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  1. One of my favorite things about this game is how some of the characters that you can pick to narrate things in the game seem pretty hype about it, others are kind of serious and straight to the point and some are always questioning what you do? I hope if they have a FE Warriors II that there are more voice options. 1. Who would you want to do menu voices? 2. Who is your current favorite available voice? I like Owain since when there is something bad happens he tries to act like its a good thing then mumbles under his breath that its a base being captured!
  2. People are gonna try and evolve you, do you really want that in your life? Considering my avatar is a generic character from a show that never excised, I have no idea!
  3. I pair Ephraim with nobody he is a loner. Seth for Erika.
  4. I imagine if we can customize our kids to look like what society decided is good looking we will have issues. Not to bash males( being a male) or females but many people have gender stereotypes for what is attractive as you said it is subjective. I worry that what is considered the ideal traits now may change so some of these people might be looked at as oh those are 2070s kids because they have light skin or something. There will also be issues when it comes to people that missed the genetic messing boat I bet people will call them mutts, random chancers. People that do not run quite as fast, look boring, and get sick more. That is my two cents.
  5. I guess accessories maybe? Like weird looking staffs, things dangling off sword and belt. Just something that shows this guy or girl wants to stand out, and get killed by a sniper.
  6. Shenmue 3 and Praey for the Gods I guess.
  7. I would not want to be a hero as I do not do well with criticism.
  8. If you want to keep your VITA alive you can always buy these games https://limitedrungames.com Usually there are VITA games but not at the moment.
  9. I want like a bunch of veterans way past 25.
  10. Start calling the college and such before you get to the actual college do not start looking into things till you actually get there. Some professors let you use previous book editions so that is a good money saving method. Buy a organizer or a check list to help you stay organized
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