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  1. I have had this thought for this story a while. It begins with the protagonist dying. The secondary protagonist is someone who was very inspired by this person who was a famous hero and wants to know what his life was like so he starts looking for people who have known him. Each person has a very different opinion of him and some even tell different things about the same event. The chapters are basically the events that are told to the secondary protagonist but because they're told by different persons the tone isn't consistent. Some chapters are very heroic while others are more grim because that's the way it's told.
  2. It would probably be a rip-off from Game of Thrones and/or Lord of the Rings but without the nuance or quality movie-making (so basically the last season of Game of Thrones or last Hobbit film but probably with a lower budget (counting inflation)). I'm also of the opinion that only 4 fire emblem games have a good story that could also be adapted to a movie (4, 5, 7 & 9). Sure, you could edit the other stories a bit and most stories would be able to be adapted but it wouldn't be easy. I'm think that we would sooner get a good Silmarillion movie then a good videogame movie (and with good I don't mean flawed but enjoyable if you know the property but actually something that even people who don't know the property will enjoy) which basically means not anytime time soon.
  3. Like some others said the way the question is presented is very one-sided. Of course it isn't inherently bad, neither is writing a story about a knight saving a princess. But I think that in both cases you ignore outside-factors. The media that we consume (especially when we are young) influence how we look at real life and the majority of media depict things like love and sexuality in the same way because the majority of media is made/produced and distributed by men. I don't think that it's wrong to enjoy that media but by only consuming that kind of media you only get one point of view on that subject. If women are always presented in the same way then we will see that as normal and have those expectations in real life. And when everyone has those expectations then it can be expected that women will start behaving that way out of fear of being rejected otherwise (this is also the reason why I think that it isn't always a good argument to say that it's made by a women).
  4. After checking the facts I was wrong, probably thought of something else without really knowing the details. Funnily enough there is also a case that Moscow was burned by an invading force once I checked. The onces who burned it down where the Crimeans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russo-Crimean_Wars#1571 Actually all invasions before the Swedish invasion of 1708 were a failure for the Russians (or Kievan-russians) so they actually aren't as unconquerable as we currently make them out to be. That word that means that someone owns something since birth, due to his inheritance. Only problem is that we have a totally different language which could lead to problems since German isn't currently a course everyone has to follow (although I do think it should be), have a monarch who would likely become something of a duke and the fact that while our relation with Germany is really good at the moment (currently biggest trading partner) I think that most dutchmen want to become part of Germany. I also remember that Russia once tried to invade Holland with The Brittains in 1799 during the French occupation of The Netherlands. You can actually find some remains of the battle in dunes that are close to where I live. Btw Kievan Rus is indeed quite interesting. Yet another interesting subject that is skipped in history class.
  5. Yeah the music is good but Shadows of Valentia has the same music but better. And you can listen to the music on Youtube. I have no doubt that there are many reasons why someone could like Gaiden (screw using the same term for something) and is willing to ignore some flaws. I do the same with Genealogy of the Holy War. But for me to do this the game (or any other media) needs to have something that I really like and I have my doubts that Gaiden has enough positives for me to put time in it. Unlike what I said earlier I might actually play it once, if not just for the sake of having played it, but it won't be anytime soon. Also if not having played Gaiden and not really wanting to play it is a heresy, would that mean that I'm the antichrist for disliking Path of Radiance?
  6. If we're talking about comics only it's easily Spiderman mostly because he's the only character that I've read a lot of comics about and I remember liking them. My only other experience with most other character are through the Civil War comic which I really disliked. I also got some vague memories of X-men comics but couldn't find them when I went looking for them so whatever. Spiderman I mostly like because he feels like a regular person who randomly got superpowers and tries to use them for good while also trying to have a normal life. If we're talking about movies outside the Mcu, it would be Wolverine closely followed by Raimi Spiderman. Wolverine is someone who has literally seen the worst life has to offer and simply has started to hate himself because of the things he has done in the past. My reasons for liking Raimi Spiderman are similar for my reasons of liking him in the comics. MCU characters that I really like are Star-lord & Rocket Raccoon. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are about how a bunch of outcasts becoming a family. Starlord has to learn to share his problems with others and overcome his ego for others. Rocket Raccoon meanwhile learns how people can still love you despite your flaws. He's also really funny so there's enough levity. Overall I think it's a tie between Rocket raccoon and Star-lord with Wolverine and Spiderman closely followed.
