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  1. I voted multiple games since I think Farfetched might be next month which would make it an Awakening, Echoes, Tellius and/or Blazing Blade collaboration banner. Otherwise I think it is safe to assume every other month will be a Three Houses banner since IS probably wants to put as many characters from that game as possible into Heroes. Though what I really want to see is Sacred Stones get a New Heroes banner now that Archanea finally got a banner. Sacred Stones is now the game that hasn't had a banner for over a year and a half and I would like to see characters like Cormag, Gilliam and Syrene. Maybe even a L'Arachel alt using Latona assuming they aren't saving that for Brave Eirika. If Farfetched isn't October it will definitely be November. Assuming they don't make up another silly seasonal banner for November we should get three New Heroes banners in a row after the Halloween banner. Hypothetical situation being late October having the Farfetched banner and November having two New Heroes banner and having Chapter 12 and 13 to finish Book 3 off. But you could switch Farfetched and the New Heroes banners around however you see fit (like late October having a New Heroes banner with Chapter 12 and November being Farfetched Heroes and a New Heroes banner with Chapter 13).
  2. Wow, Nintendo has been pretty bad about keeping DLC for their games a secret as of late. As for the content itself, there is a lot of interesting content here. Playable Jeritza in certain routes huh...I assume that Black Eagles route is one of them which is fine since I haven't even played that route yet so I might just use Jeritza on that path. I wonder if he will be able to access his 'unique' class or if he will only be limited to the same classes everyone else uses. I am already calling that two of his proficiencies will be lances and riding for obvious reasons. And Anna, I was wondering if they were going to make her a DLC character. I was really hoping they would since surely they would do more with her since they bothered to bring her voice actor in to do a few lines plus she also has one of the missing crests on her clothes. I wonder what her proficiences will be? Past playable Annas had good magic growths but never really use magic attack so maybe this one will be good with reason since we haven't had a magic wielding Anna yet? I'm kind of concerned if Anna is going to have support conversations since it doesn't list new support conversations under paid DLC. Is it going to be a situation like Fates where data for the support conversations with her will be included in the free update but you must buy the DLC in order to access them the game itself? It would nice to see her have support conversation because Anna actually had good support conversations in Warriors and it would be nice seeing her interact with characters like Ashe and Ignatz. Plus if she doesn't have support conversations it will be hard for people to consider using Anna since she won't be able to take advantage of the hit and avoid boosts from support bonuses. And we can interact with the animals, cool. Meanwhile I could care less about the Maid/Butler/Sauna thing since it sounds like the same unnecessary fluff Fates had. As for DLC wave 4 the thing I am most interested in is the new classes. I really hope one of them is a master class that is good with swords since I am kind of tired of seeing Blyeth in the Enlightened One class. Maybe Dread Fighter since that always seems to be a DLC option and really like that class. Hoping for a flying magic class as well like Dark Falcon or Malig Knight even if it does end up breaking the game harder than Wyvern Lord did. As for the other two classes as long as it is not something silly like Bride than I would be fine. Maybe something like Halbedier added to advanced class and some other brand new class. So yeah, can't wait for Wave 3 to come out even if it is just for Anna. Hopefully like Wave 2, Wave 3 will be out in November instead of waiting until the end of December.
  3. After thinking about it I decided to add Medeus to the list. While the idea for my potential Mythic Heroes list was intended for characters likely to the get the Light or Astra element for this month since I already mentioned characters not likely for this month (Seiros, Nemesis) I decided to add Medeus to the list. Also decided to add Fomortiis as well even though he is also just as unlikely for this month.
  4. Used three tickets and spent 12 orbs on green orbs and she is already here... Well that was fast! I thought my orb stock would have to suffer through much more but I guess Naga decided to bless my summoning luck today. Nature is +Atk/-Res so not the most ideal nature since she is meant to fight mages with AoE specials but its fine. While I would really like to jump back into the banner and try to get Phina, Sirius and more merges for Nagi I think I'm done with the banner since I would really like to save as many orbs as possible for the Farfetched banner. I'll get Phina and Sirius some other time. And with that my green haired dragons from Archanea team is complete featuring A!Tiki, L!Tiki, FH!Tiki and now Nagi.
  5. Don't most Fire Emblem characters take personalities traits or base their appearances on characters from older games? It's pretty much happens in any long running series and why Fire Emblem has so many archetypes characters.
