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  1. From /r/FireEmblem's discord, crossposted on their PMU channel.
  2. Street name where I used to live was Bringleferry. Some for reason I got the idea to change it into Bringlepuff and start using it as an IGN. Very versatile. Bringlepuff. Fucklepuff. Ducklepuff. Shucklepuff. Schmucklepuff.
  3. If your motive is to have Lukas penetrate people, I think his original class would work better
  4. The link to wonder egg is dead and redirects to pop-ups, possibly malicious. https://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/miscellaneous/hidden-treasure
  5. I'm only looking at monster classes that can use weapons, for the sake of my own sanity.
  6. Need Alm/Celica and 9 units for each route. Lords will stay in their normal class to keep dungeon exploring functional. Any character can be any class, including Witch, Brigand, and any weapon wielding monster classes. Male Clerics and Cantor/Arcanist are also off the table. If you give me villager, I need a class to promote them to as well. DLC characters are available, you can specify an item for a character which I may or may not stick to. Alm's Route 1-Soldier Clair 2-Bonewalker Mathilda 3-Archer Zeke 4-Mercenary Human 5-Deimos Mycen /w Emperor's Lance 6-Mercenary Lukas /w Rapier 7-Mage Gray 8-Archer Faye 9-Pegasus Knight Python Celica's Route 1- Witch Boobey 2-Witch Sonya 3-Brigand Mae /w Devil Axe 4-Cavalier Catria 5-Archer Palla 6-Cavalier Valbar 7-Mercenary Est 8-Mage Jesse 9-Pegasus Knight Conrad
  7. How are you able to promote/reclass via the Mila altar? I'm using an editor and changing class bases manually.
  8. Free pull + 1 got me Ephriam +Atk -Spd. Is that even worth considering using? As of right now I use -HP +Res Nephenee.
  9. 5 full 8% pulls, Neutral Genny, +Res -Spd Spring Camilla, +Spd -Def Celica, +Res - Def Hector. I want Hector's DC but he's my only one so fuck me.
  10. I bought stuff on the chapter I got the merchant on using the merchant himself, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the items out of his inventory?
  11. Same problem. Tried Bluestacks and...sideways. I don't see an option to rotate.
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