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  1. My first FE was Fates Conquest since I wanted to know what all the noise surrounding Fates and Corrin being in Smash was at the time.
  2. Probably the only thing that interested me was Mario Party Superstar but maybe that's because I have fond memories of playing the old Mario Party games back when I was a kid. Everything else from the Nintendo Direct was pretty meh to me outside of maybe Metroid Dread. Was hoping for some new info for Pokemon BDSP and Arceus Legends but Game Freak will probably have their own announcement for it later this month.
  3. Finished this lazy gal today since I had some spare orbs. I don't usually summon for seasonals but Hilda has nice winter art and being a four star focus makes it easier to get merge copies.
  4. Best thing about back to back summer seasonals is that we get a bunch of seals from the Tempest Trials. Oh, and I guess there's a bunch of orbs too since summer is my least seasonal banner so I always skip those banners regardless of who is on it. Otherwise there is nothing of note to me on the calendar. I'm more curious what game will be the focus for July's new heroes banner even though it is going to feel like it's a long ways off from now.
  5. I'm still guessing the new legendary hero will be green, with Annand and Erinys to round out the banner. As for who it could be...I don't know. Since it will supposedly be a water elemental hero, Nohrian King Xander wielding Bolverk would be nice especially if July follows up with a Conquest theme new heroes banner. My far reaching idea would be Dracoknight Caeda wielding something like "Wing Axe".
  6. Spent 900 of my 1000 orbs on the Midpoint banner since I don't think anyone I find interesting is going to be added anytime soon (watch me regret that later) and what I got from my haul are... Four copies of Valentian Palla Two copies of Zeke Two copies of Nott (one will got foddered and the other will go cause chaos in AR) Seven copies of Luthier (two were 5 stars, the other five were 4 stars) Pitybreakers include Mareeta, Sayri, F!Byleth, Lethe, Tibarn, Midori, Brave Lysithea and Lewyn. Could have had a +10 Palla if all those red pitybreakers were Palla instead.
  7. What I actually meant is that if June's new legendary is not red then August is more likely to have a new red legendary.
  8. Personally I think this month we will have a green legendary hero, or maybe even red and in July we will get another blue Mythic Hero if we are with the theory that new Legends/Mythics are grouped with more recent or desirable units. My personal prediction is if June's legendary is not red then we will get one in August and it will probably be Byleth.
  9. Here's mine. I tried to fit ten characters into each tier. S are my top 10 favorites A are characters I like B are characters that I was fine with C are characters I was indifferent to D tier characters are the 'Didn't use as much' tier E are characters I didn't care for F are the ten characters I didn't like at all.
  10. Nice to see three units I wanted are all getting added at once. Also since then non-seasonal Ingrid got added (but as a cavalry unit) and Brave Marth is guaranteed to be coming in a few months. Erk is also a character I wanted to see added to Heroes but wasn't on my list for some reason. Still hoping for at least one more Anna to be added and that the next Archanea banner adds some characters I like.
  11. I'm assuming it's because his weapon has Distant Counter in it. They don't seem to add many effects to weapons that have Distant Counter in them since they probably consider it powerful enough with just that (look how long it took them to refine older distant counter weapons) and it opens up the A-Slot for a different skill. Plus Distant Counter and an easy condition for guaranteed follow ups seems dangerous enough already.
  12. I find it funny how despite being a Valentia banner half the banner units are characters from Archanea. But I really like this banner since it has Palla, Zeke and Luthier and at least Tatiana is a blue tome unit instead of another lame infantry staff unit. Luthier will definitely be a green tome merge project for me now and I hope to at least summon Palla and Zeke. Only thing I really kind of dislike is that Zeke's sprite makes him look younger than his Camus and Sirius identities.
  13. @Landmaster Another nice Elise team clear. I'm always impressed with how fast OG Elise is. @SatsumaFSoysoy I guess Celica and Veronica wanted to try out a different look today. New Morgan seems to tank hits pretty well. Nice clear! @BoaFerox Nice Sacred Stones themed one turn clear! I haven't seen many one turn clears for this map compared to previous Abyssal maps.
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