  6. As said above Eirika and Hrid came in consecutive months and even a few months ago we had Eliwood in June and Sothis the next month at the end of July. So at least for red they are willing to release the same color twice.
  7. Would Ashera also be a tome unit? Also, what kind of movement type would she be? I'll add her to the list. I kind of skipped over Tellius and Jugdral since I haven't played those games so I wasn't sure who from those games would be considered a Mythic Hero.
  8. Figured I would take a crack at making an expectation list for this month's Mythic Hero Banner since I think Johann doesn't even play Heroes anymore. I know the new heroes are coming out tomorrow but I figured I would go ahead and start a thread to discuss and predict what we might see at the end of this month's Mythic banner. Legendaries/Mythics Red: L!Eirika, L!Eliwood, Hrid Blue: L!Ephraim Green: Yune Colorless: Eir Red is already full with three sword cavalry units so there won't be any seasonal or regular Heroes added this time nor will the new Mythic be red. Seasonals V!Soren- Next blue seasonal in line. I believe he is very likely to show up. S!Marisa- I don't think they have ever put two seasonals of the same color on a Legendary banner but she is the next blue seasonal in line after Soren. S!Veronica- Next green seasonal in line. I think it is very likely for her to show up either this month or next month. P!Genny- Next colorless seasonal in line. Not sure about her chances since I don't know if they will jump down to the Picnic seasonals just yet. Normal Heroes FH!Berkut- Next blue 2019 New Hero in line but I am not sure about his chances. B!Hector- If FH!Berkut isn't picked and the new Mythic isn't blue I think Hector has a good chance to show up. Ranulf- New green 2019 New Hero in line. I think he will show up if the new Mythic isn't green. B!Ephriam- Hasn't shown up in a Legendary/Mythic banner for quite some time. If Ranulf isn't picked and the new Mythic isn't green they might bring Ephraim in. FH!Corrin- Next colorless 2019 New Hero along with Tiki. I feel like if one of the two corrupt dragons show up on the Mythic banner I think it will be Corrin. FH!Tiki- Next colorless 2019 New Hero along with Corrin in line. I think Tiki is less likely since she was on the Hero Fest banner. B!Veronica- If none of the Fallen Dragons are pick I could see them running Veronica again since colorless Brave Heroes are rerun the most often on Legendary/Mythic banners. New Mythic Hero Prediction/Potential Candidates Can't be red since that color is already full but blue, green and colorless are all good potential options. Since the last Mythic Hero (Sothis) had the Dark Blessing I think this month will have a Hero carrying the Light or Astra blessing on them. Gotoh- Kind of hard to tell if he qualifies as a Mythic Hero but I could see it happen considering his backstory. I see him being blue and wielding Starlight. Would fit in to go along with the other characters from Archanea being released this month especially since Nagi and Bantu are among them. I see him having the Astra element. Mila- Is going to happen eventually since Duma has been in for quite some time. As for being a unit she could probably be anything...Light or Astra element; Infantry, Armored or Flying and any breath color (except red). Athos- Again like Gotoh I can't really tell if IS would consider him a Mythic Hero. He had Forblaze and Aureola at the end of FE7 but if he was picked for this month he would probably have Aureola and be blue with a Light element. Anankos- Maybe as an Astra Hero. Not sure about his chances this month. Seiros? and Nemesis?- Not sure if they would qualify as Mythic Heroes since I haven't finished all the routes in Three Houses yet (please don't spoil me anything about them either). Probably not likely anyways since I don't think they would do two Mythics in a row from the same game and from what I do know about them they wield swords so that is probably enough to not consider them this month. Ashera- Could be a blue tome unit to complement Yune's weapon type. Since Yune is coming back this month Ashera could be picked so they are on the same banner like how last month had Tiki, Naga and Julia all together. Medeus- Unlikely to happen since he isn't likely to be one of the expected elements (Light, Astra) for this month. Fomortiis- Also unlikely to happen since he isn't likely to be Light or Astra element. My Prediction Red: L!Eirika, L!Eliwood, Hrid Blue: L!Ephraim, V!Soren, New Mythic Hero Green: Yune, S!Veronica, Ranulf Colorless: Eir, B!Veronica, FH!Corrin Any hopes, predictions or anything else I might have missed. Overall I am probably skipping the banner I am not really interested in any units that might show up or in any of the units already known besides Eirika and Eliwood but I am not spending orbs on one color.
