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  1. Link is removed, so no way for me to play it. You should probably add a patch instead.
  2. Just finished what's done so far of this hack, here's my thoughts on it. Starting with the gameplay changes from the original game...I have some issues. First off, the map size. Now, I understand it would be immensely hard to put FE4's gigantic maps into a hack of FE7. But, splitting the chapters like this is irksome to me, mostly for story reasons. The giant maps in the original, at least in my opinion, help world build, (Geography for example) and give the conflicts and battles more scale and depth. In some other cases, splitting them feels sort of awkward; like in the Prologue, fighting Dimaggio and Gerrard, then Gandolf in the next chapter takes some umph out of the fight. To sumerize, I understand why it had to be done, but I'm iffy nonetheless. As for a collective gold supply...it feels weird when applied. 4 is built around choosing who to fight who so they will get the item drop or gold, to the point where theives actually have a purpose other then looting. Making it collective takes that whole layer out. To a lesser extent, this applies to the edition of trading as well. To add a nitpick, the removal of gradual village destruction is annoying. And for a really minor thing, I miss the whole castle guard mechanic. There's also the portraits, which I find a mixed bag. Some are great like Alec and Noish, and some just flat out don't work, like Aideen and Kurth. The main issue I have with them is the shading and modelling is all over the place. Some portraits are done in the style of the typical GBA mugs, then others are done in this weird muted gold. A few even clip through, such as Byron. All of them share the distinction of being full body shots, which sometimes clashes with backgrounds. The actual hacking itself is done pretty dang well on the technical side. Kudos to the remixes and custom sprites in particular. Overall, I give this hack a 7/10.
  3. Interesting, although I've read a few Awakening novelisations and I don't think anything will top Invisible Ties. (The semi - AU)
  4. Title says everything. I'm short on reading material, and was wondering if there was anything like this around the Web. Preferably finished.
  5. What's with the Lyn/Wallace convo at the ending of Ignrene's Tale?
  6. World building has always been something I found important to telling a good story in original world's outside of our own. Although not essential, it can really elavate the story to new levels. (See: Tellius) I hope for the next FE, they take notes from Judgral and Tellius when crafting lore and story rather then taking from Magvel or Fateslandia.
  7. Love this hack, but I've got some things to report.
  8. We all have our qualms with certain Fire Emblem games. So, if you guys have any qualms with the Elibe games story wise, here's the place to tell how to improve them. Maybe you want to rewrite one character, or maybe you want to overhaul the game. Try into enough detail so that it isn't just "mugh Elibe sucks". And most importantly, enjoy yourself!, take it away!
  9. Well...I've finally created an account! I've been lurking here for a while. Anyways, it's nice to meet you all.
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