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  1. If I could "like" this post, I would. All three of the New Heroes banners we've seen this year so far satisfy fan demands, but in different ways. "Rulers of the Laguz" was to add beast units to the game. "Beyond Darkness" is to finally add more Binding Blade content. ...."Kitsune and Wolfskin" was to add the fan favorite beast units. There's a distinction here. If we'd had beast units all along, we probably would've gotten them split up in some way and all would've stayed 4*. What I'm most interested in is seeing how Nintendo supposedly saying they don't want to make a ton of money off mobile games will impact Heroes.
  2. Well, they were though. I'd say that predictably kept Marth out of the top 2 for males, even though ultimately he was only ~2K shy of Ephraim's votes. He'll probably win now, though, if not purely for this reason.
  3. Thinking about this more... CYL1 was always going to be Ike, Lyn, and Lucina. Marth might've beaten Roy if he hadn't been split. For CYL2, Hector, Ephraim and Celica were locks. Hector and Ephraim were the most popular male characters in the fanbase, and Celica was new(ish) with Echoes recently coming out, plus being well received for multiple reasons. Veronica probably was a good guess too since original Heroes characters weren't available otherwise yet besides the core three. CYL3 will be much more difficult to guess at. They've made alts for most of the popular characters by now: 3 Marth, 4 Chrom, 4 Eirika, 3 each M/F Corrin, 3 each M/F Robin, fuggin' 6 Camilla, 4 Azura. I'd guess that Marth, Reinhardt, Chrom and maybe Bruno will compete for males. Also probably Alm since he doesn't have an alt. I'm less sure of females but probably Eirika, Loki, and Fjorm will probably do pretty well. Maybe Micaiah. Maaaaybe Azura and fCorrin, if everyone doesn't hate Fates by now.
  4. Recency bias will help any book 2/3 characters. Smash Ultimate will help Chrom. I wouldn't be surprised if he won. Personally, I'm voting for Azura.
  5. I'm pretty confident we'll get at least a couple of the following: Dark Samus echo of Samus Chrom echo of Ike Impa echo of Sheik Dixie Kong echo of Diddy Kong Isabelle echo of Villager Less confident on, but I think are possible are: Black Shadow echo of C. Falcon Ninten echo of Ness Funky Kong echo of Donkey Kong Won't get, but I would love: Claus (Masked Man) echo of Lucas Jody Summer (F-Zero) echo of Zero Suit Samus I do not think that we'll get an echo character of a third party character. Negotiating the rights to a character and not representing them to the fullest doesn't seem like Sakurai. A Fire Emblem character isn't really likely in general, but Chrom is a special case. Sakurai would be throwing the fans he'd teased in the previous game a bone, not to mention it's an easy add of a character (Ike) he generally seems fairly fond of. While Shadows of Valentia started development the same year as Smash Ultimate's plan was finalized, I don't think we'll see a character from it or another from Fates given the backlash Sakurai got for adding so many in Sm4sh, despite it being "strategic."
  6. There's not too many options honestly, and not a ton that make sense at that. The most likely options are, what? Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade, Star Fox, Kirby... To date, as far as I'm aware, all Warriors games have been done with human or humanoid characters, so while it's not impossible, I feel like a Pokemon or Kirby Warriors game is fairly unlikely. Star Fox characters (alongside games like F-Zero) are all more or less interchangeable with each other and the characters don't have a ton to work with individually. Nintendo is really picky with Mario, and I don't know if they'd want the characters in a Warriors crossover. I personally don't feel like it's a super natural fit like Zelda and Fire Emblem. Metroid has some characters it could use, but most of them are from the Prime side of the series, which Nintendo is iffy with sometimes, and Koei Tecmo already worked on a Metroid game at one point with the much maligned Other M. Kid Icarus or Xenoblade are probably the likeliest options, I'd think. Xenoblade has a lot to pull from, and is a newer series that Nintendo has been happy to push forward recently with XBX and XB2 coming out relatively close to each other. I'd say it's much more likely to get a FE Warriors sequel or Hyrule Warriors sequel before a different series getting one, especially since Fire Emblem has so many more games to tap into.
  7. Ah that makes sense. The title just says sales, but the tweet says units. Neat, that actually makes this all the more impressive.
  8. Do we know what this number includes? I'm assuming it's overall including physical and digital sales of the game, as well as the downloadable content. Hopefully this means they've greenlit the sequel. I wouldn't mind new DLC, but only if it's just one more pack or so. The game's current interface isn't designed for it, they'd need a UI refresh and I doubt they'd do that outside a new game.
  9. I'm pretty sure Morgan is meant to be from a different future, especially since she/he doesn't have memories either. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Morgan_(Awakening) It doesn't really make sense for Morgan to exist in the current Awakening timeline either, honestly. Especially if she's the child of one of the other children.
  10. Also use the new Convoy blessing or whatever that gives you double the materials. That combined with Chapter 20 can get 4 materials each for 3 different characters.
  11. I'd only be okay with this if she was much better. I've always found Robin to be such a drag to play in Smash, not the most fun moveset.
  12. We won't get a character from FE Switch on the base roster. The roster was likely decided in 2016, shortly after the completion of the DLC for Smash 4. Shadows of Valentia would be the current in-development title during this Smash's development, NOT the FE Switch protagonist. The token "most recent FE lord" in Smash would have to be Alm and/or Celica. We know, though, that Sakurai doesn't really like cuts and has mentioned already that there's too many Fire Emblem characters on the roster. I expect to see Corrin staying as the most recent FE main character in Smash (hopefully defaulting this time to female). I wouldn't be surprised to see Celica as what Lucina was originally intended to be, a Marth costume, though I'll admit Celica being a Marth clone in Warriors gives me that bias. There will likely be cuts, but who is totally up in the air. That said... Nintendo is really on the DLC train right now though, and anything that's current is a great cross promotion for DLC. I fully expect a more extended post-release content season (with or without a season pass, idk) than we got for the previous game, given how successful the last set was, especially for a Wii U game, when the Switch is doing so much better. The FE Switch protagonist as DLC is by far the likeliest option for that game.
  13. Ohh, neat. I didn't know that. Thank you! Got excited thinking that there was news on the book I didn't know about yet.
  14. Wait, do we have more information about the artbook now? Where did this come from? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/6/68/(Odin_Niles).jpg/revision/latest?cb=20161027144014
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