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  1. Done with voting with this year's AHR event. I tried to vote for useful units and/or those with good fodder skills. Hopefully my two votes help Duo Micaiah get into the top 8. If I knew the midterm results were going to be out on the third day I would have given it to Duo Micaiah instead of NY!Plumeria. L!Chrom and L!Corrin also got one vote each from me in order to help maintain their placements. Hopefully we still end up getting a good banner out of this.
  2. Wasn't trying to say FE7 doesn't need a banner but I just wouldn't be surprised if it came later this year, kind of like how last year Tellius didn't get a new heroes banner until about 5 months after people were expecting one. I could see IS going back to doing things like this and adding alts of Lords and other popular characters on new heroes banners in order to sell them.
  3. I figured December's banner would have been Echoes but they went with Sacred Stones there instead. I think they are going to use the Whitewing sisters to help pad out and carry the next Echoes banner so a Heroes OC isn't as necessary compared to FE7 which doesn't really have a female character to star the banner. But I don't know, neither FE7 and Echoes really need a banner at the moment and their next banner could be delayed for as long as IS wants them to.
  4. I'm kind of expecting FE7 to be the midpoint banner with Eitri added to it if they are doing that again this year. That game currently doesn't really have a big name star to entice the banner based off of CYL4 results (not CYL5 since it is probably too soon for them to make banners off a recent poll) unless the banner theme is going to be Nergal and his morphs.
  5. Kind of the opposite of what I want it to be but the next banner really could be any of Genealogy, Fates, Echoes or Three Houses. At the very least those are the four games I feel are likely to get a new banner for February, March and April.
  6. Guess I shouldn't be expecting a new event calendar until the 9th or 10th huh. I'm really curious what game the New Heroes banner this month especially since the new calendar might end up spoiling what it could be via whatever the new BHB pair. I'm kind of hoping it ends up being a game I'm not too interested in like Genealogy or Three Houses since there are already going to be so many great banners coming up like the Remixed Legendary banner, the double special heroes banner, the AHR banner in March and the New Mystery banner getting rerun in March and I need to watch my orbs since I already spent a lot on the Hero Fest banner.
  7. Took me 1100 orbs to get the seven copies I needed but I managed to do this thanks to the Hero Fest banner. Probably the only time I am ever going to have a +10 Legendary/Mythic Hero but since I had ton of orbs saved up and I figured I would have a better chance on a Hero Fest banner instead of the normal Mythic banners I decided to go for it especially since Sothis is one of my favorite characters from Three Houses. Wasn't sure what her skills should be so I decided to fodder a FM!Corrin off to her and run double solo skills.
  8. People don't need to vote for just wallpaper since all of them will eventually show up on the AHR megathread on reddit or feheroesgamepedia.com.
  9. The banner lineup for the first Remix Legendary banner was shown during the Feh Channel. I think it is also in the notifications as well but you might have to scroll through it to see it.
  10. @SatsumaFSoysoy That's a powerful Masked Marth. Wasn't expecting her to take on most of the map herself. Looks like Seiros ended up getting betrayed by her own hired mercenary. @Unknown Gamer11 That's a nice looking Jugdral themed team. Asbel looks pretty powerful with setting off those Blazing Flame attacks every round. @LoneStar Nice flier team. I always find it funny when a dragon gets knocked in the head by the bucket. Interesting use of link and positioning skills.
  11. I kind of already gave my thoughts on what this year's Brave units could be on an earlier page so I will just quote myself.
  12. For me it still says 820 even after the update. I haven't made any changes to my team either. I don't know if there was any changes made to scoring or not.
  13. Three Houses fans are ruining another Heroes poll. But really, did the Edelgard fans not pick her Brave alt for their freebie summon or spark for her on the banner for that matter? People voting for B!Dimitri are almost no better considering he is in 9th place right now. I'm really astounded by these results but at the same time I probably should have known better. Right now the only ones I care about in the top eight are Seiros, Duo Lyn, L!Chrom and L!Corrin. Is there any chance for Duo Micaiah to still get into the top 8? I will use my last four votes for her if it helps. Another thing to note is that we might not have any red units in the AHR banner since there is none in the top eight unless Duo Byleth somehow sneaks in there.
  14. I kind of just expect them to do something simple with Marianne like last year's winners and just have her be a Holy Knight with Abraxas (even though she couldn't learn it in Three Houses) or have some new variant of Aura. I'm more curious what they are going to give to Eirika. Is she going to steal another Sacred Twin since we don't have anyone using Latona or the Sacred Stones version of Excalibur in Heroes yet. I actually kind of want her to be a green tome unit with Excalibur since I still don't really have that many green tome units built that I like using. I also wonder what they are going to do with Marth. Sword infantry seems to be the boring option they would go for but I really wish they would do something more unique like have him dress up in a male variant of Caeda outfit and wield the Wing Spear while riding a pegasus or wyvern or I have seen some people suggest that he should wield Starlight which sounds neat. But again I wouldn't be surprised if IS gave him a new variant of Mercurius or Falchion with crazy support effects and called it a day.
  15. @Alexmender I pretty much had the exact same idea build as you with double solo skills and a lull skill. Pretty much the only thing I did differently was Aether and a Threaten Skill.
  16. I gave my second vote to Harmonic Dorothea today. I'm thinking of giving tomorrow's vote to NY!Plumeria.
  17. Yeah, I don't think they said anything about it yet but I just assumed it is going to be a monthly thing like weapon refines.
  18. I'm pretty sure they did. I remember people trying to vote up L!Leif, L!Alm and Duo Alfonse last year after seeing midterm results.
  19. I'm mostly curious about how what they are going to do with Grima. Will they make Dragonskin II or will they just slap Dragonscale and call it a day. It's probably going at least two months before they get around to her since these are monthly aren't they?
  20. I might be wrong but I think I remember people saying there was a big push for Marianne on Twitter. I don't know, there seemed to have been lots of people being vocal about saying they were voting for Marianne or Eirika and I didn't see many saying they were voting F!Byleth. Marianne fans just saw a chance at midterms and seemed to have jumped for it.
  21. I ended up with Harmonic Mia. She's +Def/-Atk so I might use her in Resonant Battles for a while until I decide to fodder her Swift Sparrow 3 off to someone.
  22. I got Harmonic Mia for my free summon. Well, now I have a Harmonic hero for Resonant Battles for RD and Awakening season at the very least.
  23. @XRayFor question two you have Astra Mythic Hero as an option twice and Anima Mythic Hero is missing. As for my picks I'm thinking of giving my first three votes to Seiros, Harmonic Dorothea and Bridal Micaiah. I'm also considering voting for Halloween Grima, NY!Plumeria and Duo Lyn but it depends on how midterms will look. I'm mostly just voting for Mythic Heroes, Harmonic Heroes and useful seasonal heroes unless someone else wants to give me better suggestions.
  24. Here's a chart I found on reddit that shows the top 5 missing characters in Heroes from each game based on CYL5 results. Note it still shows characters like Gatekeeper, Marianne, Gustav and Henriette even though we know a version of them is going to be playable in the future and characters in smaller boxes already have a playable version in Heroes but not their base version.
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