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  1. @Capt. Fargus @Armchair General Hello! I made another FMV based on FE Heroes Book IV. I can't guarantee the quality this time too, but hope you guys to watch this.^^ Thanks!
  2. Hello guys! I made another FMV featuring Book IV. Thanks for watching!!
  3. I'm really grateful for your compliment! Thanks again! I think my next FMV will be Fire emblem Awakening. It will take some time to make new one but I will post that here again! Hope you watch that too! Thanks!
  4. @Armchair General @Capt. Fargus Worked hard to create this.^^ I can't guarantee the quality, but I want you guys to see it! Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much! I post FMV! I would be happy if you watch it! Thanks!
  6. Hello guys! Worked hard to make this FMV. Thanks for watching!!
  7. I really really like FEH game! I deeply appreciate developers for making this excellent game. I also thanks you guys for answering and talking with me, even though I'm not that social... I really congratulate 6th Anniversary of FEH from bottom of my heart! Thanks developers and guys!!! Have a nice day!!
  8. I don't know how to appreciate your answer. Thanks so much for answering! If I successfully upload Music video, I will post that here.^^ Again, I really appreciate your help! Thanks!
  9. Sorry for asking continually, but I will not be sued or fined by the video even if it's copyright claimed, am I right?..
  10. So if I upload and something isn't right, then will youtube just pulls it down? Nothing more than that? For example, disabling my account or fine me or something else.
  11. Hello guys Happy New Lunar Year! I tried to contact YouTube to ask these questions, but I couldn't.... I made two fire emblem music videos. 1. Music video made by Fire emblem Fate cutscene and trailer with the song "Lost in thought all alone." 2. Music video made by Fire emblem Awakening cutscene and SSB4 trailer with the song from another game. (I didn't write the song title because it's song from another game.) I really really wanna post these music videos to my YouTube channel. But I didn't receive any permission to use Fire emblem cutscenes and all songs that are used in my music videos.. Will it be okay to upload these videos to my channel? Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks so much!! The problem is solved!! Sorry for the late reply! Really appreciate!
  13. I can't find any nintendo US contact email anywhere....
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