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  1. Thanks guys for the answer!
  2. LucinaRobin

    Micro SDcard

    Hello guys. I have some question about Micro SDcard. I need to buy micro SDcard to play more nintendo switch games. I want to buy 512GB micro SD card. (It's SDXC) Item's detail name: Samsung Memory MB-MC512GAEU 512 GB Evo Plus Micro SD Card My question is, does nintendo switch support 512GB micro SDcard? I mean, is it too big for nintendo switch to operate well? Thanks.
  3. Hello guys. I'm really sorry to ask same things again.. I really want answers. I made music video using Fire emblem three houses, Fire emblem fates and Fire emblem awakening cutscene. And used music from another game and another Pop music. For example, I cropped "Fire emblem three houses cutscene" and used "Let it go" music from Frozen movie. And I also used "Fire emblem awakening cutscene" and used "Kimi ga iru ka" music from Final fantasy. I want to post all my music videos on my YouTube channel. (I have more music video like these) Will this be okay? I mean, I made this music video without permisson from both company. Will I be sued? Or fined? I don't know whether this is legal or not. Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much guys! It's really helpful! I Appreciate it!
  5. Hello guys. Can I know what is "Continuous blessings" in detail? Does materials are randomly chosen?
  6. Hello guys. By any chance, do you guys have rendezvous disruption stage list including 3 middle boss info? (Not as attach file) I think this kind of stage is really good at farming character material.
  7. Thanks. These days, I have much interest in "New heroes" banner. I hope "One 5-star summon after 40th summon" to be added to "Special heroes" banner in future.
  8. Wow! Nice summary. Thanks! Does "New heroes" banner comes out regularly? Or not?
  9. Was Xander, Ryoma, Elincia and Micaiah banner summer theme?
  10. Hello guys. When I see June/July calender, I see another "Special heroes" on 7/8. I expected "New heroes" around that time. Do we get double Summer "Special heroes" every year? Or will we get another type of new theme "Special heroes"? Sorry if, I'm asking weird things..
  11. I didn't know that. Thanks! So I need to collect any silver or gold material eventually. Because I need them afterward. Thanks! I earned more info than I thought! Thanks!
  12. Wow! That can be a reason. Thanks!
  13. Hello guys. When I defeat enemy characters (for example, Chrom, Azura and so on..), sometimes I get silver character material, and sometimes gold character materials.. I didn't use any blessing, or any material attributes at using weapons. Can I know how to get exact rank character material? Not mixed gold and silver.. By any chance, does level or promoted status of enemy characters decide whether I can get gold or silver material?
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