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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XAsPeY8BsQU
  2. Anger is a powerful force. It can topple an entire government, its subjects crying out in rage, mustering up the power to crush their oppressors like a sandcastle; or, on a smaller scale, it could cause serious changes in a person's life. Josh, my best friend, was 19, living with his parents. He dropped out of high school when he was 16, always complaining about all his teachers' bullshit. In reality, he was only failing because he never bothered to do any work, not because of anything his teachers did. Josh was the sort of guy who complained about every little thing that bothered him. Anything that anyone ever did managed to piss him off in some way. Because of that, he barely had any friends. To be honest, I never had many friends either. Josh, my neighbor, was the only one who would really talk to me. It took me a few years to figure out that the reason he talked to me was because he also had trouble making friends. Josh's constant complaints annoyed most people, but I agreed with a lot of the things he said. Although, I would never admit it to anyone. While few liked me, not many hated me, and I wanted to keep it that way. Josh got himself into a lot of trouble. Fights, both verbal and physical, were very familiar to him. One summer, in the middle of July, he managed to get himself in even deeper shit than usual. My 21 year old cousin, Matt, had just moved to our town with his girlfriend, Amy. Matt was your classic douchebag. Huge, hulking muscles, stupid, and didn't take any shit from anyone. I tried to avoid him as much as possible, but it was inevitable that I would run in to him every now and then. This particular meeting was at the local park. Josh and I went there every weekend, mostly just because there wasn't much else to do in our town. Unfortunately, Matt and Amy had decided to go to the park that same day. Josh often complained about Matt, talking about how stupid shitheads don't deserve nice, pretty girls like Amy, and how douchebags are ruining the world. In the park, Josh and I were sitting on a bench, and Matt and Amy walked by us, arguing about something. Matt glanced at us as they passed, anger clear in his face. Josh scoffed at him. "Dumbass. How did Amy ever end up with him? I'd bet you a thousand bucks that he beats her." I elbowed him in the ribs. "Shut up man, the last thing I need is having to take you to the hospital after you get the shit beaten put of you again." "Whatever," he said, annoyed. "He's probably too dumb to know when someone's talking about him anyway." Apparently that was a little too loud, though, because Matt turned towards us, rage even more apparent. "Listen, you skinny fucker," Matt yelled, shaking his fist in Josh's face. "Unless you want to end up in a wheelchair, I suggest you shut the fuck up. Now." Amy ran over. "Matt, leave him the hell alone. Do you want to end up in prison?" She whispered, looking around to see if anyone was watching. "Shut the fuck up, Amy, this punk is a complete jackass." Matt shoved Amy back. Josh stood up. "Don't touch her like that, asshole," He said, getting dangerously close to Matt. I just wanted to get out of there. "C'mon, Josh, it's not worth it. You'll fight him, you'll get a few bones broken, and you'll end up in the hospital, like always. Matt pushed me to the ground. "Stay out of this, unless you want to get hurt too." Matt turned back towards Josh and kicked him in the shins, knocking him back on the bench. "We'll settle this tonight. Come to the back of the old movie theater at eleven." He grabbed Amy's hand and walked away. I sat next to Josh. "Just ignore him. Nothing good will come out of this. Just ignore him," I tried to convince Josh, but I guess I knew it was useless anyway. "No way, that fucker is gonna get whats coming to him," Josh said, standing back up. "and you're coming with me, of course." I had to go with him. Who else was gonna drive him to the hospital after he got his ribs broken? At eleven, we left my house for the theater. It was about a ten minute drive, so we didn't get there until after eleven. I told Josh we should've left earlier, but he always took too long to get ready for anything. I didn't want to get Matt angrier than he already was, but naturally, Josh didn't care. When we got there, Matt was standing in the parking lot, looking pissed. We got out of the car and walked over to him. "About time, you fuckers," said Matt. Suddenly, Josh took out a large pocket knife and ran at Matt. "What the fuck?!" Matt shouted, quicly moving out of the way. "Josh, what the hell are you doing?!" I grabbed his arm and tried to get the knife him. "You're gonna regret using that thing, you dumbass." "Fuck you, this fucker deserves to die for how he treats Amy." I let go of his arm, and called the cops. Matt chuckled. "You shouldn't have done that, you asshole." He reached into his coat pocket and revealed a pistol. "Oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit." I backed up towards the car. "Josh, let's get out of here. Matt, please man, you've gotta forget this. Don't do it, man, you'll get in a lot of trouble." Even Josh started to back off. "No way," said Matt. "This kid started this, now he's gonna feel the consequences." He aimed his gun at Josh. I didn't know what to do, so I just prayed that the cops would come in time. But it was too late. Matt pulled the trigger, and Josh fell to the ground in a crumpled mess. I just stood there, mouth open. I heard footsteps running towards us. "Matt, what the fuck did you do?!" It was Amy. "What are you doing here, Amy?" Matt shouted. "Well I wasn't just gonna let you kill this kid!" She looked at Josh's body. "But I...was too late..." Sirens approached. Matt dropped the gun and started to run to his car, but he wasn't fast enough. The cops tackled him. So there you have it. Matt was put into prison, Amy was a free woman, and Josh lost his life. He never got to truly enjoy life, I guess. However, I know, that Josh is somewhere up there, in the great beyond, watching over me... Watching over me, with His Almightiness, Shrek, and praying nightly, "Shrek is love," he says. "Shrek is life."
