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  1. William William nodded his head, in response to Jake. He was ready. Having been out for so long, he was ready to jump back into the action. "You can count on my lance, from here on." Brady Brady's response was more answered with a little smile. "Consider my staff, yers. Ya never know, when a healer'll come in handy." Dolce Finally, it came to Dolce. The gothic lolita style dress wearing female. She wasn't interested in tagging along, as much as she was, looking for Pico. "I'll come with, but... As soon as I find Pico, I'm finding my way back."
  2. William This world was surreal to him — Though his passion back home, kept him busy with his cooking, he'd played a /few/ games. Dolce wasn't unrecognizable — It was casual enough, and didn't involve much investment on his end. Most of these characters, however, escaped his memory. Although, because he, nor Brady, had anything meaningful to say, here would remain quiet. Dolce Finally showing herself once again, she had a bit of a pout, on her face. A heartbroken gaze poured from her eyes, as she rejoined the group. Pico had to be here, with her, somewhere, right. . .?
  3. As soon as the fighting had started, Brady and William went out like a light. Unfortunate timing, on their part, and wherever Dolce ran off to, it probably involved finding Pico. William "The heck happened? I miss something?" A mite bit dizzy, he pulled himself up. "What's going on? Hey, guys?" Luckily, his lance was still on him, allowing him an object to prop himself up with. Much the same for Brady's staff. Brady "Ya mind keepin' it down. You could raise the Risen with that voice of yers." A small flick to William's head later, he would make his way to the group. "What did us lazy slouches miss?" Apparently, they didn't hear the elf speak.
  4. Dolce Dolce was rocked, and thrown around with the boat. She had experience with airships, and had even rode one in the midst of a storm, to stop the Sechs Empire, but she'd never been on a seafaring ship. And the rough waves got to her. She began to feel sick. Really sick. William William himself, was not used to ships either. He'd always kept to dry land. It made him feel safer than just floating aimlessly on the deep blue. "What's going on...?!" He couldn't even get lost in his thoughts, during this weather. And he could get lost in his thoughts, in a lot of situations. Brady Out of the trio, Brady was the only one with experience with seafaring. Sailing back and forth between Ylisse, and Valm, really hardened him up, and while such rough weather could affect him too, he was ready to provide assistance, if needed. ...Which, most of the current party could probably use. Especially Dolce.
  5. Dolce "You claim that time won't pass as fast, between here, and there? How can you be so sure? How fast do you predict time will flow?" Gimli's reassurance did nothing to help her calm down. Deep down, she was still panicking. If she didn't get back in time, then... Pico will be gone. Forever. It could just be a couple of minutes — It could be an hour — It could be a day. She didn't know, and she didn't want to find out.
  6. Dolce Dolce was very much in a state of disarray. Pico was missing, she was separated from Lest, everything suddenly turned upside down for her. She was almost on the verge of tears, when she heard a voice directed at her. "A doll...? Pico isn't a doll. She's... A ghost. She's tied to my spirit, and I have no idea where she is. If we're separated for too long, then... She'll vanish, forever." Dolce cradled her head in her hands, as she spoke, trying to keep herself calm. "Pico has been with me since I was a young girl. We were always together. Even when I turned myself into a catalyst for Rune Energy, to keep Lady Ventuswill alive and well, she never strayed far from the Obsidian Mansion. If it weren't for Pico, enlisting Lest's help, I would probably still be that... Hideous, marionette beast."
  7. William "Eh, I suppose I'll be coming with. Who knows, I'm sure this heavy armor will come in use." Brady The violinist just shrugs, and nods his head. Healing is always helpful, and that was his job, as a priest. Dolce Dolce isn't sure what's happening. She isn't sure what she's supposed to say, or what she's supposed to do. She almost felt as if this didn't concern her, but no one answered her question. Someone had to have seen Pico. And when she found her, she'd go on her merry way, looking for a way back to Selphia herself. "I suppose I'll come along, if only to look for Pico."
