of amazing tools, to the point that if you've been a bit frugal all of the endgame chapters are absolute non-issues. Hell, even if you hadn't saved up a lot of stuff, you have things like Chapter 21x serving you six Warp staves on a silver platter, which is just insane.
  12. I'm at the end of Chapter 19 (finally) and to prepare for accessing 21x someone needs to be left behind, so I figured I'd get that done now. From the units I deployed here, I'm deciding between Miranda and Glade. I haven't used Miranda at all and I don't plan to either, whereas Glade is at least okay enough to stand in when several units are fatigued. So I'm definitely veering towards ditching Miranda, but I just want to double (triple) check that I won't miss out on anything by letting her go temporarily. From what I've gathered she doesn't have any special mid-battle conversations or events, but I'm wondering if maybe Conomore will leave if she's captured, or anything weird of the sort. Seems unlikely, but I did read that Dean leaves if Linoan gets killed, so I'm wary of something similar. Thanks.
  13. Same here - this is exciting. I found Genealogy's story to be one of the best in the franchise (the first half, on its own, is the best), so it should be interesting to read a more in-depth take on it all. Thank you for your work!
  14. The Thief Staff is exclusive for Tina, yeah. I wish it weren't but it's not that much of a limitation anyway (some level-ups plus Pure Water/Ensorcel should let me steal just about anything). And sure, I'm saving up the Sleep Staff for whenever I need it most, only used it once so far for capturing Trude on 12x before he fled (since I recruited Parn on turn 1). I'm the kind who ends up at the last boss with all sorts of great tools left unused because "hey, who knows when I will really need it".
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