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  1. DLC is planned to be wrapped up by the end of 2021. I'm not sure if they will end up revealing the two final characters at the same time but I do think at least one will show up for E3. And if it does end up being just one then the final one will end up being revealed and released this autumn/winter instead.
  2. I don't really have many expectations for E3. I would be happy if any of these happens though... NIS announces an official translation for Hajimari no Kiseki for Steam and other consoles and releases early 2022 Capcom announces an official translation for the Great Ace Attorney games for all systems and Steam More information on the Sinnoh remakes and the Arceus game New Fire Emblem game. Don't really care if it is a spinoff, remake or brand new game New Smash Bros DLC announcement, maybe they will announce the last character there as well Mario Kart 9 announcement Any Sonic announcements
  3. Here's the Red Pass (characters who are red headed are associated with the color red). Adol (YS) Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic) Scizor (Pokemon) Anna (Fire Emblem) Ragna (Blazblue)
  4. For some reason I want to see the seasonal banner be a cooking or baking banner. I do think it will be a new theme regardless. Since the TT banner is on the 17th we should see the trailer on the 16th. I am actually waiting to see who is on the seasonal banner before deciding if I want to spend orbs on the FE7 banner. May's New Heroes banner might be enticing to me too depending on whether it will actually be Fallen Heroes or something like a Fates or Echoes banner and the Double Special Summoning banner is looking like it is going to have some nice fodder units like Duo Lyn and Pirate Tibarn. Just have to wait and see.
  5. I like what they gave Marisa. I used to just have her set up Galeforce clears with Infantry Pulse and now it looks like she is able to set herself up for Galeforce instead. There's a lot of builds I would like to try with her. I thought they couldn't do anything unique with Sumia but they proved me wrong here. She looks like she could do some fun Galeforce shenanigans with her prf weapon. Now if only I had some Galeforce fodder for these ladies.
  6. Watch IS subvert our expectations by releasing a regular new heroes banner in May instead of Fallen Heroes. As for who I predict to be on this year's Fallen Heroes banner I think we will get a cleric from Archanea (like Nyna or Lena), a Fates rep (I'm thinking Gunter or Scarlet), Ninian and then Risen King Chrom to continue the Cipher inspired Fallen alts. For perfect color balance I would want it to be... Chrom (Sword Infantry) Nyna (Blue Tome Infantry) Gunter (Axe Cavalry) Ninian (Colorless Dragon)
  7. I used Slaying Bow for a short time when she first came out but then four month later Spendthrift became a thing and that is just what I make her use ninety percent of the time now. Spendthrift is just too good just for raw damage and tanking things.
  8. I think I might just do the forty summons for Louise's bow and then bail out. I wonder if Rein Bow will be better to use over Spendthrift Bow. Almost would have been a Spendthrift Bow with no cooldown penalty if it was -5 Atk/Def. At least the demotes are starting to carry solo skills on them. I look forward to seeing them drop Atk/Spd Solo 3 on a demote someday. Seeing Blazing Blade be this month's new heroes banner makes me want to guess May will be Fallen Heroes 4.0, June will have Echoes + 1 OC character for the Midpoint banner and Fates won't come around to July it looks like. I also wonder what this month's seasonal banner theme will be since every month has a Special Hero now it seems.
  9. Looks like the trailer isn't coming out until tomorrow. I was kind of hoping to seeing it before the week is over since I am currently thinking of using some orbs on the current weekly revival banner and the Rally+ banner. Still predicting it to be an Echoes or Fates banner though it could also be Blazing Blade.
  10. I'm excited to see Marisa getting a prf and refine since she is one of my favorite characters and I fully merged her a long time ago but haven't really used her for anything other than armor smashing in Arena Assault. Hopefully they give Shamshir something unique and interesting. I like Sumia and it's nice she is getting a prf weapon but I doubt anything they give her will make me want to use her over Cordelia, Catria or Duo Palla. Berserk Armads was already powerful and I wonder what they will do to make it even stronger.
  11. I think I know which video you are talking about but nah that wasn't me. I don't even have three NY!Peonys.
  12. I'm guessing the new Legendary will be red or blue. If it's red maybe it's Xander's time for legendary status or maybe even Elincia. If it's blue I could see Micaiah or maybe even Caeda if they consider her important enough for Legendary status. Regardless IS will probably want the new Legendary to be a big name character to help sell orbs for Golden Week.
  13. I spent way too much time trying to clear this map in one turn. Eventually I gave up and played the map as intended because NY!Anna was five points off in speed to double Dagr. Instead I went for my usual strategy of everyone huddles together while NY!Anna blasts everything with her special. @Alexmender Altina pulled out some big damage with that Dominance effect on her. Nice one turn clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy I'm surprised the blue tome cav went after Ophelia instead of Celica. It was nice seeing Celica and Mia zip around the field. Nice clear! @Maaka I really felt like they didn't want people to one turn this map. I was happy to see you were able to do it with your regular team. @GuiltyLove Congrats on the +10 Myrrh. She must be extra tanky now with those extra stats. @Landmaster The Elise team cleaned up the map quite well. Nice clear.
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