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  1. You know, I was a bit on the fence about this patch before playing it but after seeing that Athos had all of Lyn's lines I was sold.
  2. I'm really excited for the FEXNA release. FEXNA seems to give creators more freedom when compared to rom hacking.
  3. I really like this hack so far however, you might want to nerf the Chapter 5 boss. He has 18 strength and 15 speed meaning he doubles or one shots almost everyone in your army.
  4. You have to patch it to a rom before you can run it in a emulator. Get a clean FE8 rom and apply the download to the clean rom using this, https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/519/ . After that just plug it into your emulator.
  5. A tiny bit off topic but I really hope they bring back the magic system from Echoes and expand the number of tomes.
  6. Hello! I've been struggling to find a rom for Berwick Saga, can someone message me a link?
  7. If you're still working on this patch can you have soldiers promote into Paladins/Generals?
  8. Alright, I found a bug. My Duessel was randomized into a Paladin and yet has 0 move.
  9. The game gave me an item called "Dummy". Are you trying to say something? /,:
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