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  1. @SatsumaFSoysoy I found it amazing that you left Eliwood for last. Great clear! Yeah, Dive Bomb was locked behind a seasonal unit for so long until recently so it is not an easy skill to get. I pulled Pirate Tibarn once but I have been indecisive of who to fodder Dive Bomb off to.
  2. Not sure if a Fates banner needed an OC on it, specially one who is not a Mythic, but oh well. I see everyone here as fodder more than actually wanting them as units. Frenzy is a new speed dodging skill but I'm not sure if it will be better than Spurn. It might be good for one turn strategies. Not sure if I will summon on this banner. Contemplating saving orbs for when V!Palla shows up on a banner again. Also there's Pirates 2.0 (or maybe something else in August), Marth and Eirika coming on CYL5 next month and possibly Nyna showing up when Archanea gets a new banner. Maybe I should save orbs after all. I guess it is safe to say Nott's banner will be the one who will win the revival rerun when it gets around to them. Or at least to me it looks like Nott's banner is better than Nifl's banner.
  3. No trailer tonight so it seems it really will come out on Saturday tomorrow.
  4. @GuiltyLove Grima looks fun with her new refinements. I actually updated mine recently but I haven't really used her yet with anything. Great clear! @Landmaster Great clear with Nowi and the kids. Nice to see OG Nowi still holds up well. Evil Morgan seems to just shrug everything off.
  5. Eh, I stopped caring about AR (and any mode that involves fighting other people's units) a long time ago. It always seems to be difficult no matter what time I play it. PvP modes just got too stressful for me to bother with them. I just do the bare minimum and somehow I seem to end up in VoH every other week. Really the only time I care about playing Heroes these days is when a new Abyssal mode map comes out or when a character I like shows up on a new banner
  6. Blaziken or Sceptile during Brawl Zoroark during Smash 4 Eevee at really any point Azura during Smash 4 DLC or Ultimate, especially if Corrin wasn't added Yu Narukami during Smash 4 Zero (Megaman) during Ultimate if he wasn't an Assist Trophy Warrior of Light or Black Mage as early as Brawl I believe
  7. I remember this map being hard if you didn't get rid of Eliwood or the blue dragon on the first turn. Thankfully it's Awakening units this time and I have plenty of characters from that game built up so this map was easy for me. Was even able to clear it in one turn after giving Anna a Ridersbane since it was the only way to one shot the axe cav.
  8. They don't happen often but there have been times they showed trailers on Saturdays. I think the trailer will most likely be Friday but wanted to throw out the possibility it could be Saturday since IS also likes to wait until to last possible monent to release a trailer.
  9. I would say maybe but unlikely that the trailer will come tonight. I think Friday or even Saturday is when the next trailer will come out since the banner will be out on Monday.
  10. Assuming the next new heroes banner is Fates I'm guessing the banner will be Conquest themed just by looking at the top 5 missing units from CYL4 (Base Charlotte, Nyx, Dwyer, Anna and Orochi) and CYL5 (Base Charlotte, Nyx, Dwyer, Orochi and Scarlet). My guess is that the banner will have Charlotte as axe infantry, Benny as a lance armor (and be a five star exclusive with a save skill), Dwyer as a staff cavalry (and be sucky demote unit) and Sophie as a sword cavalry. Personally though I would like the banner to be Charlotte, Anna, Nyx and Benny but it probably won't happen since almost every Fates banner has had two adult characters on two child characters on them. GHB unit will probably be any of Hans, Kotaro or Shura with Hans being the most likely.
  11. Seeing that Felicia and Flora BHB in August makes me want to believe we are getting a Fates New Heroes banner later this month. I wonder if they are going to do Pirates 2.0 for August or if they are going to do a different theme. Regardless, it will have a Duo unit whatever it ends up being. Everything else looks to be the standard of what we see every month.
  12. @BoaFerox Nice one turn clear with the Tana team plus guest star Palla. Odd Tempest is really good for getting one turn clears.
  13. Actually, yeah you are right. I forgot it was April vs May in one poll and June vs July in the one after that. I kind of don't pay attention to rerun polls too much anymore because the winner is usually obvious.
  14. I'm kind of half expecting them to just put Abysskeeper in the GHB slot since Gatekeeper will be on the CYL5 banner this year. They did something similar in CYL3 where Sigrun was the TT unit because Micaiah was one of the winners. I believe January will be when Nott and more will be up for those Twitter polls for what banner gets rerun. Unfortunately I don't think its chances of ever winning are good because it will be going up against this year's Fallen Heroes (Edelgard, Dimitri and the Morgans) and even if it survives for later CYL5 will be up next and pretty much anything with Three Houses characters on it almost always wins so...not looking good for Nott and More.
  15. Infantry Rush and another Form skill aren't bad for seals but I am still waiting for Atk/Res Solo.
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