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  1. Well, I actually paired them most of the times due to Dew and Patty having a similar personality, mostly cheerful and trying to flirt a good amount of people in the party, giving them items during the process. I mean, that's what I can remember from them, there's been quite I good time since I last got to the second generation.
  2. Supports are definitely necessary to hone the development of the characters relationships and is definitely better than the love system Genealogy already have. The option to trade would be quite welcome, as it makes sense that they would exchange weapons between allied forces for the sake of efficiency, as gift or alike. Assigning some characters as siblings even if they aren't of the same family would be interesting, as their relationships shows good brotherhood, just like Azel and Lex, Noish and Alec, maybe even Oifey and Shannan if they're given the proper development, I mean, these two must have gone through a lot of **** together. More playable characters, like Tailtyu's unmentioned sister who gives birth to Amid and Linda. I'd totally give the characters a better base, maybe a base of 320 for all the first generation characters and 360 for the second generation, and to fix the unbalance caused by the Holy Blood, the inheritors of any lineage would have to get more experience to level up, +100 for each Major Blood and +50 for each Minor Blood, I know this might delay some low level holy blooded characters, but their level ups will pay for the player's efforts. Balance classes, enemies and weapons better, so that you don't have to be sword or wind locked in order to make use of your speed, which also requires making pursuit baseline. Branched promotions would add diversity to the gameplay, along with all promoted infantry classes having 7 movement, mages would have 6 when umpromoted too. The capacity to dismount and take off your heavy armor, which still needs a better name than "unarmor." So many things, I won't remember everything now.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess you're talking about chapter 4 in this case, unless, of course, you're considering the prologue to be chapter 1.
  4. Quite cool indeed. Also, it's good to know this new curiosity about the luck stat.
  5. Maybe because of Patty's class and a certain influence from Mitsuki Oosawa's manga, which states that Dew married Brigid, as far as I remember.
  6. So Seliph is the womanizer there? I really thought Patty had a better love growth with Shannan and Nanna with Leif, maybe I'm not actualized enough, but I've always been sure of Nanna and Leif. Did you make a sum of both growths and convos for some cases?
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