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  1. I really wouldn't care if a Tellius remake doesn't happen but if it does, I pray for Jason Adkins to come back for Ike (and whoever voiced Black Knight in the old games) I can't satnd their Heroes VAs now
  2. DarkSage861


    Welcome back to the forum, I just came back a few months ago too. Hope you have fun
  3. I haven't played this game in 4 years, are 3 stars less frequent to get now?
  4. Considering the FE's community nature to fictional avatars, I'd say yes they'd still hate him
  5. I don't know if this is really a trope yet, but it's becoming way to frequent as of late. Characters that are only made to have "representation" of color, gender, orientation. I don't care if it's political but the woke agenda really makes a character boring by adding in nothing but what i've mentioned
  6. Yeah wasting money on something trivial as that already seems atrocious
  7. The reason why I sorta want to come back is to catch up what's happened since, I know a few people who say it's better now and to not overreact supposedly but I don't even know if it changed for better or for worse
  8. For some reason despite being 4 years old already, this game seem to still have a active audience for some reason. Is this game still worth me filling up my phone storage again? I haven't played this game since June of 2017 (back when they had that summer banner with Tiki and such) mostly because I was tired and angry at the Fire Emblem community (check out my post on how Fates gave me joy to understand the full story of that). So I don't really know what changed or if it even holds any purpose, back when I played the game my units sucked complete ASS. Every roll for me was always a 3 star and I literally had only 4 good units so is this game still good enough to play again?
  9. Honestly, just no incest and big ass maps and we're good
  10. Due to the community's nature of expressing dislikes, it does feel like there's a lot of people who will do that. But as you said, it's all in preference which is something I wish more people took more consideration of that. I will say Conquest is my favorite out of the three as well, Birthright while easy has some variety into it somehow and Revelations gives you more freedom because you can get literally everyone
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