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  1. I give you this. Moari : Keeper of the island. I took most of inspiration from Moana. This is the step by step of my work. In order to avoid the problem like last time, this time I painted like every pixel. Not based on any work. I hope it will by fine.
  2. Sorry, about that. I just saw your post. I know I new for this. I just start to sprite something about month. So can you explain me more why my work have been disqualified. I do not worry about wining or losing. I just wanna join. I'm working on a new battle sprite showdown. I wanna know something in order to avoid the same problem. Why do you claim that I stole the somebody artwork? I attach the process picture of the previous work. I start with the journeyman from the original fire emblem. That why the head, the high, the color are look like that. I made that all the rest of the body. I choose a Japaneses cloth style (It may not look like but it is lol). I made five more pic by just change the arm motion. For the dog I was thinking about JB from kingsman when I made it (Again it may not look like). I wanted to make more dog jumping motion but I just too lazy for that so I made two and using the blur motion.
  3. This is my work. Inspired by Kingsman. Trainer Class. This new class promote into Beast master or Wolf rider.
  4. Hi everyone! I just a new member here and this is my first post. About 2 weeks ago I want to create my version of Fire emblem (Game of throne inspiration). However, I think that it going to be bad because I don’t have any skill in art. So I design to practice myself something easier. Over the past 2 weeks, I made some sprites from Sengoku rance. Some of them look good but some are not. I will continue post my work here. Like I said, I very new for this and I need you gays to suggest me. Please, Please teach me how to do better. Yamaoto Natori Kanami Rance Sill Uesugi Kenshin A regular samurai warrior Nogiku Yuzuhara Yusumi Akashi Kazemaru Rizna Shisuka Some failed works
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