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  1. Looks like we tied! (Did we have 3 defend maps or 5? My turn count is based on 3). I think not having a good unit for Ch 16 (and a few other early-game maps) hurt me. Just for completeness, Akrasia85 finished in 267 in-game turns (need to minus 3 for the defend maps and an unknown amount for Ch. 26) and Randle finished in 190 turns (need to minus 20 turns for 26x and 3 for the defend maps). Congratz to everyone on finishing!!! Do you guys want to do another draft? I'm happy with FE6-10.
  2. I made it in 149 turns (171 according to the final screen but minus 19 turns for 26x and 3 turns for the 3 defend maps). Unit Analysis: Eliwood: Was actually quite useful in the beginning once he was able to double stuff but his mid-game and end-game were pretty poor - his speed was just too low (I guess they made him too balanced) because of his late promo. Oswin: Because I had so few good early-game units, he was crucial. But when the maps got too big, he really did suffer. In mid- to late-game, he wasn’t able to double a large portion of the enemies and so his combat wasn’t great. I early-promoted him for the move and speed. Fiora: Not as good as Florina due to availability but still the most useful unit in my team. Once she got going (a few chapters in + with all the useful early-game stat boosters), she was unstoppable. First unit to reach level 20 Raven: Useful, especially once he gets hand axes but his low move holds him back. Lucius: Surprisingly useful because of his combat and staff utility! But his low defence made it hard to put him in range of multiple enemies. From reading everyone else's commentary, it seems we all overestimated the power of Warp lol (but I think it did end up saving at least 4-5+ turns for me). Ninian/Nils: Super useful. Isadora: I felt she was super useful and her combat is quite good thanks to her speed. Vaida: Better than I expected because of her move but her low aid is a bummer. I don't think she helped save any turns but I could be wrong Generally, most of my units were able to ORKO most of the enemies by mid- to late-game so combat isn’t that important. My early-game was weak though and I think that was what held me back... Chapter Turns 11 5 Had to rig a crit on the first bandit so that Marcus can get the Draco Shield in turn 2 (means that it was a 5 turn clear instead of a 6 turn clear) 12 5 Oswin cleared the top of the map and Marcus cleared the right with a Steel Lance. Did not manage to get the Secret Book 13 5 Took the top route and did not get the Mine 13x 8 Managed to kill the boss 14 4 Marcus blitzed the left-hand side, Oswin helped with the right-hand side (Merlinus was not deployed so that the enemies attacked Oswin) and got the boss kill, Eliwood took the bottom. Recruited Erk to get Priscilla (I actually had to restart the whole game because I got to Chapter 16 and forgot that I needed Priscilla to recruit Raven and Lucius - two of my draft units lol). 15 5 Marcus had to equip Steel Lance to kill the cavaliers at the top and the Silver Lance to kill the boss. Fed Kent all the kills on the right to get him some level-ups for the next chapter. Bought a lot of Door Keys and weapons and managed to save both houses 16 12+4 Used Kent in order to fulfill all the side objectives (chests and recruit Raven + Lucius) in a reasonable timeframe. Also deployed Florina, Lowen, and Sain to ferry Matthew and rescue Lucius and the soldiers. Oswin went to the bottom-left room, while Eliwood and Kent took the rest of the map. Managed to feed two Shamans to Lucius and rescued all three soldiers. Managed to get the Knight Crest, Hero Crest, Silver Sword, and Unlock Staff (the latter was a waste of a Chest Key in hindsight but I forgot that I would not have access to the Member Card) 16x 4 Early promo’d Oswin at Level 14 and he steamrolled this map, leaving some scraps for the others. 17 4 Oswin charged to the boss 18 6 Deployed Matthew for the vision. Oswin steamrolled through this map 18x 5 Fiora got the Energy Ring, Draco Shield, and Goddess Icon. It’s a shame that Fiora cannot carry Oswin… Fiora carried Eliwood over the mountains 19 5 Didn’t get any of the chests 20 3 Got the Elysian Whip 21 3 Managed to get the Brave Axe in case it is useful but only 2 Chest Key uses left… Also, recruited Heath and Rath because why not? Wondering when I should promote Fiora, Lucius, and Raven... 22 3 23 4 24 12-1 Pointless chapter - used this chapter to level up my weaker units 25 6 Went to the Kenneth map 26 16-1 26x 19 Used this chapter to level up my weaker units 27 5 I think Warp saved a turn here (although not completely sure) 28 6 Warped Fiora to the middle with Eliwood 29 12-1 Another pretty pointless chapter but I managed to get all the items from the chests by killing the thieves (had to surround one of them so he went for the Body Ring), although only the Body Ring ended up being useful 29x 6 Used this chapter to level up my weaker units 30 4 Warp saved turns here - sent Fiora (carrying Eliwood) to the throne Final 4 Rigged a crit on Nergal to get the 3-turn clear. Warp saved a turn here Copied IHFD’s method of giving Athos the Body Ring (didn’t actually realise it was going to be useful lol - I was going to give it to Isadora)
  3. Yeah I also PM'd him. Luckily, we have a replacement. Are you guys available around 8PM UK time/3PM NY time to do the drafting over Discord? Or when works? I'm pretty much free all day today.
