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  1. I recently tried out the FE Randomizer program, and below is a collection of images from my run for FE7. I didn't want to upload a full blown LP, but I still wanted to share some of my experiences. As for the settings, I pretty much randomized everything, including items. My settings were roughly as follows: Growth Variance: 100 Base Variance: 10 CON Variance: 10 with a Min of 5 MOV ranged from 5-9 Might Variance: 10 with a Min of 5 Hit Variance: 100 with a Min of 80 Crit Variance: 50 with a Min of 0 Weight Variance: 10, ranged from 1 to 20 Durability Variance: 49 with a Min of 50 Allow Random Traits (Best part of the item randomizer imo) Here are some of the units I ended up bringing to the endgame, in no particular order. [spoiler=Units] Hawkeye was a boss in my run. He was the Oswin replacement and started out with a base of 26 luck! Plus, he came with a 50 use iron ballista! (3-15 range lol, see weapons images) Growths: HP: 20 STR: 30 SKL: 55 SPD: 55 DEF: 40 RES: 45 LCK: 5 Priscilla's replacement. Yeah that 12 Magic sucks, but I think you can guess why I brought her to the endgame...(see weapons spoiler) Growths: HP: 30 STR: 15 SKL: 40 SPD: 90 DEF: 70 RES: 55 LCK: 5 One of my best units from start to finish. He replaced Dorcas and came with some pretty awesome bases (30 HP, 7 MAG, 16 SKL, 8 SPD, 11 LCK, 7 DEF, 11 RES) Growths: HP: 5 STR: 85 SKL: 20 SPD: 90 DEF: 55 RES: 20 LCK: 5 The Jeigan/Marcus of my run. She had moderate bases, but a good class and good growths overall. The game threw tons of axe users at me (I used 3 Berserkers, 1 Great Lord, and there were 2 Fighters and a Pirate on my bench.) Growths: HP: 65 STR:55 SKL: 40 SPD: 65 DEF:45 RES: 10 LCK: 20 Bartre/Hector also had pretty good growths aside from HP obviously. Growths: HP: 25 STR:90 SKL: 45 SPD: 85 DEF:50 RES: 40 LCK: 45 I used Kent's sub for a pretty good portion of early/midgame due to her uber bases, but had to drop her later due to that lackluster STR. Growths: HP: 125 STR:5 SKL: 80 SPD: 50 DEF:10 RES: 5 LCK: 5 Florina's sub had pretty good bases, so I used her as my primary sword user for a large portion of the run. Growths: HP: 85 STR:25 SKL: 50 SPD: 5 DEF:70 RES: 5 LCK: 90 Argh Renault, why'd you bring over your crappy STR from vanilla FE7?! Legault's replacement had pretty good bases, and I needed a flier, so I had to make do with him for a while. He wasn't useless due to being a flying tank and the fact that 20 MT spears existed. Growths: HP: 5 STR:5 SKL: 40 SPD: 75 DEF:80 RES: 35 LCK: 5 Farina's sub. It took a bit of effort to train him, but he was the best flier/lance user I had. Growths: HP: 65 STR:40 SKL: 35 SPD: 25 DEF:30 RES: 35 LCK: 10 Probably my best axe user. I ended up bringing him as my axe main to the final chapter. He came with some sick bases, with most of them in the midteens. Growths: HP: 105 STR:25 SKL: 45 SPD: 5 DEF:30 RES: 45 LCK: 30 I ended up dropping Ninian for this guy, the Hawkeye replacement. He had enough base STR and SKL to nullify his abysmal growths there. Growths: HP: 50 STR:5 SKL: 5 SPD: 80 DEF:95 RES: 80 LCK: 20 Blah. Hector's sub really didn't do much until after promotion due to his horrid bases and combo of low MAG/SPD early on. (16 HP, 2 MAG, 3 SPD, 0 LCK...ugh) He became useful when I was able to procure a Bolting Tome for him. Growths: HP: 5 STR:40 SKL: 50 SPD: 50 DEF:25 RES: 45 LCK: 45 [spoiler=Weapons] Doesn't seem special at first glance. Actually, it took me until the mid 20 chapters before I realized it had a brave effect! Whee, infinite use brave weapons are always fun! This was one of the most useful swords in the game. It has a hidden lancereaver effect as well. Silver swords aren't too bad either with 21 MT, 106 HIT, 25 CRT and 2 WT, but 1-2 range is far more useful. Infinite use bolting? Yes please! And I got two