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  1. I couldn't do any of this, guess I'm not a legend of the FE community but it's not like I wanted to anyway (but hey I do have physical copies of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn so that's good enough)
  2. As a hip hop fan, there was something about this Nas song that really went different
  3. Recently came back to play Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast and man the DX version really did downgrade everything the Dreamcast version had. But yeah I'm going through a Sonic marathon with the Sonic games that had a serious story and continuity (basically anything before the 2010s)
  4. It has been a while since I played that game but last time I did, I didn't have a lot of money in my run
  5. I believe Gaiden and Path of Radiance are good candidates of this since Gaiden has no currency at all and Path of Radiance currency is rare
  6. My freshmen Geometry teacher came up with it for me since I needed a email for the school, he said it sounds cool for MMOs and stuff like that. Well..he wasn't wrong
  7. Interesting topic we have here, but hey at least this gives me the chance to show my tier list now edit: Oh crap I didn't realize that Izana isn't in this tier list I made but he's on S too before Niles, mans too funny. And the reason why Forrest is the lowest of all is because his character REALLY rubs me the wrong way...I was hesitant to put him on my dislikes because apparently it's homophobic to hate him now??? also you guys are too cruel to Azama ;-;
  8. Why don't you do it yourself if you want it so badly? It's a video game in a fictional world so one line of modern phrases doesn't hurt anyone, and even if you can patch it, it will be a waste of time since you're only wasting time and effort for ONE change
  9. I recall the the last time I played the game, the 4 characters specifically all got a voice change, was there a reason for it? Regardless I'm not a fan as I prefer their Fates actors
  10. Yeah I'd say the content was a little more "extreme" than the other games, let's just be thankful it came out in 2016 because trust me people would be losing their minds about the game if Fates came out in 2021
  11. I really wouldn't care if a Tellius remake doesn't happen but if it does, I pray for Jason Adkins to come back for Ike (and whoever voiced Black Knight in the old games) I can't satnd their Heroes VAs now
  12. DarkSage861


    Welcome back to the forum, I just came back a few months ago too. Hope you have fun
  13. I haven't played this game in 4 years, are 3 stars less frequent to get now?
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