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  1. I don't think Koei Tecmo ever makes cuts in their Warriors game. So everyone from FEW1 would be in FEW2 if there is a sequel. Also, I like your tastes in Three Houses rep.
  2. I'm at the same tier as you and also got a score of 816. Looks like we are just barely sneaking into tier 19 since it is currently the last hour and it says I am rank 690 out of 766. Yeah, I'm noticing the enemies seem to be getting tankier since I use Lonqu and Raven with Galeforce+Desperation and are just barely able to defeat most enemy units. Sometimes I have to use an Archer or Mage to help lower an opponents HP first as well.
  3. I wonder if we are going to get any seasonals this month considering they put out another one of those double special heroes banners (though that could have been to help speed things along). As for my guesses for the remaining slots of each color... Red: SS!Ishtar if seasonal and Phina for regular since I think they will skip over Hubert since he has been on a banner already this year and it doesn't look like that "Form Skills Banner" is coming any time soon. Legendary has plenty of candidates if it is red though I don't know how likely that is since we just got Lif last month Blue: SS!Berkut if seasonal or Petra if regular. Again, I don't when know they will do a "Form Skills Banner" otherwise I would have suggested Sirius. I don't think the Legendary will be blue until IS proves me wrong again. Green: I actually think the Legendary could be green this time (IS is probably devilish enough to put the new Legendary alongside the duds that are Gunnthra and L!Lyn). Preferably I would like to see Xander come in as an axe cavalry and wielding Bolverk. Water element would also fit him considering Ryoma and Azura were also Water. Otherwise H!L'Arachel or Nagi will be there to anchor green. Colorless: I think colorless is another likely color the Legendary could be this month. Plenty of candidates that could be a Colorless Legendary as well. If not I could see H!Dozla showing up here instead, maybe even Silque.
  4. So Resplendent Cordelia comes out next week huh. I might have forgotten or wasn't paying close enough attention but if I want my current +10 Cordelia to get the +2 stats I will have to merge her with the Resplendent version once she comes out I'm guessing?
  5. So a few things. For one, this is probably one of my favorite Forging Bonds events for quite some time since the focus is about Anna and I can't help but see the overall event as a reference to Sherlock Holmes' 'A Study With Scarlet' story. Leila, Nils and Rath all had good support conversations as well (sadly can't say the same for Fiora though). I liked the accessories this time around too. Yes and no please. Yes, because it would mean there will be enough of her to complete my dream of having an Anna Emblem team in Heroes. Just have the banner replace the Picnic Seasonal assuming Fallen Heroes isn't filling that spot this year. As for no, the only reason I wouldn't want an all Anna banner is because I would not have enough orbs to +10 all of them without putting a dent in my bank account. Fourth unit could be Archanean Anna supporting an axe wielding Jake as a Duo unit. I agree with the rest with Awakening Anna using a dagger, Fates Anna using a bow and Three Houses Anna as a cavalry dagger unit. Though if we ever get Apotheosis Anna I would prefer her to be a Legendary/Mythic Hero so she can be just as busted as when you fought her in Awakening (along with that juicy 185 BST assuming she was a lance armor).
  6. Solid lineup of characters for this New Heroes banner. I liked all of these characters from Blazing Sword. Really just missing Erk now though I guess he will show up on the next Blazing Sword New Heroes banner with Pent and Louise. Athos is another character I would like to see from Blazing Sword as well someday. Still not really of fan of Fiora's voice (I always imagined someone like Julie Ann Taylor being a better fit for her voice) though I guess it's not that big a deal for me since I play with sounds off 95% of the time. Guess Heath is doomed to share the same fate as Haar and Cormag of being a mediocre flying unit huh? Free summon and tickets will be spent on blue and colorless. Even though I like all the characters I won't be spending orbs here as I would rather save them for something else and these characters can always pitybreak me later.
  7. Last week the free tickets gave me a free B!Eliwood. This week the free tickets gave me a free B!Hector. Now he's has six merges on him. Only four more to go. And I guess next week the free tickets is going to give me a free B!Lyn isn't it?
  8. My highest merged 5 star exclusive units are FH!Tiki, Nagi and NY!Anna, all at +10. Guess I'm one of the few who can brag about having iron will levels of perseverance towards only spending orbs on banners with my absolute favorite characters on them. I'm already back up to 800 orbs. In about three months I will probably have enough orbs to attempt to +10 the next 5 star exclusive unit I like.
  9. Got my score up to 796 so I'm moving up to Tier 18 this time. Not sure how long I will stay there though.
  10. Wow, surprised Alfonse jumped from ninth to second. Disappointed to see Edelgard barely staying in top 8. Would have preferred seeing her get bumped out. My priority in the VG will be L!Leif, then L!Alm and then any version of Sothis.
  11. I was just thinking how nice it would be if I got F!Morgan as my free pull on the New Powers banner since her new prf weapon. And the game did give me a five star as my free summon, just not the one I was expecting. Wasn't Morgan but I won't say no to a free Ishtar either especially since this is my first one! +Atk/-HP nature too so that's good. Guess she gets to join her aunt Tailtiu alongside Linde, Delthea, and FH!Delthea as another member of my female blue tome infantry gang.
  12. Just give me Switch ports of Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 and I will happily buy them. Whether Atlus will actually do it well...assuming Sony isn't pointing a gun behind their heads I think the only thing holding Atlus back is their willingness to actually do it.
  13. Because they thought focusing on Lysithea's love of sweets would be funnier in the english version I suppose? There are always small differences in these FEH Channels such as Feh's attraction to Xander being an worldwide thing and that is never mentioned in Japan's version.
  14. Awakening: Allies of the Shepards Anna: Infantry Colorless Dagger (5 Star exclusive) Say'ri: Infantry Sword (5 Star exclusive) Duo Chrom/Emmeryn: Infantry Lance (Limited time 5 Star exclusive) Basilio: Infantry Axe (4/5 Star demote) Flavia: Infantry Sword or Axe (3/4 instant demote) Gangrel: Infantry Red Dagger (GHB unit) Fates Anna: Infantry Colorless Bow (5 Star exclusive) Charlotte: Infantry Axe (5 Star exclusive) Nyx: Infantry Red Tome (5 Star exclusive) Benny: Armored Lance (4/5 Star demote) Hans: Infantry Axe (GHB unit) Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem Nyna: Infantry Green Tome (5 Star exclusive) Julian: Infantry Red Dagger (5 Star exclusive) Lena: Infantry Staff (5 Star exclusive) Midia: Cavalry Lance (4/5 Star demote) Matthis: Cavalry Lance (GHB unit) Three Houses: House of the Blue Lions Felix: Infantry Sword (5 Star exclusive) Ingrid: Flier Lance (5 Star exclusive) Ashe: Infantry Colorless Bow (5 Star exclusive) Annette: Infantry Green Tome (4/5 Star demote) Fallen Heroes Round 3 Fallen Nyna: Infantry Blue Tome (5 Star exclusive) Fallen Julia: Infantry Red Tome (5 Star exclusive) Fallen Ninian: Infantry Colorless Dragon (5 Star exclusive) Fallen Gunther: Cavalry Axe (5 Star exclusive) Fallen Scarlet: Flier Axe (GHB unit)
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