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  1. One of the tickets gave me Duo Ephraim. Neat, didn't have to spend any orbs and someone is going to get Heavy Blade 4 plus the Lull skill. Also got a +Spd Barst so now I can start building and merging him up.
  2. I haven't played it myself yet so I don't know how good the game is.
  3. I would say that TT are good for grinding HM but we also have a Forging Bond rerun starting tomorrow which I would argue is even better to get HM. What I like to do is grind HM off bonus units for TT and use other units that need HM on Forging Bonds.
  4. Actually Falcom did make a fighting game called Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga on PSP but it was only released in Japan. Don't know if it ever sold well enough for them to consider making any more fighting games with their characters though.
  5. I would say any of Falcom's franchises such as YS's Adol Christian or Trails' Estelle Bright (or Rean Schwarzer/Lloyd Bannings) would be a Terry situation. YS is one of the pioneers for Action RPG and Trails is a popular RPG in Asian countries but both are kind of not well known and obscured towards the rest of the world especially when compared to Final Fantasy, Tales, Persona, etc. Also happens to be my most wanted for Smash alongside Ace Attorney's Phoenix Wright and Blazblue's Ragna who both would kind of be the Joker situation.
  6. Personally I want an Archanean banner but I kind of don't really want it until at least September. As for my prediction I'm guessing Tellius or Three Houses are likely though I would be just as okay if they went outside people's expectations and did Warriors, Cipher something original or multiples games.
  7. It's likely they will reveal the trailer for the new banner on the 17th on Friday since they usually don't do anything on Saturdays. Otherwise they will have to reveal the trailer on the 19th on Sunday but Desert Mercenaries will already be over by then.
  8. My wants for the next resplendent is A!Tiki, Lonqu or Raven. My expectations for the next resplendent though is...probably a male since we haven't had one for a while. Probably another Lord while we are at it. As for my hopes for future New Heroes banner I'm only really interested in Archanea and Fates. For Archanea I would like to see Nyna (Blue Tome), M!Kris (Axe), F!Kris (Sword) and Wolf (Colorless Bow) with an Eremiya (Red Tome) GHB. And for Fates I kind of want it to be Conquest focused with Charlotte (Axe), Benny (Lance), Nyx (Red Tome) and Fates Anna (Colorless Bow)with a Hans (Axe) GHB though more likely it will end up being Charlotte, Nyx, Sophie and Dwyer.
  9. Interesting that we are getting two new Bound Hero Battles next month. Probably not likely but wouldn't it be funny if Sothis was the third unit on the Tiki and Nagi banner though she is more likely to appear on a banner that isn't being shown on this calendar. Otherwise there's nothing really interesting for me since there is only one New Heroes banner surrounded by a bunch of seasonal banners and even then I kind of hope the focus for the New Heroes banner is something I don't care much about like Tellius or Jugdral. Going to try to resist the urge to go for the forty summons for a free unit off the rerun banner since I don't really need Duo Ephraim or anyone else from that banner. Trying to rebuild the orb storage so I'm ready for when Archanea gets a new banner. Maybe I will even dip into CYL4 depending on how interesting the units up being or if they have any interesting fodder. I wonder if they will do anything for the 3.5 year anniversary like they did for previous years like free orbs and rerun banners in August.
  10. I already foddered off all my copies of M!Byleth so Hilda will have to be my bonus unit until I get Lorenz. About time we got Mirror Strike and it seems Solo skills are on the table for seals now.
  11. More than likely someone set up a bot to force feed votes to him. That's what I have heard more than once. But hey, maybe this will lead IS to make a merchants banner featuring Jorge, Merlinus, Fates Anna and Three Houses Anna with Brigand Boss as the GHB unit. (I am half joking and half serious about this).
  12. Yeah, I just noticed it being talked about on Reddit. Oh well, getting her own HP below 100% is still easy since she heals during combat and always takes four damage after combat so it is not too much of an issue with me. I also like the Push 4 ideas people mentioned since I conveniently got some fodder for that skill a couple months ago and was wondering who would like using that.
  13. I like Celica's and Sheena's refines. It was about what I expected for both of them. Good thing I didn't give Sheena Special Fighter since it looks like she wants Vengeful Fighter now. Need to start looking for Distant Counter fodder for these girls.
  14. Yeah, if you ignore Byleth this basically is a banner with all new characters on it and if CYL is still coming in August Three Houses will be getting another banner next month so hopefully some other game gets the New Heroes banner later this month.
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