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  1. I decided to spend some orbs on the Mythic Banner since it was too good to pass up and because I'm assuming December won't have anything I would be interested in. I was happy to see this happen after spending fifty some orbs. First L!Corrin and I got a second one right afterwards. Haven't decided whether to use her as fodder or if I will use her to replace L!Alm in Allegiance Battles. Also got L!Eliwood, B!Lysithea and Hel sometime afterwards who all also got great fodder. Might spend some more orbs after the Book 5 Feh Channel comes out.
  2. @daisy jane The Brave Ladies are strong. Edelgard was basically immortal and it was funny to see Lysithea nuke Freyja into oblivion. Nice clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy Celica just jumps in and one shot Triandra before Miracle activated. Actually she was able to knock out just about everything she went into combat with. Great clear!
  3. My original video got deleted because YT sucks so I had to record it again but at least while I was doing it I managed to get NY!Anna to knock out Freyja this time.
  4. We don't really have many Legendary Hero candidates left do we? It's really just Sigurd, Micaiah, Xander, Byleth and Claude as the obvious picks without stretching down to characters like Caeda, Lilina, Elincia and Sothe. Though I guess if they really needed to they could always make more of their own Legendary Heroes with Heroes OCs.
  5. @Alexmender I probably could get around the speed problem and had NY!Anna beat the majority of the map by herself if there was a Spd/Def Solo seal. But yeah, hasn't even been a year and I miss seeing NY!Anna easily doubling things but IS seems to be making Speed be the new meta with all these high speed units and skills they have been releasing this year. Though moving on I liked all three of your videos. Both versions of Eirika easily knocked out the bosses with the right setup. Duo Lyn looks crazy strong with her weapon and abilities and I always enjoy seeing someone with a Norne build. @Maaka Another great one turn clear! The regular version of Bartre got to crush Freyja as well with his mighty poleaxe.
  6. I plan on being on Kaze's team unless Hana ends up being Team Feathers in Round 1
  7. Yeah, the Zero Escape games were all fun to play through. I would even put 999 in my top 10 favorite games of all time. I haven't played AI: The Somnium Files yet. I kind of want to take a break from Visual Novels after playing so many of them this year. I might try it sometime next year, preferably when there is a sale for it on Steam.
  8. @Landmaster Duofonse put in a lot of work. He's still a great Duo Hero who can tank hits well. Sharena clutched it out by surviving with one HP and got to do the finishing blow on that annoying troubadour. Nice clear!
  9. I free summoned a five star Kaze from the newest banner. Though I already have him fully merged so I guess I will use this one will get foddered off to someday to give someone Barb Shuriken/Atk Smoke.
  10. I thought this map was going to be difficult because there were two Mythic Heroes but this ended up not being so bad after all. @Maaka Fir looks like she is enjoying that ninja axe and I was surprised to see Bartre one shot Freyja. Nice clear! @GuiltyLove B!Claude was a good choice to tank the the flying units at the beginning and Palla saw a lot of action here and got to show her stuff. Great clear! @Landmaster Ah, so that's the animation for Elise's staff. I actually haven't gotten around to teaching her prf to mine yet. I was surprised to see her double that speed demon Freyja. It was amusing to watch those blue flying units chase your team towards the end. Great clear!
  11. Wow, it's been a long time since a Legendary/Mythic banner looked so rich in good units and fodder skills. I'm fine with getting anyone in red, blue and colorless and while I don't really care for the green units they are all good for Aether Raids and each unit there has at least one good skill for fodder. Looks very tempting to pull on but I think I will wait for the 12/8 banner trailer before deciding how many orbs I'm willing to sink into the Mythic banner.
  12. I don't think I played any games that came out in 2020. I have however spend a good chunk of the year catching up on games I have been wanting to play since I have a laptop that can run games on Steam. I played a ton of games made by Falcom such as YS 1 and 2, YS: Memories of Celceta and Trails of Cold Steel 3 (which did come out on Steam this year). Currently playing YS: Oath of Felghana and have been enjoying it so far. I have also been binge playing several Visual Novels such as the Zero Escape trilogy (999, Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilimma) and the Danganronpa games (1, 2 and V3). I don't think I played anything Nintendo related this year beside FE Heroes and romhacks such as Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Prism and A Link to the Past Randomizers.
  13. At the beginning of 2020 I had almost 2000 orbs since I spent the previous year saving up orbs. Then an Anna alt finally happened on New Years and then another Anna was added six months later. Recently I managed to get over 1000 orbs after I have been saving orbs since July. Though really there is not many characters left that I am looking forward to seeing being added to Heroes at this point besides a fourth Anna (would prefer Fates Anna but would also be fine with Three Houses Anna) just so an Anna Emblem team can be possible. Also still waiting on a few characters from Archanea such as Wolf, Sedgar and especially Nyna.
  14. I would still rather have FEW2 have a mixed cast from various games than just having it only focus on Three Houses.
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