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  1. I've answered this so many times that I don't even understand the question anymore. People who choose their party based on growths completely ignore most of the cast, despite the fact that those units have roles that are specifically designed to fill certain niches. Some units are designed to shine in earlygame. Some units are designed to shine in midgame. Some units are designed to shine at endgame. If all you care about is endgame units, you're removing most of the game from play. We cannot tolerate this, and we will not encourage it. We've said as much a dozen times over. By obfuscating the growths, we force the player to use units based on their immediate merits and choose for themselves whether they want to invest in long-term rewards. This allows for some measure of intuition and fluid strategy, and holds players accountable to their decisions. We will not apologise for this.
  2. C- I don't know where to start with this 1) FE7x isn't a romhack, it's a standalone windows executable 2) to run FE7x on windows you need the .NET and XNA frameworks 3) chromebook is a linux device and doesn't run windows 4) to run it on a phone you would need the android version 5) the android version isn't out yet
  3. B- this is exactly why yeti doesn't want you knowing the growths. you devalue all the work harken puts in in the intermediate time because all you care about is the endgame
  4. B- I think it might be "controller: expert" or something like that let me check B- oh it's "vintage" now
  5. B- Project is still ongoing! FEE3 is around the corner and there is much ground to cover. Please come forward if you're willing to help B- Recent updates include a mage knight/sage split for the generic mage, and we're talking about adding villagers to the pool
  6. A- a handy breakdown of 7x mechanics by unofficial community manager, deranger!
  7. B- Bennet and Kirin are timed side-objectives, much like saving the villages in ch7 from the bandits. They're there to get you out of your comfort zone and incentivise you to move quickly, rather than turtle or grind. We feel that kind of slow playstyle makes the game too easy, and thus, a worse experience B- If Bennet and Kirin could adequately defend themselves for the entire chapter, there would be no incentive to hurry to reach them, and there would be no point in having them there
  8. B- There's currently a tracker that alerts you to your ready units, seen in the bottom left here: B- But maybe we could put something in the options, I'll see what yeti thinks
  9. B- We've been updating periodically with minor bugfixes. What we've released so far is a premature build, released for the Snakemom stream. When there's a stable, balanced build (and when android and OSX are properly ready) we'll be making another announcement.
  10. B- Well firstly, "bait and switch" play gives low-move tanks something to do. You say that Magnus is underwhelming and difficult to use, but chapter 9, 11, and 12 are his favourite chapters. There needs to be a number of them or the balance shifts back to mount emblem. It's also the most accessible form of play, and reduces the skill barrier/makes it easier for growth-screwed teams to make it into endgame. B- Your notes on ch4 and ch7x are welcome, we'll look into that. B- Sounds like you should be playing ch9 on hard. C- Did we play the same ch11? The one with the stationary lieutenants with ranged weapons? With the enemies you can flank as they are engaging the citizen units? With the fortified warrior/fighter group who force you to take the offensive, and then react to their counter-attack? With the reinforcements that spring just as you pass their spawn point? B- Literally the only groups I can think of that would satisfy your condition are the first wave of enemies (to give you the initiative and allow you to gain a foothold on your own terms), the mercs, and the monks. B- A lot of the maps you are decrying have elements like this, with groups moving dependent on you crossing a threshold, reinforcements timed to hit just as you would be "baiting" another group, or some side objective like rescuing Bennet to vary up the play. We're starting to do this sort of thing a lot more, but if you think 4 and 11 need more of it, we'll look into it. B- Also, 11 doesn't follow 9, it follows 10. So even if it WAS primarily "bait and switch" as you assert, it comes after a break where you're doing other interesting maps as Tristan. B- Right, exactly. B- Ch12 is designed to be a gauntlet of all the things you've encountered so far. Fog, chests and doors, siege weaponry, powerful mini-bosses, side objectives, etc etc etc. If the basic structure wasn't "bait and switch" then there would be too much going on to handle. B- Nothing much to say about the mage debate, Yeti has taken a liking to the idea of 1-range tomes, though. One thing is that our philosophy has largely been about standardising the roster so that each build and weapon combo is on equal footing with any other, whether it be light lance vs light axe or heavy anima vs heavy elder, or even heavy elder vs armour axe. Breaking up the light and heavy mages into six different variants seems like it would run counter to that. B- This sort of thing already exists in the game, see above on my notes on ch11. Likely you were just playing so well that you didn't notice, or you disrupted their formations by breaking them early. You haven't made it clear what difficulty you're on, but if you're on hard, we can consider making it harder. There is talk of a lunatic mode, but we'll see. B- Yeah, exactly. B- Anyway, thanks for the input. It's clear you care a lot about the game, and we appreciate that :)
  11. B- Just a quick post to let people know that the OSX version is now stable! I'll address the discussion above tomorrow :)
  12. C- What a mess! We'll have the fixed version up ASAP
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