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  1. I've played FE 3 and I've heard that the remake improves on it. I want to play it but the DS Emulators are a little hard to use. (as in play with) Should I use a NDS flashcart?
  2. I don't really get why they didn't add at least Ike. He is in smash after all.
  3. Fatal Error: ezSQL_mysql requires mySQL Lib to be compiled and or linked in to the PHP engine
  4. Since Shadows of Valentia had Cipher units... Should this game have it? In my opinion, yes. As long as they don’t affect the story all too much, it can see it happening again. We can flesh out the characters more. The only problem I see with adding Cipher units is that the players outside of Japan won’t know about the characters. But that can also mean more people will be interested in the card game and Nintendo might bring it outside of Japan. It seems like a Win-Win situation. Win for the fans, Wi. For Nintendo (more profits from FE Cipher) The character I want to see the most is:
  5. Hmmm, maybe a Heretic from a extremely religous area? Dark Mage, probably starts with like B Rank Dark Magic and C Rank Anima when you first add her. Very nice and chill person. Gets along with everyone High Mag, Skl, Spd. Low Def, Res, HP. Glass Tank Son of a priest and started to drift away from their orginal beliefs Extra: Named Clementine Has supports with Devout person from the army. Comes to a comprise Starts with Ruin and Elthunder
  6. Your sig says otherwise about who is best waifu lmao
  7. Mages. They usually have really high atk and spd. They usually won’t get hit and will always hit the enemy. Also. Illyana is a S A G E
  8. I was bored with a friend and we came up with a legendary weapons. (They are a bit OP) Some are already made S Rank Weapons reimagined. We also came up kind of a ‘fanfic’ pf how FE16 will be like but I’ll save that post for later. Just to clarify, The weapon skills I put work like this: Weapon Skill MT, HIT, and CRIT is all adding to the original MT, HIT, and CRIT. S Rank Sword: S Rank Axe: S Rank Dark Tome: S Rank Fire Tome: S Rank Wind Tome: S Rank Thunder Tome: S Rank Light Tome: S Rank Gun (Why not lol) S Rank Lance: S Rank Knife: S Rank Bow: What’s your thoughts on the weapons? Any weapon Ideas you have?
  9. Only in places I’ll be banned for being an asshole in lol
  10. Who is the fictional character that you love with a passion? If you don't know, Waifus are characters from anime or video games. Urban Dictionary says: My Waifu is from the Light Novel/Anime, Konosuba, Megumin. She is the ultimate mage from the crimson magic clan. ((((Though she only knows one type of magic)))) Megumin is a kind, naive character. She cherishes her comrades and does her best to support them. I would go into further detail about why I love her so much but that dabbles into spoiler territory.
  11. Will do BTW Path of Radiance is great, seriously one of the best games in the series
  12. Is Radiant Dawn worth playing? I’m nearing the end of PoR so I just wanted to know. The price of the game isn’t the issue (using usbloader gx because its not like Nintendo made it easy to find/buy one) I’ve just haven’t heard the greatest things about it. Things like a convoluted story and bad writing (can’t possibly be worse than Awakening and Fates’ writing.) Bot to mention the terrible ‘supports’.
  13. Danganronpa is a series of Visual Novels by Spike Chunsoft about high schoolers that are forced to participate in a killing game. V3 is the third entry in the series. Not to be confused with the Danganpona 3 anime. After reading the VN I can safely say it was pointless. I’m not trashing on the VN but, this VN was pointless. The ending of the game was just, ‘You guys are fictional characters and none of this matters.’ The twist at the end was pretty stupid, revealing Tsumugi as yet AGAIN, Junko. But the overall VN was great. I really liked the characters, (not angie) especially Himiko uwu. The class trials were cool and interesting. And the music was FUCKING AMAZING (as always). The executions were over the top and cool to watch. The character designs were pretty good too. What is your opinion on the VN? I personally, give it a 7/10. I enjoyed it but, the end kinda messed it up.
  14. The game is worth playing at the very least. It’s gameplay is great and some of the characters are pretty decent. The story is PRETTY BAD tho.
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