of these suckers to play with hehe. Probably the best S ranked weapon I got. It might even be better than FE4's legendary weapons due to actually having a brave effect this time! This was hands down the most useful weapon of the run, considering I had it right from the beginning. I used 2 of my Hammerne staff charges on this sucker. I don't think I would've been able to save Pent's replacement in the desert without this weapon. You'll see why at the end of this section. This doesn't look like anything special, until you realize it has an Eclipse effect. Normally Eclipse effects kinda suck since you can only whittle half of your enemy's HP and you can't crit nor double. But due to the innate brave effect, plus this extra effect...you basically OHKO every enemy in the game! Probably the most OP weapon in the entire game. The crit effect is wasted though; it would've been nice if that was added to its hit rate. I used my last Hammerne charge on this weapon, for obvious reasons. Now imagine this weapon with 1-2 range, infinite uses, and a unit with the Ambush Skill from FE5...*drools* OMG, this is probably the 2nd most OP weapon of the run. Ignore res, with uber crit, and...a brave effect!!! Besides, you get like 3 or 4 of these in the game...so yeah haha. These suckers caused me to restart a lot, and if I didn't have that iron ballista, there's no way I could've saved Pent's sub in the desert from the Luna shaman. This weapon pretty much was the reason why Fiora was a viable endgame unit despite her paltry 12 MAG. Other Notes: -One of my lords was a monk but I didn't get to promote him until way too late due to the fact I got my only thief on Night of Farewells >.< Ironically, I didn't get any S ranked light tomes in the Final Chapter, so I guess not having an S ranked light user turned out to be a blessing in disguise. -Having 2 infinite use boltings and an iron ballista really helped me out a lot. This run would've been much more difficult, perhaps impossible (in the sense of recruiting everyone, especially in the desert and Night of Farewells) without these weapons. -Luna shamans were the bane of my existence lol. I probably died like 10+ times because I forgot about them. -Lances got shafted in this run. Steel lances, Emblem lances, Javelins, and Short Spears all had the Eclipse effect. Only the Spear and Brave Lance were useful, but I didn't get many of those. Steel lances were annoying though since they had super high hit rates, so it was rarely a good idea to throw your best unit into a pack of 8 of them.
  2. I think it's either that or Ao for the longest game in the series, judging by the script size at least. The scenario books at Falcom's website have SC at 800 pages and Ao at 768 pages. FC is 488, 3rd is 628, Zero is 672, and ToCS is 704. I don't see the ToCS 2 scenario book there but I'd wager it's nearly as big as SC and Ao. For what it's worth, it took me 87 hours to beat SC and 79 to beat Ao.
  3. Yeah I hope I can replay SC in Japanese someday. I did play through Berwick Saga in Japanese, but I had to skip a lot of story related stuff, and I ended up reading the translation on ChinaFE to make sense of what was going on. I'm surprised you have the 3rd above FC. Although the 3rd had better gameplay mechanics, I felt that too many areas were recycled and the last few areas got pretty grindy. I still enjoyed all the little sidestories though. I abused Randy's crafts so hard in Zero, but he wasn't as useful in Ao due to those nerfs you mentioned :( However,
  4. Well, there are LP's on Youtube like this and this(both Taiwanese versions), but yeah most of them are not in English since only FC from the Trails arc was translated (as of now). Actually there's an incomplete LP for Zero no Kiseki with English subs here. The translation can take liberties at times, but it's pretty good overall.