  8. Brady Brady pulled his head up, at the sound of Henry's voice. Of course he'd recognize that voice, and the white hair anywhere. "Hey, what brings ya here, Henry? Ya delve too deep into yer dark incantations and the like?"
  9. Dolce "Where am I from? The town of Selphia. The Kingdom of Norad. Where am I now, and have you seen Pico? If she's separated from me for too long, she'll..." Dolce fell silent. Her emotions never ran free, but the prospect of losing Pico could certainly cause them to. "... My name is Dolce. As mentioned, I'm from Selphia. Lest and I went to Rune Prana, in Leon Karnak, to save Ventuswill, but when Pico and I stepped through the warp, something happened. I'm not quite sure what..." She clutched the brim of her hat, and pulled it down slightly. "I haven't been separated from Pico since I turned myself into a monster to keep Lady Ventuswill alive. And she was always close enough to me to not vanish, then. Please, have you seen her? We've been bonded since I was a young girl. We're like sisters."
  10. Dolce Dolce made her way to the group. She didn't really know what drove her to do such a thing. No faces amongst the crowd were familiar to her, and she normally wouldn't be caught dead alongside a group. As the group drew closer, she looked around herself, trying to discern any kind of landmarks. Not that she would be able to recognize them. She only left the town she called home, when Lest required her services. But something did catch her eye. And it immediately sent her into a panic. "Pico?! Pico, where are you?!" She didn't even feel her presence. The ghost so close to her, they were practically sisters. Dolce owed so much to her, and being away certainly wasn't helping pay her back. It felt like she had been walking around for hours, calling out to her friend, trying to find her somewhere nearby. "Piiico?!" It was no good. She still couldn't feel her. Looks like the group would be useful to her anyway. As soon as she neared the group, she didn't introduce herself, she didn't ask for names, she asked about her friend. "Have any of you seen Pico? She's a ghost, wears this big, silly hat. She's probably running around as a possessed sign, or something." She tried her absolute best to stay calm, but if they were separated, she could only think of the worst. What a way to meet a new group of people.
  11. Alright, sweet. Then I know *exactly* who I'll choose. I'll update this post when I finish it. I tried to think of a way to fit her starting weapon (the Friendly Rod) in, but no class allows for her to use dark magic and staves/rods at the same time, except Sorcerer. As such, I unfortunately can't fit it in, as much as I'd like to. Still, as it fits her best, she is a Dark Mage.
  12. Does the Foreign character form need to be out of a certain pool of other verses?
  13. Brady stays in place, calling O19 quite the comfy place. William moves to H19, before attacking the Soldier.
  14. Think we can get an invite code? The link isn't letting me join. Actually, hold on, let me try something. I'll edit if it doesn't work
  15. Discord would be a good option, honestly. It'd give me reason to use it more often, and I'd be able to be more attentive there, than here.
  16. William contemplates holding position to retaliate, but falls back a few spaces, to G20. Mogalls don't agree with him, and he'd rather not. Meanwhile, Brady moves to O19, aiming to help out Chuks with a little bit of a Mend.
  17. William moves to H19, hoping to get as far away from the Mogall as possible. Brady, however, moves to N20. Trying to stick close-ish, in case healing is required.
  18. Take your time, Noah. Worry about getting better, first and foremost.
  19. With November done and over, I won't be absent to the great extent I was. Maybe a day, if I'm busy, or something, but not so long as before.
  20. Retreat! William moves to L19, calling out to Brady for a little help. Brady moves to L20, opting to use Mend, again, on William.
  21. William knew when he was outclassed, quickly weighing out his options, before retreating to L15. He gave Kyodaina a chance to step back, that's all he needed. The Mogall and the Fighter drove a fear through Brady — Too close for his comfort, causing him to drop back to N19
  22. I've already explained my absence, and again — I apologize. It's just hard for me to gather the desire to anything, the further into the month we get.
  23. William moves to H14, engaging the Poochyena one last time. Kyodaina would probably be chased, if he didn't do anything. Brady took two steps to the right, stopping at N16.
  24. William moves to K16, whispering to Brady about a heal. Brady used the Mend Staff on William.
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