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  1. Chapter 2: 6/16 turns This chapter took a lot of retrying. I originally was going to leave it at 7 turns but by positioning Thany in a certain way I managed to cut it down to 6. I got the Mend staff but not Lugh. :(
  2. Chapter 1: 4/4 turns Marcus charged north with Roy. Roy managed to gain 50 EXP. It sucks not having someone to grab the treasure. Chapter 2: 6/10 turns I'm not sure how to do this any quicker but I managed to give Thany and Lott a lot of EXP.
  3. Dorothy and... Wendy Either Douglas or Barth. I can't remember if Douglas costs turns. Ah well, Douglas!
  4. Wow Horace has a mount-only team. I'll go for Percival and Saul.
  5. I meant your major/minor but it's also interesting hearing what people study in their spare time. Woohoo for the economists here :)
  6. Haha, can't that go under Chemistry or Biology :P
  7. Out of curiosity, I was just wondering what people on SF study/studied at university. Or if you're in high school, what do you plan to study at uni? EDIT: Just to clarify, I mean what you studied formally (I'm not too familiar with the US system but I think that means your major and minor).
  8. Wow you have some dedication! This run has been really interesting to watch and it's cool seeing how you use units given there is no rescue function.
  9. Good point - I always forget about the crit-block accessories.
  10. Good game Lopey. Thanks for hosting Horace!
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