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  1. The last two units I managed to merge before I quit Heroes are Winter Felix and Summer Norne. And with them I end with 44 units I merged up in the game.
  2. The Mario announcements were probably my favorite parts of the direct. I have been wanting new Mario Kart content for some time now and I'm fine with MK8 getting DLC since it is almost getting a new game for $25 with it getting 48 new courses and all. Mario Strikers Battle League looks interesting as well. Hopefully it still keeps the charm of the older striker games. FEW Three Hopes exists I guess. Would have prefered a brand new title or a remake of Geneaolgy but this just seems to be a spinoff to tide people over until the next main entry is ready. Not really sold on it yet since I am kind of tired of Three Houses but my opinion might change later. Depends who else is playable. Everything else in the direct was pretty forgettable to me for the most part.
  3. I don't really have any big wants or predictions. I'm mostly expecting them to show off Kirby, Splatoon and maybe Zelda though BOW2 is probably more of an E3 . Would love to see an update to Mario Party Superstars that adds new boards and maybe new characters and items. Other than that I would like to see announcements for a new FE game and Mario Kart 9 (probably won't happen yet since MK8 is still selling). I don't expect any news for Pokemon until Pokemon Day near the end of the month.
  4. @GuiltyLove Sure, if you want to add me on Switch just message me about it for my friend code.
  5. No clear from me. I don't even have room to record videos on my phone anymore and will probably delete the Heroes app from my phone soon. I was starting to get tired of Heroes anyways (would rather see a new console FE game come out) and I am kind of hooked on Halo Infinite and Legends Arceus at the moment. @GuiltyLove Ryoma is such a tank now with his updated skills. Whitewing team clear was great too. @Alexmender Nice one turn clear. Those trenches at the start meant nothing when using cheezed mechanics. @Landmaster Those trenches didn't seem to slow the Ellise team down too much. Miracle came in clutch for Elise near the beginning as well. @BoaFerox Nice one turn clear with a Sacred Stones team. It was clever using Pass as well as using the axe flier's own Pavis skill against them. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear. Celica held down the left side while Freyja handled the right side. Lucina debuffing things with Future Visions looks fun.
  6. I'm fine with this set being the winners. Especially happy seeing Tiki and Chrom in first.
  7. Votes on the left are from my main account and votes on the right were from an alt account I had. I really hope we get two Awakening winners this year with Tiki and Chrom since they haven't had a CYL winner since the first one.
  8. I think Chrom is in more danger than Tiki. I have seen people rallying hard for Tiki the past few days since they don't want two Three Houses characters taking the top 2 female spots so I think she is in a better position. Meanwhile the men's side has Chrom going up against Seliph, Felix and Soren so I feel he needs more support to keep his placement.
  9. Interesting top 20 for midterms this year. I was expecting Tiki to be top 5 at best but I didn't think she would currently be sitting in the number 1 spot alongside Chrom. Would be a great start to Awakening's 10th anniversary if both are still number 1 at the end. Male Byleth doesn't seem to be doing as well as people were expecting but I am kind of glad since seeing both Byleths winning would be kind of boring. I would be fine with either Felix (since he is one of my favorites from Three Houses) or Seliph (so Jugdral finally gets a Brave rep) getting second. Not really a fan of Female Byleth or Bernadetta but if I had to choose one I would prefer seeing Byleth winning here. Though what would really be amazing is if Corrin somehow snuck past both of them for that top 2 spot so we get two dragon winners here but that is not likely to happen. As for the rest Anna back in the top 10 surprised me since I'm not really voting for her this year. Makes me kind of think there would have been a bigger push for her if her name was mentioned in the top 8 back on the first day's tweet. Happy to see Ingrid, Annette and Petra in the top 20. Caeda in the top 20 is also kind of surprising but expected since I figured some of Marth's voters would probably go for her next. All of the male Fates royals sans Ryoma being the top 20 is also kind of funny. Well, I think the rest of my votes will go to Felix and Tiki though maybe I will spare one more for Anna since I was waiting for midterms before casting today's vote. Yeah, I haven't done an Anna clear in months since I was kind of tired of using substitutes in the fourth slot (though I also kind of stopped using Anna in favor of other units as of late).
  10. My favorites tend to be the ones I use the most in my Awakening playthroughs. It's why most of the kids and NPCs are ranked lower because I almost never use them anymore nor do I watch the cutscenes so I don't really see them much anymore. Top 8 are still probably some of my most favorite Fire Emblem characters overall.
  11. Yesterday I gave my obligatory vote to Awakening Anna. Today I decided to vote for Awakening Tiki since it looks like she might actually have a chance at top 2 (and a brave dragon would be neat to see). For my main account I plan to dedicate a vote to Linde, Chrom, Felix, Ingrid and Hilda since I decided to do something different this year. For my two other Nintendo accounts though I plan to spread my votes out for Tiki, Chrom, Felix and Hilda since they are all in the top 8 right now.
  12. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear! Not often I see base version Sanaki anywhere in Heroes.
  13. Would you believe me if I said that four of those merges were just off of free summons? For that matter I have gotten all versions of Micaiah except her Legendary alt off of free summons.
  14. I kind of don't really care about CYL anymore. I'm thinking about voting for Awakening Anna the first few days and then maybe I might give a vote to Chrom, Felix, Hilda or Azura (unlikely since she just got an alt) if one of them has a good chance of winning this year.
  15. Went with three Miccys and a BK. Don't really have a huge selection of characters from Tellius since I never played their games so it's hard for me to be invested in their characters outside of a few that at least looked interesting. @GuiltyLove Nice clear! Shinon easily sniped everything around him and I was surprised to see Micaiah one shot Celica. @Landmaster Nice Micaiah team clear! Triangle Adept helped HS!Micaiah tank Celica's attack. I thought about running a full Micaiah team too but the archers made it too difficult for me.
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