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  1. oh I wasn't aware of that being widespread. interesting. Genealogy is defenitely the main inspiration I thought about when thinking about this. Although I was not aware that Seliph commanded such a big army, huh.
  2. Bit of a thought I had and decided to expand on after watching the three houses trailer again. What if every unit in the fire emblem games is actually a unit of soldiers, and the lead unit is the captain. it would give some realism to genealogy because one horse taking up what is essentially a 10km^2 space is pretty unrealistic. And the healers are mostly religious because they can make the soldiers in the unit pray, boosting morale and to some extent regaining their health. This might be a bit of a stretch, but it's something interesting to consider.
  3. Those are indeed quite bizarre if i may say.
  4. I wouldn't say that's anything new for jojo, since parts 1, 2 and 3 all had static slideshow ED's. but its a shame they didn't do a part 4 and had that beautiful ED Which part of the song do you think would end up used, as a curious onlooker?
  5. Yeah fair enough, i've been trying to find the original version of 21'st century schizoid man for far too long, since spotify only has the remastered remix. My guess, if I were to put my hat in the mix. Would be the beginning and editing it to end at the flute section.
  6. What part of The Court of the Crimson King were you thinking, cause the song is nearly 8 minutes long afterall.
  7. As unknown freek'n you is, it makes a weird amount of sense. what with the general gay vibes of part 5, also gangsta's paradise probably costs way too much to license. so there's that
  8. This is far too close to powerscaling to really make me reasonably consider this. I think the strongest lord is shouzou kaga with his ability to kill the lords with his incredibly difficult maps and hard modes. dont @ me
  9. Jesus I have my work ahead of me for the next month or so. But i'm not one to not accept suggestions. Thanks everyone.
  10. The world ends with you port for mobile is one of the best ports of a game in existence. and i've been meaning to play tactics for a while. I'll happily check it out.
  11. I don't think any of the characters should come back in the main story. It might be fun to see Marth or Ike show up as bosses for post game levels which are meant to be hard. But other than that I don't see myself enjoying a character coming back.
  12. Ah FGO If only it would give me back the half a year I spent playing you, which created a bad taste for all thing fate. I could try to get back into it again, thanks bruv.
  13. I tried playing it for a good month or so, didn't really get into it as much as i had hoped. Didn't enjoy how long it took to summon demons using the ingame currency. But thanks for the offer.
  14. Seeing how strategy games are a bust on mobile. Anyone have any good gacha games they like.
  15. I don't have data, so unless there's a ton of pokespots near my house that's a no go
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