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  1. inb4 the next Valentine Banner has Gustav and Henriette on it.
  2. I picked Cherche. She is a great unit in Heroes who is easy to merge and aged well for a Gen 1 unit in a game to constantly powercreep itself. Plus she had an interesting personality and quirks in Awakening.
  3. Who else from Book 3 do we have left to add? Lif and maybe Hel are probably going to be Mythic Heroes. That just leaves Gustav and...Henriette I guess? Personally I can see them leaving Henriette as a NPC and saving dead Gustav for the next Fallen Heroes banner or be forgotten altogether like IS forgot him after Chapter 5. And if we go by the assumption that every New Heroes banner has to have four 5-star units on the banner there are not enough Book 3 OCs to make a banner with them though they can always make exceptions I guess.
  4. Actually, the first two chapters for Book 3 didn't have a New Heroes banner associated with it (it had a Hero Fest banner with Eir on it). I think it is within the realm of possibility for the December 6 banner to be Farfetched Heroes and then the week after that they start Book 4 with either another New Heroes Banner, a Hero Fest banner for the new freebie unit, or whatever they plan on doing. I wouldn't say Farfetched Heroes is gone for good until voting for CYL4 starts in late January.
  5. So in the current Lost Lore boss battle it show Gangrel as a red dagger unit. Guess that pretty much confirms that both him and Awakening Anna will be dagger units instead of being a sword or staff unit if added to Heroes. Was kind of hoping one of them would bring Levin Sword to the game but I guess that weapon is being saved for a future Robin alt I suppose though who knows maybe one of those Tricksters will have Levin Dagger or something.
  6. Huh, definitely wasn't expecting the trailer to come up tonight nor was I expecting it to be a Binding Blade banner. I guess Farfetched Heroes really is being moved to December? or they are scrapping it now which I guess would make sense since we are at a point where they would potentially be pulling characters from 80th+ place. Oh well, never played Binding Blade so the banner is a skip for me. Get to save more orbs and will probably reach 2000 orbs by the end of the month unless Nagi is on the Distant Counter banner next week.
  7. So we are making our final guesses for Farfetched Heroes here instead of over at the Farfetched Speculation Thread? Smh. Anyways, my final guess is Jill, Nils, Shinon and either Awakening Anna or Severa. So really Tellius, Elibe and Ylisse are taking it this year. Awakening Anna: Red or Colorless wielding swords, dagger or a staff. I'm guessing she will be red with either a sword or dagger. If Anna isn't on the banner assume Severa is here instead as a sword unit. Jill: Blue or Green wielding a lance or axe. I'm predicting she will be green with an axe though. Nils: Could be any color as a dragon unit but I'm guessing he will be blue like his sister Ninian. Shinon: Again could be any color as a bow unit but I'm leaning towards colorless. TT unit will be Shinon if it is a three unit banner. Though if the banner is four units I'm going to guess the TT unit will be someone related to one of the characters on the banner like the CYL3 banner did like for example Fates Anna if Awakening Anna is on the banner or Inigo if Severa is on the banner. Also want to mention that in the event that there is no gender restrictions on Farfetched Heroes (because it worked out fine the previous two years but there are a lot of female units who ranked high this year and are not in the game) the banner could look something like Awakening Anna, Jill, Severa and Rinkah. In which case Anna would probably be colorless, Jill will be blue, Severa will be red and Rinkah will be green.
  8. Yeah, true enough. Guess I just never really paid much attention to it but I suppose every FEH Channel was at the beginning of the month besides like two times I believe where it was in the middle of the month. Oh well.
  9. So we already have the datamined information on the DLC classes huh. That's interesting! As for my thoughts...
  10. Late to the news but it looks like Wave 3 is just as disappointing as the other two. Really, once again the free update seems to be better than what the season pass offered. More save files is definitely appreciated and CF getting Jeritza to act as a replacement for Seteth is nice since I haven't played that route yet. Again much better than paying to go to the sauna and petting the animals. I can't even be happy about Anna being playable since she has no support conversations (not even with Byleth, why?) which I still can't wrap my head around because she can still somehow participate in activities that raises her nonexistent support level which in its current state does nothing but waste activity points. Really looks like she is just there to hint at Abyssal mode and give Jeritza a partner for his paralogue (and lock Jeritza's paralogue behind a paywall). Hopefully that gets rectify in Wave 4 and she gets support conversations later since Anna also doesn't have her timeskip class but the cynical side of me is saying it probably won't happen. Wave 4 better be amazing because for the most part the rest of the season pass kind of sucks in my eyes.
  11. Hmm...anyone else think we might be getting a FEH Channel soon? I know we just had one six/seven weeks ago but I feel this week is a good time for one since there seems to be nothing else important going on regarding Heroes. There's also the fact that google play achievements already has clear achievements for chapters one and two of Book IV and I figure IS will want to start teasing the new book story soon. Though really I just a FEH channel some time this week just so we might get an early look at who is on Farfetched Heroes assuming that is the banner coming out on the 19th next week.
  12. I'm saving for the day Anna finally gets an alt on a banner so I can +10 her right away. Kind of helps that I already have every other character I like in the game so it's just a matter of playing the waiting game and not getting tempted by alts of other characters I like such as Halloween L'Arachel and Valentian Catria.
  13. Decided to do my free pull for this week's revival banner. Was hoping for a red orb on the off chance for a free Celica but the game said no and gave me two greens, two colorless and one blue. Decided to pull the lone blue and I got this cute girl... Cool, and this is the second time I pulled a free Delthea off a banner this year! +Spd/-Res nature to boot. Delthea is going to be at +3 merges now but now I have to decide between keeping the +Atk nature she has now or replace it with the +Spd nature.
  14. Good luck getting everyone you want! Though I will mention if Farfetched Heroes is still a three unit banner like the previous two then Shinon would actually be the TT/GHB unit so he would technically be free. Meanwhile, and I not trying to brag or anything, but I have accumulated 1752 orbs (and will probably hit 1800 orbs by the time the Farfetched banner comes out) and passed up units I would normally try to get such as H!L'Arachel and V!Catria just so I can +10 the first Anna alt that comes out.
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