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  1. Silhouettes are usually three days before the seasonal banner comes out so probably Monday night.
  2. Ha, true. Anyone you are looking forward to on the summer banners?
  3. Thanks! Even if you don't want to go for her now Linde will be back on a different revival banner in thirteen weeks if you think you will have more orbs later.
  4. In terms of non-alt characters then yes Cormag is my current most wanted. But you are right, the list is big enough as it is and I don't really want to bloat it any further.
  5. I'm pretty sure if Geno's Mii Fighter costume comes back with the Dragon Quest Hero pack then that pretty much deconfirms his chances if his spirit already being in the game wasn't enough to convince people. Edit: Plus I don't see Square Enix getting two reps in this season pass.
  6. Navarre can't be on the banner because he is a GHB unit.
  7. Personally don't really care about The Hero and Banjo Kazooie. The Hero's moveset does look interesting but I'm not paying twelve dollars for these two characters. I do see why these two characters were picked though. Dragon Quest is insanely popular in Japan and Banjo Kazooie is popular to westerners who were kids in the late 90's and had a N64. So I do think they were good picks for Smash since both had history with Nintendo but they are not for me.
  8. @Jotari So I can pick a new unit to add to the list and vote for right? Since I added Silas to the list a long time ago and voted for Cynthia but they are both in the game now. If I could add another character to the list I would like to recommend Cormag since I don't think I saw him on the list.
  9. Fallen Hero Male Robin, Leon, Henry and Boey are also potential candidates since they have Ignis as well though I am guessing the banner will be FHY!Tiki, FHM!Robin and B!Hector. Edit: Got Kaze'd.
  10. Hey, we finally have a BHB featuring Marth and Caeda. Took them long enough. Also, looks like we are having back to back Summer Seasonal banners. How much should I bet that the New Hero banner in July was moved to later that month to coincide with Three Houses release date? Oh well makes it easy enough for me to skip most of June's and July's banners outside of the revival banners.
  11. Pretty bold statement but I think if a new Capcom rep is coming a character from Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter and even Okami all have good chances. Like the person above said, Dante is looking unlikely based on what the Devil May Cry director said.
  12. I would trade you one of mine if I could but hopefully she will come to you someday.
  13. Only two characters left. At this point I am predicting a Capcom and Bandai Namco rep, preferably Phoenix Wright from Capcom (would make a nice reveal at TGS) and Nightmare/Siegfried from Soulcalibur.
  14. Free summon tickets gave me YT!Olivia. Okay, I guess this is an Awakening themed banner and all but I would have preferred a gen 3 unit for more dragonflowers. I guess she will be merged with the other two I already have or will become Chill Speed fodder. @Landmaster Congrats on getting your daughter-in-law and the other five star units you pulled!
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