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  1. Most of the characters I would like to see were from franchises that are not that are massively popular or from series that some people would say is already 'overrepresented'. Adol Christin (YS) Kiryu Kazuma (Yakuza) Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) Master Chief (Halo) A Final Fantasy character not from FF7 such as Terra from FF6 or the Warrior of Light from FF1 though I understand why they went with Sephiroth. I wouldn't have minded another Pokemon whether it's a popular one like Eevee, a Gen 8 rep like Zacian or even another Pokemon Trainer team such as the Hisuian Trainer from Legends using something like Cyndaquil, Dewott and Decidueye though that last one was unlikely anyways since the games isn't even out yet.
  2. Spent 250 orbs on the new banner and got three copies of Wolf, A/R Far Save Fodder Ascendant Fjorm, Midori and Academy Edelgard. I'm happy I summoned Wolf a lot (why wasn't this lucky when summoning for Duo Sothis?). Midori will probably hand her Spendthrift Bow over to Sedgar tomorrow. Fjorm is going to fodder her Save skill off to someone though I don't know if Nagi or B!Hector is better for Far Save.
  3. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear! I see we both had the same idea to use Gunnthra. Save skills look super useful as well. I have yet to summon anyone with Save skills yet.
  4. I'm in the boat that is going to guess a blue Legendary Hero this month. I also would like to see the new legendary hero be from Archanea like Caeda or even Female Kris (since Male Kris already got an alt this year)
  5. I didn't see any announcements anywhere but I did see Vyland in the trailer (around 2:02 as an axe cav) so I'm assuming they are going to hand him out like they did Balthus. But yeah, no Nyna or Hardin seems weird especially since they decided to put Malice on the banner (guess they thought we needed another speedy female sword infantry unit in the game).
  6. Surprised to see Nyna is not on the banner I blame Fjorm stealing her spot but hey at least Wolf is coming to the game and according the notifications Sedgar is the GHB so I can still have some hope that Medeus and Gotoh might still become Mythic Heroes. I'm kind of curious if they are going to have Nyna show up on a seasonal banner like Winter or next year's bridal banner or something since who knows when Archanea will get another New Heroes banner.
  7. @Landmaster Nice clear with the goat beasts plus V!Veronica. If there was a Heroes character who should be a Mythic hero it's Freyr. @GuiltyLove Nice clears! It's still kind of surprising to me that they handed a powerful unit like Reginn out for free.
  8. I'm glad I play all my old favorite games on emulators. Nintendo's online services were never that good nor did I like buying the same games again every new console generation. Their subscription programs are not any better since all their games with online play besides Mario Kart 8 are not that great.
  9. Almost had a full team of New Years units but I forgot I foddered NY!Eir off some time ago so Gunnthra filled in the last slot.
  10. I don't see why Male Byleth having more alts than Female Byleth is that much of a big deal (I kind of don't even consider this a Byleth alt since it is more of a Sothis alt with Male Byleth attached to her). Male Kris also has more alts than Female Kris yet no one seems too mind that. It's kind of funny actually since usually people are complaining about female characters getting too much attention. Also, we all know Female Byleth is going to win CYL6 and get a Brave alt and we will also get a Legendary alt when IS is desperate for more Legendary Heroes.
  11. So we've had Infantry Sothis, Armored Sothis and now Flying Sothis. Is the next alt for Sothis make her cavalry? Jokes aside I like her art here and she's with Male Byleth so I might spend some orbs to summon her especially since I didn't get Harmonic Tiki last year. Don't really care for anyone else on the banner. Sophia is interesting choice for the TT unit. Looking at the trailer she seems to be a flying blue tome unit. I'm guessing she is going to be slow but have tanky defenses based on her base self but I will wait to see the stats
  12. I think the reason they were more reserved with Three Houses units back in 2019 was because they were not sure how well received the game was going to be. Even the devs were surprised how much Three Houses blew up in popularity which is why they are more willing to pump out more units from that game because they now know they wil sell.
  13. With an epithet like Bound Spirit Duo I really don't see Sothis' partner being anyone but Byleth. It really just comes down to gender. I just think it will be Male Byleth though, not just because of JP VA theory but I think it will be a nice balance to have Male Byleth be with Sothis since Female Byleth got a Duo alt with Rhea already. It's not like a character getting multiple new art in Heroes in the same year is anything new. Though I also like Sothis and just so happen to have a preference to Male Byleth over Female Byleth so naturally I would to see the two of them together. I also wonder if they will show silhouettes tonight or just jump straight to the trailer since we kind of know who they are already.
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