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  1. I've only played through Awakening once, but here are the pairings I chose: Chrom and Sumia (because the game pushed it and I wanted to see if it was worth it), Lucina and Brady (I have no idea why I pursued this, but it was all right, in my opinion), and Robin and Tharja (because I wanted to see what would become of her obsession with Robin).
  2. For the males, I picked Inigo. I feel it's more his personality that makes me like his character, but I think he's not that bad looking either. As for the females, I chose Olivia. I love her hair and her outfit, but her shy personality makes her even more attractive. In conclusion, Inigo got it from his mama. What else can I say? It's probably in their genes.
  3. I enjoyed the game immensely. I didn't buy a 2ds until this year, and Awakening is the first game I bought for it. I really like the pair up system and the lack of restrictions given by the support conversation system too (prior to Awakening, I've played Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, and Binding Blade, in that order). I just finished it last night, and I'm looking forward to playing it a bit more before I move on to Fates.
  4. S Ranks would be a nice addition I think, and its also a great opportunity to flesh out characters that the majority of the western fanbase are already familiar with (I assume the majority, since Blazing Sword was the first FE in the west).
  5. Not necessarily "anyone x anyone." I meant "more freedom" meaning no five conversation limit. Although I'm all for multiple playthroughs, I like having the ability to knock out as many support conversations in a single playthrough so I can learn more about the characters.
  6. I hope so! One of my "greatest" regrets in life is not picking up a copy of Path of Radiance I saw when I was younger. It was $12, which would have put a dent in my young wallet; however, the hole in my heart now is incomparably deeper and more painful. I would actually pick up a Switch at full price if they include a GCVC. I too was saddened by the fact I couldn't play as my boy Roy in Fire Emblem. At least there is a solid English Patch for Binding Blade out now. I believe it is here on Serenes Forest as well. It actually may have been how I found this site. However, a Binding Blade and Blazing Blade remake would be fun, especially with updated art and more freedom with Support Conversations (assuming the latest iteration of Support Conversations is similar to the one used in Awakening, which is the latest game I have played* so far). *I say "have played," but it's more like, "am playing...for the first time."
  7. I honestly never thought about it this way. When I was younger, my experience to Fire Emblem being limited to Fire Emblem, I always thought it was cool that each of the Lords got a cool new weapon. Now that I know that Lyn's just...appears, it makes the existence of the sword a bit sad to me. Sort of like IS just went, "Oh hey, she needs one too..." I also didn't really like the Sol Katti when I was younger. I didn't look or care about the stats, but I saw that other weapons, like the Mani Katti, achieved the results I wanted better than the Sol Katti, so it sort of just sat there in subsequent playthroughs. The beginning and end of it's legend.
  8. Was it Ace? For me it was Ace...I miss Ace...
  9. kaiban

    New to This

    Thank you for the warm welcome as well! I'll be sure to reach out if I have any questions!
  10. kaiban

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    Thank you very much! I'll be sure to check out the code of conduct.
  11. kaiban

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    heyy, so hi. My name is Kaiban, and I'm a longtime fan of fire emblem (kaiban actually being what I named mark my first time playing blazing blade). I started playing as a youngin' when my younger cousin asked me for help with a fantasy game that had swords, magic, and anime characters; eventually, this led to me being a major fan of the series but not really having much money or time to invest into it. I've played Blazing Sword (my favorite cause of nostalgia), Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn (could never get a copy of Path of Radiance), and I am in the middle of my first playthrough of Awakening. I have also played through the Binding Blade, but I messed up and didn't know there were different endings, so I am working back to getting the true ending (orz). I look forward to playing more and to becoming more involved with the community here at Serenes Forest. Thank you for having me! PS. this is my first time on a forum, so I'm not sure about what I'm doing lol please be kind and help guide me :D
  12. I really enjoy Gerik and Joshua's support conversation. To me, it's succinct and entertaining, but also insightful to the characters. It was also badass having a swordmaster and hero just taking on hordes of enemies while side by side.
  13. FE6: Geese - love his hair. Also, very fun to use in battle. FE7: Hector - love his attitude. also, his Armads crit animation is sick. FE8: Joshua - love his attitude, definitely one of my favorite swordsman from FE.
  14. Last year, I watched Star Wars Episode V with my niece and nephews for the first time. The look on my niece's face when she found out Darth Vader was Luke's father was priceless. As a person who prefers to experience things first hand, I tend to avoid spoilers, however I normally will not mind too much unless the spoiler is for something I've been greatly participating. For example, if someone were to spoil the ending of Persona 5 for me before I beat it, I would be upset. However, if someone told me how Nioh ends, I wouldn't be upset in the slightest. I would also be upset if someone spoiled the ending of Code Geass for me, but I wouldn't be upset if someone spoiled Bleach or Naruto's ending. For me, it all comes down to whatever I am personally invested in; however, I do think that people who don't mind spoilers should learn how to keep quiet sometimes, and that people who absolutely abhor spoilers should stop going on the internet and looking things up, because that is how you get spoiled.
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