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  1. I do appreciate small things like this, Elena is a interesting character that doesn't get talked about much while of course most things about her is a mystery (and would likely be forever) I hope future games acknowledge her
  2. Both Robin have practically the same supports and while I'll say I prefer both gender Robins, I do really like Male Robin since I've always played him the most in my Awakening playthroughs and in Smash 3ds/Wii U. Not to mention David Vincent is a god at every role he does
  3. Fates overall core gameplay is just Awakening's but much more refined and doesn't give you too many privileges with skills or pair up like it did before. Debuffs also makes this fair for you and your opponent. I also agree with this, as someone who'd play PvP religiously when it was still alive. There were a lot of issues with skill play and it made it worse when people were literally hacking the game to get a win
  4. I don't think they're ever gonna take out less voice acting again, they been committed to this since Path of Radiance
  5. I don't think Mark even if there's ever a remake will have a role with marriage like the protags before (Roy, Robin, Corrin, Byleth) and if i'm quite honest I'm fine with that anyway since from the beginning Mark is played to be a lone wolf and it'd be cool to keep it that way
  6. Yeah I feel like basic information is what others tend to do on MM. At least that's what I did in Path of Radiance, I never did MM on Radiant Dawn
  7. Yeah I literally played Maniac mode a couple years back and even by chapter 10 it just dry humps you in the ass for no reason. Literally never went to that mode ever again
  8. For my route, I used Great Lord for Female Kana so I think it'd be a good choice
  9. My point still stands that they're not even trying regardless
  10. What do you mean? Since then it's been this weird trend of mediocre games since then, Heroes as I said before is a cash grab (the moment it was revealed it was a gacha game it was heading for disaster as it's been a trend for popular video game to go the FGO route), Warriors was just a lie to our faces and Three Houses...that was just depressing. And IS themselves know it's mediocre because they're not even trying anymore because they know these nerds are gonna buy it regardless so it's not just a mainline game, it's the same with the spinoffs too
  11. I love me some hot takes, lemme show mine since these would be considered "unpopular" by the community Fates isn't as bad of a game as people say it is Heroes is a complete cash grab like it or not Putting tomes in the weapon triangle is absolutely pointless Echoes is absolutely boring and is the reason why Fire Emblem has been on a massive decline since catering to dorks who only want generic and usual Fire Emblem plots Jason Adkins will always be Ike and it's absolutely criminal that they recast him, I can't stand Greg Chun's take on him Three Houses is a complete mockery to what the series has come far to That's really what comes to mind rn but I'll probably be back with some more since this forum will never go away
  12. Your best chance is to emulate it (unless the Nintendo ninjas come knocking at your door) Luckily I still have my old Path Of Radiance and Radiant Dawn copies from years ago so I'm fine regardless but in your case...you may just have to buy the actual game, hope you're a millionaire
  13. Good luck, saying it's the "easiest" would be a lie but getting stuff together with your units isn't that hard (with a exception of a few ...Rolf) But have fun regardless also I'm sure you're aware already that Titania and Lethe are EXP stealers
  14. As much as some people hate it, you have to accept that it's never going to go away. They're making profit thanks to this and I doubt they're gonna stop and lose money it'd be stupid to
  15. I couldn't do any of this, guess I'm not a legend of the FE community but it's not like I wanted to anyway (but hey I do have physical copies of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn so that's good enough)
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