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  1. Is there a newer update for this? I've tried the link given and it says file not found
  2. So I seen a Awakening GBA Hack way back when before I was a member and I was wondering is that was still a working project
  3. S o is this project still on going? It's such a cool idea
  4. Yeah that sounds like a good idea maybe Din
  5. Looks good to me. Now you just need to reply
  6. You can do both I guess. Have them do what they’d normally be doing before he finds the portal and jumps in
  7. Here’s the Link to the RP. Do not expect any of my responses to be as long as the beginning Xd The portals are for your characters to appear
  8. The Lost woods was a place of never ending trees and darkness. Only the children of Kokiri, a race of Hylians who never grew up and remained children for their entire lives, could navigate through the woods safely thanks to their fairies that could lead them through the darkness. Certain points in the forest were lit, but it was rare to ever find them. If anyone who didn’t have a fairy wandered into the darkness of the woods they would find themselves lost, hence the name of the woods, to never be seen again. Rumors spread by the children of the forest say that the lost souls would lose their flesh, their bodys becoming walking bones, and lose all hope a humanity becoming monsters and to spend all eternity walking around the woods. In these woods, riding on the back of horse, was a young lad of 15 years old. For years he had gone through the woods in search of his friend and his way back home. After the events of his childhood he had beaten a evil king he had been declared a hero at the young age of 10. But he had lost his best friend before he had been declared a hero. After searching every crack of Hyrule his last option was to travel into the Lost Woods, without a fairy. His journey had been fruitless as he searched for years in the woods and had run into some trouble and, just to some it up, had to stop the moon from crashing down onto the world. Then after that he had returned his search. Other than a few stops at towns that he had randomly found, he spent most of his time in the woods in search of his friend. But despite the stories that he was told about the woods, he was still very much a Hylian and a living one at that. Though the woods did sap his strength when he traveled through the woods. But he’d play a song on his ocarina, a gift from the Princess of Hyrule for saving her kingdom, and all his fatigue would disappear. Also every time he'd leave the woods he’d feel better. Riding through the woods on this particular day as he rode the sound of music could be heard drawing Epona to it despite Links efforts to turn her. Soon they found themselves in a lighted area and a clearing. In the clearing were three women, each in flowing dresses with jewels decorating them, the jewels shimmering in the light. The women in red held a harp and was plucking the strings, the women in blue gently blowing on a flute, and a women in green holding a violin and playing that. Link, jumping off his horse approached them making them stop. ”Young Hero of Hyrule.” The lady in red said as they all stopped, “You have seem to of lost your way and a friend.” Link, feeling a powerful presence from th we women, gulbed as h clenched his fist and nodded his head. ”Your heroic actions have save th Lands that we three have created.” The lady in blue said, “And a land far off from your home, and you saved that land as well. Such actions deserve a reward.” Link hearing this fell to his knees, “Thank you my Goddess’s.” The lady in green chuckled at this. ”We will grant you your wishes.” She says, “But you must complete a task.” ”Anything!” He says all three of them nod to one another as a flash of light appeared blinding Link. Once his vision returned he saw a casket made of glass and he could see a child in it. A child that looked like him but with black hair and tunic. Link recognized him as the evil version of himself. ”A true hero can make even the purest evil see the light.” Din said, “Take this spawn of Ganon and change him into a honorable knight of Hyrule.” “If you can achieve this task.” Farore sai, “You will be reunited with you homeland and friend.” Link, switched from being over excited and thrilled, Looked at the casket unsure of the task. ”Don’t worry we will give you help.” Nayru said as a portal appeared, “But this is a test so you will have trials.” A red portal appeared “We wish you the best of luck Hero of Hyrule.” All three of them said before vanishing.
  9. I could make a argument on that but I don’t wanna XD
  10. Since got a name are we ready to start?
  11. I like that name. As for Link and Zelda being a couple, not sure why that matters to the RP but, I don’t really think so. The only game that actually showed a romantic relationship between Link and Zelda was Skyward sword while in Ocerina of Time you could translate some of the story of them being brother and sister, especially if you’ve read the Manga. But I mean if you want them to be a couple I don’t care.
  12. Ok that looks good. I’ve actually decided to have the Goddess’s open the portal since they’re testing Link. Any idea of what the RP should be called, and am I playing Link or are you anacybele?
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