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  1. I voted for F!corrin!!! Let's vote for F!corrin!!
  2. Hello guys. I have three pairs of joy cons. Two of left joy-con's control sticks are drifting to left!! Is there anyways to solve the problem? It's really hard to play FEW with this joy-cons!
  3. Okay. if so, do you know about (8Bitdo USB Wireless Adapter Classic Bluetooth Controller Gamepad USB Retro Receiver)? If anyone know answers, please give me a answers. Thanks.
  4. I know nintendo's official product is good, but I want plus pad like wii remote to play ssbu. So i made a research, and found 8Bitdo Controllers can be used. So if you know the answer, answer please. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have five questions. I want to use 8Bitdo controller with plus pad for ssbu. 1. Can I use 8Bitdo controller wirelessly on nintendo switch? 2. Can I use 8Bitdo controller for ssbu? 3. Up to how many 8Bitdo controllers can I use simultaniously on nintendo switch? (I need to use 3 8Bitdo controllers simultaniously) 4. Does any 8Bitdo controllers are okay? 5. Do I need (8Bitdo USB Wireless Adapter Classic Bluetooth Controller Gamepad USB Retro Receiver) to use 8Bitdo controllers? Thanks.
  6. Maybe if we clear some quest we can receive those heroes as reward like TT+.
  7. Maybe "Three heroes quest" ? Exclusive heroes from muspell are three.
  8. Sure. I mean co-op. Random teammate will be terrible..
  9. How about 2 vs 2 tournaments?(Team tournament)
  10. The story mode with 4 player will be very nice!!!! And Team Multi-man will be nice too. How about Team tourney?
  11. Which online mode will present in SSBU? My thought. 1---In SSB4 we had 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 In SSBU maybe 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 2---tourney mode will be back 3---" Smash down" mode 4---"Squad strike" (elimanation) mode (This must be in online mode) 5---Maybe Team Tourney mode? tournament with 2 vs 2. How about your thoughts?
  12. Maybe this time, they will not use roster character as villian. Maybe they will make new characters from super smash franchaise for a villian and make them playable. If we complete story mode. My thought.
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