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  1. I didn't even notice that they already announced and released a new Legendary Hero until today. At least L!Claude isn't really a threat on PP and his map was kind of simple as well. I ended up doing two clears this time with the usual redhead team and even did my first Abyssal one turn clear since the map had a easy setup for it. Anna Team Clear One Turn Clear
  2. I'm also of the sentiment that Arena and AA gets harder every day but that is pretty much the nature of the game where you fight other people's units and stronger units get released. At the very least I wish they would change Arena Assault to where I only need to win five matches instead of seven since having to fight teams with L!Azura, L!Chrom and L!Dimitri in them seven times in a row every week is tiring and an annoyance for me.
  3. @GuiltyLove I see you used Jill and Elincia as well. Ashnard is very bulky and looks great for a grail unit, even surviving Duma with 1 HP. Great clear! @Maaka Nice one turn clear as always. I was wondering how you were going to get the lance cavalier on the left but Micaiah looked like she was the right answer. @Landmaster Thani refine looks powerful on Micaiah. All those damage reduction skills seemed to have helped against the horde of enemies this map throws at you. Nice clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy Mia and Micaiah went on a slaughter fest. Zelgius also did well knocking out everything he fought on EP. Nice clear!
  4. As much as I would love to see Estelle or Adol (or anyone from one of Falcom's series really) with only two slots open left it's looking very unlikely for that to happen. Also, I don't really see them doing three RPG characters in a row. For the last two DLC characters I predict one of them is going to be a more well known third party character that would be the E3 reveal (though I don't know if they are bringing that back this year) and the last one is probably going to be a Gen 8 Pokemon because DLC cycles usually ends on a low note with a first party character. So in other words I'm keeping my expectations low since Fighter Pass 2 has been nothing but a disappointment in my eyes with all their character choices thus far.
  5. People can already get Grail units with boons and banes. You just have to pay the Trait Fruit tax to change them.
  6. I wasn't for sure if I could win this time since I my Tellius lineup is kind of weak but I gathered what I had and mostly relied on the freebie Altina to clear this for me.
  7. I expected nothing and that's pretty much all I saw here today, nothing of note. Oh well, I guess my Switch will continue to gather dust in my closet. At least I kept my expectations low. Surprised to see people say they were expecting a FE announcement here. Honestly I wasn't really expecting anything FE related here. It could just be that whatever IS is currently working on isn't done or they just want to announce there next game closer to it's release date. They seem to have a tendency to release new stuff in late summer anyways based off past years.
  8. I'm expecting nothing but disappointment as usual from these Directs. But really though I hope Nintendo announces something that interests me especially since I haven't turned on my Switch since the end of 2019. Confirmation for the Great Ace Attorney would be great even though I will end up playing them on PC instead if it happens. Something like FEW2 or Mario Kart 9 would be neat but I'm not expecting either of them. Pokken 2 as well but I'm not expecting anything Pokemon related here unless it involves Smash Bros since Game Freak is probably doing their own Pokemon announcements on the 27th.
  9. I'm only interested in a Fates banner coming soon especially if the banner lineup is Anna/Charlotte/Nyx/Benny or Anna/Nyx/Dwyer/Sophie. I'm thinking the next Fates banner will be Conquest focused characters. That said if it is really Echoes next Luthier, Tatiana, Zeke and either Palla or Mycen seems like the likely lineup for it. My prediction for the next few months is March will be Echoes or Fates, April will be Three Houses, May will be Fallen Heroes as always, and the Midpoint banner in June will be Echoes if it still hasn't gotten a banner at that point or Blazing Blade. Though to be honest I really don't want March's banner to be Echoes or Fates because I want orbs saved up for the AHR banner and the Spurn banner New Mystery revival banner.
  10. They finally showed who the top 8 units will be appearing in the the AHR VG. It's a shame Chrom got knocked out of the top 8 but at least Duo Micaiah is there and if last year's VG is any indication Duo Lyn should be fighting B!Edelgard and should easily knock her out in the first round barring multiplier shenanigans. I haven't decided who I will be supporting in the VG between Micaiah, Corrin and Serios yet.
  11. I kind of figured it was a coin flip between Genealogy or Echoes. I'm kind of happy it ended up being Genealogy since I can easily skip it and save orbs for the AHR banner in March and Genealogy probably needed more representation anyways. Don't really know any of these characters but another axe cavalry is nice since we need more of those in Heroes. Now, what will March's New Heroes banner be since that could also be Echoes but I could also easily see it being Fates or Three Houses.
  12. I still think it's going to be any of Echoes, Genealogy or Three Houses. My vote still went to Echoes since it seems to be the best bet. I don't know, after thinking about it for a while and seeing the next BHB be Heroes character makes me wish it ends up being something completely different like a Warriors or Cipher characters banner. Personally, while I want an Echoes or Fates banner I don't want it to be this month or next month since there are already plenty of other banners that I know are coming that I want to use orbs on and I'm probably not going to have any orbs by the end of March.
  13. Really, I must be remembering wrong then.
  14. Welp, the BHB isn't spoiling the New Heroes banner this month unless it is going to be all Heroes OCs on the New Heroes banner. Won't really know what it is until next week. Interesting that next month is starting off with a New Heroes banner instead of Spring Seasonals. Also, Rokkr Siege is coming back it seems.
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