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  1. 1. Which controller setup did you use to play this game and what options are available (pro controller, joycon attached to switch, joycon detached?) If you used the joycon did it take some time to get used to? 2. Did you try out split screen multiplayer? Is it distracting having two separate things going on at once (especially with how busy the screen can get with enemies)?
  2. Gotcha, thanks! One more question- when completing a dark portal do more enemies/characters show up on the map for you to fight?
  3. That’s fine! Just would like to see with female robin’s VA ^^;
  4. if it isn’t too much trouble, do you think you can show a video/screenshot of female robin/chrom A+ conversation? ^^;
  5. Were you able to unlock some characters through history mode? Haven’t seen how to unlock male corrin and female robin yet.
  6. Do the alt characters (Mcorrin and Frobin) get support conversations? And if so, are they just the same ones as their counterparts?
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