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  1. Got a full circle of greens, and got bunny Camilla, +spd -atk. A bit disappointing, but oh well. I already have a +atk one.
  2. Keep in mind that the Bajo-Kazooie tweet from Phil Spencer was likely a calculated move. If they don't get in, everyone will blame Nintendo. If they do get in, everyone will praise Microsoft, Nintendo will do all the work, and Microsoft gets money from Nintendo for an IP that they haven't done anything with for years. As for the leak, I think the revelation that the supposed leaker no longer works at Marina might be pretty telling. Someone could very well have looked up the name of an advertising company that works with BN to make the fake seem more credible, then just looked around for the name of someone who could feasibly have been responsible for the leak and chosen the guy's name, not knowing that the guy had left and not bothered to update his profile. Definitely seems like a believable slip up.
  3. Yeah, that's definitely got a more pokemonish feel to it than Meltan. Meltan was kinda iffy.
  4. Personally, I'd love to get Loki, mostly because I rather like the Kiran x Loki ship that's been going around.
  5. Damn, was really hoping for Halloween Ike. I really wanted to see what kind of costume he'd wear.
  6. Dammit, Ike loses yet again. I'm devastated. Oh well, time to join team Veronica. My number is 2751683072 if anyone wants to add me. My current lead is my Nephenee, but she's pretty unbuilt so I might change her now that I'm not supporting a green char.
  7. Lol, funny. But seriously, One of these things
  8. Dinosaur or Pokemon. Edit: Realized even better: Anomalocaris, or Dragon.
  9. So, I was taking a look at my Nephenee, and I realized that she's +SPD -RES.
  10. Well, from the looks of it transformation final smashes are indeed out. I like them though. At least charizard and yoshi were cool.
  11. Woot, Ike is in, and with some new things. You can choose between PoR and RD versions, and his eruption got upgraded! Also, Pokemon Trainer is back! And Young Link!
  12. Alright, I'm moving on the Alphonse. Let's help benchy get his first win! Anyone wanna add me, my ID is 2751683072
  13. Welp, now this just became a competition of "who can underperform more"
  14. Jill Lilith Canas Tome Lucius Kliff Cynthia Halloween Ike Ashnard
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