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  1. Finally, we can see something about FE16, the waiting was darn long since january 2017. I'm going to work tomorrow but I am lucky enough to watch the streaming in the morning before leaving my house. I already saved $100 dollars in case of a Special Edition announcement (if is worth it of course).
  2. “We want to have an event that showcases a really high level of play. We want it to be fun for the players, fun for the fans in attendance and for those streaming at home. We want to have matchups that people want to see.” Trinen also said that the Smash Bros. tournament will be aimed at both casual and longtime Nintendo fans. Trinen noted that with Splatoon 2’s matches, he believes that the spectator mode will make things easy to follow. Finally, Trinen said that there “many” announcements to come regarding Nintendo’s E3 programming. Fans can look forward to hearing more in the next month or so." Source: https://nintendosoup.com/bill-trinen-many-announcements-about-nintendos-e3-plans-coming-in-april/ P-please...t-this time for real...
  3. Who is voting for not-sword weapons in hope we don't have another swordie in Smash 5? lol I actually stick with the sword + anima combo. Unless we have the Fates triangle again, in which case I would prefer sword + bow.
  4. Pretty much this. Those special dialogues are cool, and the challenge is fine. I would like new game modes to increase the challenge (randomizer, Lunatic+, other crazy stuff you could think). The option to play the DLC maps with Handicap or No Handicap. Characters that aren't NPC's in the base game and have supports with other units. And generally content that isn't rehashed of the base game. The Einnhejars with the Avatar assets were pretty terrible. Another example: the weapon grind map in Fates could have, well, weapons that aren't of the Fates realm. C'mon, people from other universes come to that place, I'm not supposed to pick a Venge Naginata from a chest and fight an Oni Savage.
  5. We aren't waiting """""that"""""" much. If the game is not delayed were going to have 3 years in a row with mainline FE titles. I wonder if IS are getting supported by another studio. They took 3-4 years to make Fates 3 paths (and clearly rushed) with the same Awakening engine and assets, but somehow FE16 is a 2018 release after Echoes despite the massive change of the 3DS hardware to Switch. And we can expect features like 3d dungeons making a return. As for the topic, what is the standard of story quality for FE? or videogames in general? I find game devs to be crappy storytellers. The only game that impressed me with the storytelling was Ghost Trick, and that affected the game design too much (GT is pretty linear and non-replayable). I'd rather have the game sell me a fantasy. Some people are obssesed with the Zelda mythos, or Metroid mythos just to put a Nintendo example.
  6. Hayato I don't understand why people like Echoes supports. Making your units talk in the middle of a battle is not practical (that's another thing i don't want to see again), and they don't say much either, "Hey Kliff, how are ya?" "F**k off Tobin". However, Alm and Celica's base convos with their parties are pretty alright. There isn't that much i don't want to see in FE16. My biggest complaint was the time wasting aspects of the franchise, but that was fixed with the 3DS hadware and mechanics (Sleep Mode, short loading times, Turnwheel, Casual Mode for newest players, fast battle animations...) and I'm not worried because of Switch's hardware nature, despite the game being a home console FE according to the devs.
  7. FE7 and FE8 wasn't hot sellers. FE9, FE10 and FE11 bombed. People were already saying Awakening was a succes and the saviour of the franchise before Smash 4 releases. Do we really were going to have 6 FE characters in Smash 4 if it wasn't for FE13 own merits? Pikmin 3 bombed. Metroid Other M and Federation Forces bombed (also no one is talking about Samus Returns, but I dunno if the game is considered a failure). Star Fox Assault, Command and Zero bombed. F-Zero GX bombed. If I'm not mistaken Bayonetta 1 and 2 aren't million sellers (I'm counting those games separately). So yeah, I understimate Smash's power to drive niche games sales. But I agree FEH can effectively have an effect on FE16, that game introduces actual gameplay and mechanics of FE to a broader audience.
  8. I feel Smash is going to release on september. Probably, the online service delay was because Smash wasn't ready at the time to justify the suscription. So, FE is cornered.
  9. Not angry, just indifferent. I have eleven physical Switch games and a ton of pending stuff on 3DS. Also, I keep replaying Awakening, Fates and Echoes (this one not much).
  10. That game is going to look like Fates intro CG. It would be interesting to see a western styled FE, but I feel the devs aren't that interested to pander to overseas audiences (from what I judge by the game themselves and some interviews). Open World SRPG Fire Emblem when. As for the Direct dissapointment, well...that sucks. Doesn't hit me that bad, honestly, I learned not to ride the hype train. Even I didn't catch the Smash bait since I don't trust Sakurai.
  11. I didn't expect that, lol. Guess we're going to receive a 100+ chapters game with all that development time.
  12. I wish I can edit images in my mobile to update this pic.
  13. I like the feature, but storywise I don't see how that works (but oh well, they are many things I love and doesn't make any sense like Paralogues and online interactions). Yeah, I would like My Castle to be a separate feature for online interactivity and making the towns/villages do the job of shops (and many others buildings) in the main campaign (ala Echoes, but with Fates My Castle type of view instead of the visual novel style).
  14. Echoes and Warriors did have such an option? Now that I think about it, is anyone having problems with Warriors VA in dock mode? I didn't hear the voiced lines for whatever reason and I have two tv's. It just works on portable mode. Also, to answer OP's question: Personally, no. I understand that people like it, but I just can't stand it. Warriors specially is very cringe to hear. I know the devs are going nuts about this, so, at least just give the option to turn it off.
  15. > dating sim mechanics with otaku stuff > mainstream Pick just one. FE is really mainstream now? while being a 2 million seller it's a nice growth it doesn't seems too much either (at least for a nintendo first-party title). I'm curious to see if FE Switch can reach 3 million sales or more.
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