  5. Found this Japanese wiki that talks about the origins of the names of people, countries, places, weapons, and items in the Fire Emblem games. This page seems to suggest that weapon Swanchika comes from the Sanskrit "svastika" which is called "manji" in Japanese. Of course, the true origin of Swanchika is still speculation without direct confirmation from the creators of FE4.
  6. In anticipation of the impending Steam summer release of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (hopefully by late September at the latest), I just wanted to create this topic to generate some discussion about the series. Feel free to discuss any of the games in the series! As for myself, I've only played the Trails in the Sky trilogy and Crossbell duology. I was wondering if anyone has played the Simplified Chinese versions of SC, the 3rd, Zero, and Ao? (I'm assuming most players who were impatient like me went directly to the Japanese version.) I'm also curious of what your opinions are on the Chinese translation? For me I noticed that the translators maintained a Japanese flavor in terms of diction and phrasing. E.g. 初次见面, 请多多关照。 vs 初めまして、どうぞよろしくお愿いします。In any case, I was able to enjoy the story, and I look forward to seeing how Xseed handles the localization of SC. I'd rank the games in the following order: Ao>SC>FC>Zero>3rd
  7. Just finished playing this great hack. Here are some of my thoughts: -I kind of wished that the basic weapons had different stats (aside from a few minor edits that I noticed), otherwise it seems like a lot of work to come up with new icons and names for iron/steel/silver weapons. - Where is the S rank light tome? Was that the light tome obtained from the Ch. 21 conversation with Katarina? I was a bit disappointed since I exclusively used light magic with Katarina after promotion, only to find out there was no S rank light tome for her to use. -The cast seems to be incredibly balanced, perhaps a bit too balanced? Most characters have exactly 325% growths total. It seems like who the player uses would depend on who was more RNG blessed (assuming no favoritism towards a character). Basically I ended up using characters with higher CON. Most non mage/peg characters have rather poor RES growths, so maybe you could've tried something like a RES tank physical fighter to diversify things. - Also, changing class caps and promotion bonuses could've been nice, but I didn't get anyone past 20/10 or so in the main game, so these things probably don't really make much of a difference. (Dammit, I just want my swordmasters with a 27 STR cap like in FE4 :P) -I think Snipers/Halberdiers could've used a +15% critical bonus. Otherwise, I'm going to use Skye over Linda, not to mention the fact that her bases are pretty bad. And yes, PEMN, but I got an incredibly blessed Skye: he had 18 defense at 20/1! -Increasing weapon ranks upon promotion would be nice too, since it's a pain to level up weapon ranks from E, and this hack is a bit shorter. This is why I ended up using Thelma over Andrei: same CON, good stats, and A axes, plus there's no Devil Axe available to abuse WEXP with. -I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but after beating the game try starting a new game on Hector Mode, and there'll be a nice surprise :) -Favorite characters: Val, Alicia, Emilia, Ordanze, and Thelma. Despite my some of my grumblings above, I had a blast playing through this hack. Thank you for making this awesome complete hack!
  8. Just beat the game today. Some observations and/or thoughts: 1. How does Colm (soldier guy) promote? He's pretty terrible IMO: at Lv. 20 his stats were 32 HP 9 Str 10 Skl 13 Spd 14 Lck 7 Def 7 Res. The master seal doesn't seem to work on him. 2. Is it possible to get more Dummy seals? (I haven't beat the Lagdou ruins yet, but it seems like the Creature Campaign hasn't been edited yet). 3. Hellfang is overpowered (ignores defenses). 4. As mentioned before, Yami doesn't animate properly. I had to turn off animations to play the game. 5. There are some glitches with various units being able to use physical weapons despite being a magic based class. E.g. Rennac, Saleh, etc 6. For future versions, can you remove the rain in Ch. 20? It took forever to move 18 units >.< 7. Despite being a Summoner, Morva can't summon. 8. Knoll is easily the worst unit in the game. 0 base luck and defense? C'mon. He doesn't even get any promotion gains after class change. Anyway, not a bad start to your hack. If you want to get some ideas on how to improve it or add content take a look at FE Girls.