  9. Nyna was mentioned in the last Lost Lore event yet she is nowhere to be seen in the upcoming batch of Archanea units so who knows.
  10. Teams I am sending out this time are Eliwood and S!Fiora, V!Eliwood and B!Ninian and the last team is Brave Eliwood and Brave...Hector.
  11. Yes yes, it's been two years since the last banner with characters from Archanea. Personally I would have made a topic for the new banner but the recaptcha was screwing with me and wouldn't let me. Apparently I am not a human. As for the banner I don't really like the 3:1 female to male ratio but I like Phina and Nagi and they are tempting me so hard fight to spend orbs for them but if Farfetched is next and Anna is on it then...Other than I would have preferred to see Nyna here instead of Norne but I guess they didn't want color overlap with Sirius who is also kind of tempting for me. I least the good thing about Norne is that she looks like the obvious demote and hopefully she bring Reposition into the colorless pool to make it somewhat slightly less bad. Astram is coming for free in the next GHB. Hopefully he bring Mercurius with him to complete the Regalias of Archanea along with some good fodder skills. Overall I liked what I saw. I like that Archanea got attention for once and I will probably have to wait two more years before I see another one. I really would like Phina, Nagi and Sirius but I think I will just spend my free tickets on green and hope for Nagi. The rest I can try for later.
  12. I mean, of course Blyeth would be using their sword for the majority of their attacks. But I would imagine down special would be a counter attack based on Time Pulse (wouldn't be surprised if it was ripped from Shulk's special counter) and their final smash would probably be Blyeth ordering a battalion to attack the enemy. Even gauntlets could be used for one attack, like a charging side special that works similar to Ike's side special.
  13. I think Blyeth would be chosen as the rep for Three Houses despite the Smash Bros fandom having a phobia of swords. If this was base roster I could see both Blyeth and Edelgard being picked like Robin and Lucina but for DLC I believe Blyeth will win out because Sakurai tends to pick the character that you the player have control of most of the time. Besides, there are plenty of unique ways you could make Blyeth different from the other Fire Emblem characters with his whip sword, gauntlets, battalions and time pulse abilities and you know Sakurai will try to incorporate as many of Three Houses' game mechanics into whoever got picked.
  14. Farfetched banner won't be coming until late October/early November. The character 'leaked' by the google play achievements icons is coming out on the New Heroes banner in eleven days. Considering people are assuming it is Nagi (or a Tiki alt) it is likely we are getting an banner based on Archanea.
  15. Pre Three Houses Post Three Houses Lord Favorite: Dimitri Runner Ups: Chrom, Eliwood Least Favorite: Ike Avatar Favorite: Blyeth Runner Ups: Robin, Corrin Least Favorite: Kris Trainee Favorite: Kliff Runner Ups: Ingrid, Sylvain Least Favorite: Faye Cavalier Favorite: Silas Runner Ups: Camus, Ferdinand Least Favorite: Peri Knight Favorite: Lukas Runner Ups: Oswin, Gilliam Least Favorite: Kjelle Myrmidon Favorite: Owain Runner Ups: Marisa, Joshua Least Favorite: Mia Mercenary Favorite: Raven Runner Ups: Saber, Ogma Least Favorite: Soleil Fighter Favorite: Hilda Runner Ups: Barst, Caspar Least Favorite: Charlotte Archer Favorite: Wolf Runner Ups: Ashe, Ignatz Least Favorite: Setsuna Mage Favorite: Linde Runner Ups: Boey, Delthea Least Favorite: Soren Shaman Favorite: Leo Runner Ups: Lysithea, Ophelia Least Favorite: Tharja Healer Favorite: L'Arachel Runner Ups: Elise, Lissa Least Favorite: Lucius Thief Favorite: Anna Runner Ups: Kaze, Julian Least Favorite: Sothe Peg Knight Favorite: Palla Runner Ups: Catria, Fiora Least Favorite: Aversa Wyvern Rider Favorite: Seteth Runner Ups: Cormag, Cherche Least Favorite: Camilla Dragon Favorite: Tiki Runner Ups: Ninian, Nagi Least Favorite: Fae Dancer Favorite: Azura Runner Ups: Olivia, Silvia Least Favorite: Lene
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