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  1. Well, here I'm back! I worked on a few new ones during the week and I made some slight changes to some of the old ones. I didn't touch Klaid yet 'cause I have to redo him from zero and I'm lazy, he will come in time don't worry, I'll not use it as it is. So here you go, for the old one : For this one I moved the hair "planting" a lil to the right to make it more aligned, not a particularly visible change but a change noneless. And now some new ones : Yup, that's Leilith! I changed the face and the body, I think it looks WAY better than the previous one (I forgot to show you the first one, I don't know how to insert a new image in an edit so... you'll not see the Leilith 1.0 yet.) That's L'Iranya. This is obviously the best of the new ones. Here's Matudan. Fun fact : my first splice to make him finished in a complete MESS, I'll not even show you 'cause it is embarassing. This is Neathys. A quite "important" character of my secret project. This is Sinedor. Soooo, for this one, I'm pleased as it looks from far away, but if you zoom I know I messed the shading of her left eyebrow. I could really use some tips to make it look better... Oh and, since this is also a character for my project, I needed another one of her but with a cloak. So, here it is : And that's the last one. This is Niadh... Yeah he looks weird, I think I used a head that's too small, I'll change him too. As the previous batch of sprites, feedbacks appreciated :) Koala Out ~
  2. Yeah of course I understand. But don't worry about that now, it's not coming out anytime soon considering how big I plan it to be. I'll let you know. Thanks anyway man, really good work. EDIT : Wait, I just figured it out, is that a young Nergal? Amazing!
  3. Thank you for your advices TOA, I appreciate it. For Adult Myrrh it's really weird because I used L'Arachel's face, I thought it was good enough but I guess I'll try with a more "mature" face". I had the same feeling concerning Klaid's neck, I fucked up the placement during the splice. And for the pallette my problem was that I took the hairs of an FE6 character (Klein), the face of an FE7 character (don't remember who), and the armor of a bad guy from FE8, and the recoloration took me hours of raging, I should have done it before spliting together the different parts. But don't worry, I'll redo him aswell. And for my PP, thank you I too thought it was the easiest one to make, even if the hairs and the face are not aligned I'll keep him like that, I like him like he is. I'll also work a little on Ydrielle, see if I can polish her. Koala Out ~
  4. Well, for Klaid it's easy : the problems are the hair shading and a couple pixels in the eye. I used to have another variance of the hair color and a very light blue for the eyes but this damn 16 color restriction is killing me xD For Ydrielle and adult Myrrh, I really don't know, I have the same feeling.
  5. Holy shit I love this one. Really good work there.
  6. Hey guys. So, while I'm currently working on my first hack, I'm already planning A LOT of things for my second one, and I'm already making my characters. So yeah, here's the work of a koala who tried his best to make actual good portraits. I would really like some of you to review them and maybe point me where my mistakes are, just to remind I'm new to hacking and making portraits. That's Ydrielle (really proud of this one) (EDIT1 : Here's the complete mug, tested it and it's fonctionnal : ) Here's an adult version of Myrrh And this guy is Klaid. I know he looks weird, I had some compromise to make due to the 16 color restriction, his armor used to be ugly but I did my best to make it look presentable. Oh and yeah here's my profile picture but that's me, it doesn't count. It's the first one I made. (EDIT2 : I tried to give him a beard since I have also a beard IRL, let me your thoughts on it : ) Koala out ~
  7. Hey man, good work up there especially Selena I really like her, even if she looks a bit like Lyn, a little recolor of her hairs would be nice. Can I (maybe) use it for a future project?
  8. Hey man, I read a few pages and a couple of those mugs are really cool, I may use them on a future project, if I have your consent?
  9. Thanks already man. Im fine with talking english, really .. I think we can understand each other better.
  10. Hi everyone ! Had to choose 'KoalaDude' as my pseudo but you can all call me Koala it's fine. Im a guy from France, big fan of Fire Emblem, always was, and I just started recently hacking my own game. Just found this forum two days ago and it's been a really good ressource for sprites, animations, files and turorial so, thanks everyone already. I will make a post when my rom is half way (or barely) so you guys can all test it and give me feedbacks on it. ps: I'm not that into forums so I don't know how I have to properly Introduce myself, I hope this does the job. ps2: French guys are cool! Hope to make some good encounters here ;)
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