  9. I've been playing this hack for a while now, and I've got to say it's been a love/hate affair. Some chapters feel so cheap. Here are some of my thoughts/questions: Chapter 14x- It didn't seem too bad at first, until I went north. Needless to say, it took a ton of savestate abuse to get through all of those reinforcements. Where do they come from??? At least I managed to hoard a bunch of silver weapons. Chapter 15- Too many Roros! And they destroyed the church too, so no Sleuf for me (in 16A). Other than that it was a nice EXP hoarding chapter. Chapter 17A- Ashnard was a pain in the ass. Thankfully I hurt him enough to force him to heal every turn. By the time his vulnerary was used up, he left. And what's up with the BK appearing after you recruit Sara? I basically had to get her right before seizing. Those Novistadors caught me by surprise too; they're in the spot where the usual long range tome Bishops would be. Chapter 19- This was the first chapter I got stuck on for a while despite using cheats for the first time. I wanted to recruit Galzus and Misha without getting slaughtered at the bottom. Easier said than done. At first I used cheats to give Leaf infinite turns and had him kill everything. However, a horde of dragon knights spawned like a turn or two later, and kept spawning every turn; 8 or so near the castle, and about 12 (I think) in the plain in a circular formation. I realized that that at the beginning the enemy numbers were maxed out, so every time I killed an enemy, a dragon knight would spawn. Thus on my subsequent attempts (without cheats), I avoided killing enemies and after recruiting the new characters; I rescued them and rescued them. I barely made it to the castle before the dragon knight spawns became too numerous. Chapter 20- At this point in the game, I used cheats from here onward. After playing it legitimately for a few turns, I was pretty certain that there was a near zero percent chance of everyone surviving the dragon knights, so I used Super Leaf (with infinite turns) to clear out stuff. Chapter 21- In the original, reinforcements spawned like crazy. This chapter was the same, so I just used Super Leaf to clear it. Chapter 21x- Are you freaking kidding me? Arden returns, and he's cloned himself like 40 times. Needless to say, I let Super Leaf kill every Arden and the reinforcement Ardens too. I rescued everyone and escaped everyone save for Super Leaf since I wanted to see what the would be in place of the Dark Mage reinforcements on turn 30. They turned out to be Novistadors wielding dark magic, so I didn't bother fighting them lol. Chapter 22- This chapter is absolutely insane, even worse than the original. I made Super Leaf into Super Thief Leaf (gave him the steal skill). I tried a blind run without cheats and it failed miserably. The problem is the reinforcements. Like in chapter 19, every time you kill someone, reinforcements will spawn. In this case it was a ballista (I left him alone since he blocked his own reinforcement), three pirates, and dragon knights with 100% remove. Basically I had Super Thief Leaf steal everything (got lots of sweet weapons) and slowly killed things one by one, making sure only pirates spawned. Reinforcements stopped around turn 40 (not sure, but it took a while). Towards the end, it was a hilarious sight; all the weaponless enemies were crowding around the weapon shop. The warrior who bought a killer bow couldn't move anywhere, so he clogged up the entrance to the shop. I was able to pick them off and complete the chapter easily at that point. Chapter 23- Another WTF chapter. There's no way anyone could complete this legitimately without losing someone. I tried using Super Thief Leaf, but the real boss came out and killed Arion. Strangely enough, Leaf has a conversation with the boss (who's probably in place of Sety). Second time around, I used my flying units Karin and Sheeda. Guess what? Nobody attacked them! They only created a circle one space away from either flyer. I took advantage of this and picked off every dragon rider off one by one. Still, the boss was a problem; with 90 magical attack most people are going to be OHKO. His tome grants him huge bonuses, so most people can only do 1 pt of damage to him. He also has vantage and prayer and some other skills. I had to hack in a Hell tome to knock his HP down to one, then finish him off. Seriously, there's no other way to kill this guy. Did anyone else beat this map differently? I'm on Chapter 24 now, and I can't kill Ethlin. Should I just use Hell and then knock her out? Or is there another way?
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