  7. Favourite despite the fact that I'll probably won't replay it anytime soon: Genealogy of the horse Holy War Might become my favourite once I actually sit down and finish it: Thracia 776 I like these quite a lot and they're also easy to replay so these could arguably be my favourites: Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, Shadow Dragon & New Mystery. Help, I'm addicted: Heroes These ones are fine: Awakening & Shadows of Valentia A game that has much in common with my least favourite but has a few more features that I like which make it rank higher then expected: Radiant Dawn Because this game is easy and feels similar to fe6 & 7, I can't enjoy this game because I'm constantly reminded that I could also play those games; Sacred Stones Enemy Phase begins? Okay, I'll just lay down my controller, set some coffee, check my mail, finish my homework, call some family, take a walk, set a second cup of coffee and then I still have to wait until enemy phase is over (this game is also somehow easier then fe8 and doesn't offer enough quality besides a good story and some characters): Path of Radiance I gave this game away to a friend: Fates Might play this game one day and maybe enjoy it: Mystery of the Emblem Give me one good reason why I should play these games: Fe1, Fe2, , Tokyo Mirage Session & Fe Warriors
  8. Yeah Kievan also seems interesting. I'll more about it and then come back with new knowledge. The tzar has never really gone, every leader during the Soviet Union and currently Putin had pretty much the same power (and arguably even more) ad the tzar. The only diffence at how they get their position is through power and corruption instead of their Birthright (I'll let myself out...). Yeah Germany is really awesome (especially the low prices compared to the Netherlands). Hasn't the whole, burn everything down that we left behind, been the key strategy everytime they where invaded and didn't Alexander The Great once tried to conquer Russia and fail because of similar reasons.
  9. Yes! Another topic about History Whenever I think Russia my mind always goes to the fact that it defeated invaders from the west twice almost the same way. The thing with Russia is that most of my knowledge about it is from the period that it wasn't called Russia and a few other trivial things (mainly Catherine the Great, Ivan IV and that the tsar ordered a dutch lamp company (Philips) to make chandeliers for his castle in the 19th century)
  10. The fact that you can directly interact with the game which is something you can't do with movies and books (I think that movies and books are better at all other things that I like, but maybe that's because I haven't played that many games tbh).
  11. Depends on the Jeigan that we are talking about Fe7 Marcus, Seth, fe9 Titania, Jagen fe11 & Frederick I always use throughout the entire due to the fact that they can contribute for the entire game, Fe7 Marcus due to his amazing bases and decent growth rate, Seth & Titania because they have amazing bases and growths, fe11 Jagen because of his weapon rank and reclassing giving options and Frederick also because of reclassing and how well he supports some of the best characters in the game. Oifey is in a weird position. On one hand he is the strongest unit when he joins and can be helpful for the entire game, but I never use him that much due to the fact that you don't really need him because of the competition he has from units who can easily catch up due to the arena and the paragon ring. Dagdar, fe6 Marcus, Sothe, and fe12 Aran all have some use early on but are outclassed later on (although I often use fe6 Marcus later on for rescue drops) although how long they are used vary. I haven't played much fe1, 2, 3 & 14 so can't talk about it.
  12. They should have written a good story before implementing player choice. You can put as much player choice in your game but it won't matter if people aren't interested in what is going on.
  13. It's a tie between The GBA and DS era. The DS era added many gampeplay features that have become stable features and greatly refined the gameplay which would later result in huge succes during the 3ds era. The only thing that the ds era lacks is solid writing which the GBA games have (some more then others). What the DS games did for Gameplay, the GBA era did for writing. This era introduced supports which, while being a flawed mechanic, greatly increased what the writers could do for characterization. The GBA era also happens to have some of the best supports imo. The gameplay, while not as great as the ds games, is also quite good. The other eras have some problems that bother me a lot. The Famicom era is a mixed bag. Fe4 & Fe5 are some of my favourites games in the series but also aren't the kind of games I would play often, Fe3 is ok but Fe1 & fe2 have aged about as well as the special effects in Tron (1982). Tellius is an era of extremes. Fe9 has great writing (until the last chapters which are super boring) and really bad gameplay. Fe10 sometimes has good gameplay and some of the worst writing in the series if you ask me. The 3ds era is decent but unfortunately has my least favourite game in the series (besides fe1 & 2) which really lowers my overall opinion. fe13 & 15 also aren't as good as the games in the GBA and DS era (aside from fe8 which is the main reason I don't consider the GBA era the best).
  14. While I don't think the movie will be that great seeing how many of the people involved don't have the best track record (the director, Rob Letterman, directed Shark Tale and Gulliver's Travels which are both really bad and the screenwriter wrote The the Pacific Rim sequel and the Jurassic World movies which both have shitty scripts) I'm still looking forward because what we have seen so far looks at least enjoyable. I'm not expecting Guardians of the Galaxy or Mad Max Fury Road in terms of quality (which you should both definitely watch if you haven't seen them), I'm more expecting a movie that while not having much value in terms of writing, editing or cinematography, will still be enjoyable to watch.
  15. The only concern I have is that the game won't be fun. I've realized that being worried that a game won't be the way that you want it is really hard if your preferences are as specific as mine. As long as I enjoy the game I'm happy, if the game is more then fun and actually has qualities that I appreciate, then it would be a nice surprise but I'm not counting on it.
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