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  1. eh...don't mention Grima D: lol I've been thinking about that. Wondering that I'm hitting a wall here how bad the last chapter is gonna be. Honestly I haven't made any progress. I've been trying for hours and its getting tiresome. :( I've done some reclassing and stuff and trying to do some of the paralogues (namely Morgan atm) and I feel like I can't feed my other units many kills without reinforcements killing them so really I'm just resorting to MU-Tharja and Chrom-Lucina. I really wish they had a difficulty in between hard and lunatic. I love this game and want a challenge, but lunatic seems too crazy, but hard is too easy.
  2. I've actually did just reclass my Fred and MU and didn't realize it was just one seal, Panne I usually do reclass to a Trickster or swordsman type class along with Lon'qu as they are one of my Awakening OTP. I'll look into what you recommended. I'll look into tonics. I haven't bought any. I have a feeling I'm just gonna have to end up ditching most of my units though and running just MU if I don't DLC, but without Nos-tanking that is gonna be fun. Will def look into what you gave me though for my other units. Any other tips are nice as well. >< and thanks
  3. Reclassing into GM is just using second seals twice to change and reselect right? and that also tells you I'm not lol. I've only used second seals a few times in all my play throughs. I guess I do use quite a bit of units, but after I got my units I typically use (will list them below) I haven't swapped out since. I do use renown rewards as I earned them from playing, but I know others have other opinions of them. I guess using the DLC just once can help although I feel like after all the maps I might have some units needing some help. The units I use are as follows and how they'd pair up (and will list pre-promotes with pp) Chrom - Lucina (pp) feMU - Tharja Lon'qu (pp) - Panne Gregor (pp)- Nowi Cordelia (mainly used for traversing;pp) - usually pairs with Olivia to protect Anna - Lissa (1 staff use away from promote) [pairs up with Anna for more magic for rescue staves etc) Lastly, Frederick as a map traveser buff stat and occasional help if needed.
  4. So, I'm at an impasse not sure to continue or stop and say this is where I got in Lunatic. I love Awakening and have beaten it many times and likewise have tried Lunatic many times as well. Just in the past week I've managed to get further I ever have (which usually resulted in me quitting at around ch5 cuz I hated the early levels). It wasn't bad once I got out, but I did have to reset a few times. Now I just hit Ch 15-17. I think 16 was Mila tree and that was nuts. It was my first non-full deploy and just rushed chapter. Now I'm on Ch 17 and some of my units aren't promoted, but a good half are, but the promoted enemies are just killing even my MU. I hear all this talk that it really trivializes the difficulty when you grind (and I won't Nos-tank because I don't reclass my MU ever so that's not even a thing for me). I have been doing skirmishes until they got too hard as I don't consider them grinding as they are part of the game, but have yet to touch the DLCs. I know I'm close, but from my time playing hard so many times is that the later chapters are annoying (personally). Awakening as fun as it is for me the late chapters are just hellish devils and have terrible map design and enemy placement. I just feel as if I grind my run is shit and what not, but I would like to complete it. I guess what's getting to me is all the stuff I read about people doing it no grind and such...not like I know any of the people on here or on other sites I read it from, but just makes me feel like I'm bad...IDK. I once read an old thread here from like 2014 that some people do minimal grinding? They don't overly grind, but do like a DLC like every 5 chapters or so for the lower peeps? Thoughts? Advice? Should I just throw in the towel now?
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