  3. I wasnt im sorry I just I was just trying to fit in ok
  4. In this topic we talk about stuff so what are you guys doing this summer
  5. ugh what do I care youre just a Nobody anywayim sorry that was mean, youll always be Somebody to me
  6. What is happy will someone please help me understand
  7. Followers of Shrek will be allowed into the Great Swamp Blasphemers will be at the mercy of the evil Lord Farquad
  8. I wish they would hurry up and make beyond good and evil 2 already
  9. That puppet thing in baten kaitos origins. Couldnt beat it until I found out about mountain apples also, the chaotic trio from eternal wings and the lost ocean
  10. You can kill me but shrek is infinite there will always be another prophet its not ogre ITS NEVER OGRE
  11. woah woah woah ok lets talk this overhey uh look! We have the same birthday! Hehe...
  12. Donkey is a false prophet, do not listen to this heathen! Join me, brothers, in an ode to shrek! SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE
  13. sir please if you do not love shrek leave if you do love shrek carry on
  14. fellow Shrek lovers come here. all other shrek topics are false. Any topics made in honor of donkey and/or puss in boots should be ignored.
  15. For me probably 5 across the board. Now if there was a stat that was related to how often you play video games...
  16. HowAreYaBud


    How are ya, bud? Im howareyabud nice to meet you
  17. My entire life, I have been discriminated against. Insulted by my peers. Criticized by my parents. I have always been a disappointment to my family. My parents and brothers refuse to talk to me unless it is necessary. They are so embarrassed by me, they don't even let me leave my room except for school. So many nights, spent staring at the walls. So many nights, wasted in complete boredom. However, even through all this, I have never been alone. Whenever I feel lonely, he comes. He enters through the window each night. We hold each other, and he comforts me with sweet, soothing words.Thanks to him, I am never lonely for too long. I love him, and he loves me. He first came to me when I was only 5. I told my parents about him, but they didn't believe me. They said he was only in my imagination. It made me angry, but, as every night, he came and calmed me. It doesn't matter if they don't believe in him. I know he is real. He was my only real friend, and I bragged about our wonderful relationship to all the other kids at school.They also though I was lying. But it didn't matter, because I know. My parents locked me in my room after that, and I began my life of supposed solitude. There is never a single night that he misses coming through that window and holding me, kissing me, making sweet love to me. Everyone thinks I am a freak, but I know the truth. I have one man to thank for my happiness, and so I thank him every night. "Shrek is love," I say. "Shrek is life."
  18. So this is the thread where I can post things as stupid as I want and not get berated for it right shrek is love shrek is life, if you dont worship shrek you are wrong
  19. How are ya, bud? I'mm HowAreYaBud. Great to meet you. Tell me all your secrets.
  20. Woah. I go away for a while, and when I come back, the entire site has changed. I must have missed a lot. o_o Hehe. I bet no one remembers me.
  21. EEERRRRKKK!!!!! indeed. I am Banjo, Hello, Hello Again, Green Power Ranger, and other names.
  22. Oh thank god. I shall read ze rules.
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