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  1. Why the hell did this guy get banned? Was it because of my Waha Punishment ? I think it was...

  2. You and the gift wrapper are the same person...you're a troll. And BTW never PM me again.

  3. Why do people keep saying Raisin Bagel to you?

  4. Hero of Time, Cam, and Seph, I've learned to just ignore you guys. It's way better than my last one and I dont care what you think.
  5. I really hope I've improved a little bit.
  6. You still doin that FE7 HHM thing?

  7. Mwahahaha! We are of the ranks of people so devoted to being a Tales fan that we make our name on a Fire Emblem Forum a Tales Character!

  8. Well then bleh to you too then, sir.
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