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  1. @Landmaster I knew Marth's Limited Hero Battle wouldn't be too difficult since you could use your Elises and it looked like Ophelia joined in as a guest member. Nice clear! I'm personally hoping for Anna to be on the next Fates New Heroes banner, preferably as a colorless unit. Corrin and Flora seemed to work well together. Corrin didn't even need a seal to take down her foes. Nice clear!
  2. It was a little difficult to set up that first enemy phase turn but after Petrine goes down everything else was easy to pick off on turn two. @Maaka Father-Daughter Team one shotted another GHB. Spring Bartre ripped through that blue manakete easily. Nice clear!
  3. It felt like it took me forever to find a winning strategy on this map with just using Fates units. The Obstruct seal was very useful here as well splash damage effects. Wish I could have brought Kaze along but all those ranged units with Guard were annoying to deal with. @GuiltyLove Nice Fates Flying Team clear! How ironic that Marth himself was defeated by a dragon unit. @daisy jane That's a lot merges on your Ophelia. Are you waiting for her to appear on a banner again or just waiting for one to come by naturally? Veronica did a good job of distracting that archer on the bottom of the map. Great clear! @Maaka Wow, didn't know you had a bunch of Fates units built up to do one turn clears with. Nice job!
  4. Just favorites now huh. Well... By game: Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem- Palla, Camus, Linde, Merric, Barst, Wolf Echoes- Kliff, Lukas, Delthea, Celica Blazing Sword- Eliwood, Fiora, Raven, Hector Sacred Stones- L'Arachel, Marisa, Joshua, Innes, Cormag Awakening- Chrom, Owain, Anna, Tiki, Cordelia, Cherche Fates- Azura, Anna, Elise, Kaze, Silas By Moveset: Lord (Sword): Chrom Myrimdon: Marisa, Joshua, Owain Trickster: Anna (Awakening) Cavalier (Sword): Eliwood Pegasus Knight (Sword): Palla Soldier: Lukas Songstress: Azura Cavalier (Lance): Camus, Silas Pegasus Knight (Lance): Cordelia, Fiora Wyvern Rider (Lance): Cormag Lord (Axe): Hector Fighter: Barst, Raven Wyvern Rider (Axe): Cherche Archer: Innes, Anna (Fates) Bow Knight: Wolf Ninja: Kaze Fire Mage: Celica, Delthea Wind Mage: Merric Light Mage: Linde, Kliff Mage Knight: L'Arachel, Elise Manakete: Tiki
  5. Tickets got me Osian, Bernadetta and Fallen F!Corrin. Corrin had a +Spd nature so I think I will keep her and the other two will get foddered off someday. Decided to keep going and do my forty summons and got a Shinon along the way. Of course he also had a +Spd nature just to make me think twice about foddering him off. I decided to free summon Jill since one of my other flying units would like Spd/Def Rein. Also found a +Spd Norne (I'm finding a bunch of speedy natured people today) along the way which brings her up to +5 merges so I'm halfway there on her now.
  6. Continuing on from Othin's post of the missing characters in the top 100 here is the missing characters out of the top 200 units. 105. Xane (Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem) 109. Nyx (Fates) 110. Merlinus (Binding Blade) 111. Erk (Blazing Blade) 112. Nemesis (Three Houses) 114. Athos (Blazing Blade) 114. Sephrian (PoR/RD) 120. Anna (Three Houses) 126. Catherine (Three Houses) 127. Yashiro & Navarre (TMS) 130. Cornelia (Three Houses) 132. Manuela (Three Houses) 135. Luthier (Echoes) 137. Raphael (Three Houses) 141. Boyd (PoR/RD) 142. Jeralt (Three Houses) 143. Sain (Blazing Blade) 145. Volke (PoR/RD) 147. Dieck (Binding Blade) 151. Dywer (Fates) 154. Ignatz (Three Houses) 155. Tatiana (Echoes) 155. Knoll (Sacred Stones) 157. Erinys (Genealogy) 157. Lucia (PoR/RD) 160. Pelleas (RD) 161. Freyr (Heroes) 166. Jeritza (Three Houses) 168. Ayaha & Aversa (TMS) 173. Anna (Fates) 165. Stefan (PoR/RD) 181. Dheginesa (PoR/RD) 182. Barry (TMS) 183. Priam (Awakening) 184. Tine (Genealogy) 186. Edward (RD) 188. Limstella (Blazing Sword)
  7. Seliph and Julia stood no chance since I was allowed to bring NY!Anna in. I wonder which game is going to be chosen for L!Marth's map tomorrow. I'm thinking it's going to be Sacred Stones or SD/MotE since they haven't been used for a Limited LHB map yet. Regardless for me it is going to be another situation where I attempt to beat the Limited version of the Abyssal LHB map before the beating the normal map.
  8. I'm really starting to value Null Follow Up. Recently decided to spend 6000 Divine Codes to get the skill off of Adrift Male Corrin for one of my units. Seems like the only things I fight in Arena and Arena Assault as of late are things that have guarantee follow up attacks or prevent follow up attacks. Biggest offenders are L!Edelgard, B!Edelgard, Duo Ephraim and B!Hector (especially after Maltet got a refine).
  9. Oh look, there's another red haired ponytail lady who can sub the fourth slot of my Anna team. I have no idea who Jill is since I never played the Tellius games. Everyone but Ilyana seems to have good fodder skills. I don't know, maybe I will do the forty summons to get one of them. Cordelia would definitely like Spd/Def Rein, Lena would like Def/Res Fortress 3 and I have plenty of units who wants Time's Pulse. I wonder if Deadeye is going to be limited to bow units since it doesn't look like a it's restricted to just Shinon.
  10. Finished two more merge projects I have been trying to do for some time now. Once Harmony Amid Chaos returns in November I think I am going to try and get Lysithea and fodder both Death Blow 4 and Time's Pulse to Klein. For Eirika I thought for a long time what I wanted her skillset to look like but I settled on a Wo Dao set since I don't have things like Kaden or L!Eliwood to do crazy Sieglinde builds. Wish I had some flowers for her but there are too many Infantry units that I want to give them to.
  11. Thankfully a Dancer was allowed on Gharnef's map since it would have been very difficult otherwise with how there isn't really much space to move around in. I used FH!Delthea, L!Alm, Celica and Rinea.
  12. From my understanding this mode feels like a risk vs reward type of mode where characters who are more likely to win gives a lower multiplier but those less likely to win gives bigger multiplier and give you a bigger score if they succeed. Except the Guardian Shield is essentially a cheat item that auto wins for you and so far every time I supported Elincia enough people used their shields for the Skjaldborg to work so it seems like it is always better to go for the risky option. Don't know if it will last the entire nine days but Elincia just seems to be the best option if you are going for points.
  13. I have just been using all my support points on Elincia since she has been giving 9.9x multipliers all day. Even though it says 9% chance of success as long as the Skjaldborg gets activated it auto wins and you score a lot of points.
  14. I was one of the very few who spent their Trait Fruit on one of the Askr Trio. I changed Commander Anna's nature to +Atk/-HP. Now I wait for the day I can finally give her merges.
  15. Cleared Aversa's GHB with an Eliwood and Hector team. I beat the Tiki and Nowi BHB with Julia, FH!Julia, Tailtiu and Ares.
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