  4. Oh no. I lent FE9 to a friend and had to buy it again when we lost touch. I'm going to play on the cart too. Btw I can see FlamingZelda hasn't logged in since last Friday. If he doesn't respond tomorrow, should we try and find someone to replace him?
  5. Yeah I'm based in Europe but I joined the discord anyway. Btw are you guys playing on the actual game cart or a ROM?
  6. Ah that's a good point - we can do discord if it works for all of u 🙂 Maybe you can set up a server (I don't really use Discord lol)? Also, going to pick Fiora.
  7. Good spot - will add it!
  8. Thanks for joining guys! I have edited the first post with the rules of the FE7 ENM draft! Here is the order from https://www.random.org/sequences/?min=1&max=5&col=1&format=html&rnd=new: Here is your sequence: 4 - Crimsonvolt 1 - KP 2010 5 - ImHereForDrafts 3 - FlamingZelda 2 - RedMageRBM Timestamp: 2020-10-28 09:16:08 UTC
  9. Eliwood Normal Mode Draft 1. This draft is for 5 players.2. Eliwood, Marcus, Merlinus, Ninian/Nils, and Athos are free for all to use.3. Geitz and Wallace are drafted as a pair.4. Marcus is banned after Chapter 15.5. The game will be played on Eliwood Normal Mode (skipping Lyn Mode) Rules:1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert.2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors or Chests, and talking to Fargus in Chapter 16x.3. All Gaiden Chapters except 22x and 26x are required to be visited. 22x and 26x may be visited at the player's discretion, and don't count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken per chapter.4. Other units may do as they please without penalty.5. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out.Penalties:1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter.Exceptions:1. Meatshielding is allowed for Chapter 13x.2. Lyn, Kent, Sain and Wil are free for Chapter 14.3. Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary Promotion items. Units: Crimsonvolt/RandleMaister: Florina, Hector, Pent, Serra, Hawkeye, Jaffar, Nino KP 2010: Fiora, Lucius, Oswin, Isadora, Raven, Vaida, Renault ImHereForDrafts/IHFTD: Heath, Kent, Priscilla, Lyn, Bartre, Wil, Geitz/Wallace Akrasia85: Lowen, Canas, Dart, Rebecca, Rath, Legault, Harken RedMageRBM/ElDuderino: Sain, Erk, Dorcas, Matthew, Guy, Louise, Karel
  10. Chapter 2: 6/16 turns This chapter took a lot of retrying. I originally was going to leave it at 7 turns but by positioning Thany in a certain way I managed to cut it down to 6. I got the Mend staff but not Lugh. :(
  11. Chapter 1: 4/4 turns Marcus charged north with Roy. Roy managed to gain 50 EXP. It sucks not having someone to grab the treasure. Chapter 2: 6/10 turns I'm not sure how to do this any quicker but I managed to give Thany and Lott a lot of EXP.
  12. Dorothy and... Wendy Either Douglas or Barth. I can't remember if Douglas costs turns. Ah well, Douglas!
  13. Wow Horace has a mount-only team. I'll go for Percival and Saul.
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