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  1. Chrom actually placed 3rd overall. He had 35,810 votes compared to Marianne's 33,555 votes.
  2. I hear ya since I was also trying to get more merges for regular Celica and Brave Hector and this new system they are putting in place makes these 5 star exclusives as random to get as trying to get a normal 3/4 star unit. But yeah, probably best to hear the full details and see how it all works out.
  3. I think the revival banners are being replaced by these Legendary revival banners for the older Legendary Heroes. The Year 1 and Year 2 units that were on revival banners are being dumped into the normal summoning pool as their own 4 star appearance rate but they come to you as a five star and don't interrupt your five star focus rate. That's what I got out of it anyways but hopefully they explain it better in the update notifications.
  4. Looking like it's green or colorless for the new legendary. My guess is Xander if it is green and Micaiah if it is colorless. Claude will probably come in April since it will be wind season then and all colors are open for his bow.
  5. I think I am going to give my first vote to Seiros because there is no way I am going to test my luck out on trying to summon her on a Mythic banner. As for the rest of my votes I am open to suggestions for who might be good units to vote for.
  6. Looking at the results I don't think the Marth fans could have done anything since it would be kind of hard to make up the 25,000 vote difference. Plus it is hard to fight against memes as Veronica and the 'purple haired menace' have proven in previous CYLs.
  7. Marth and Eirika got bumped down to second. Not the worst thing in the world considering they were competing against Three Houses characters but at least they are still getting Brave alts and I will be happy to free summon one of them. Customizable Avatar is giving me Xane vibes with how his skills work. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Sothis is coming back on another Hero Fest banner. Looks like a good time for merges on her and/or Time's Pulse fodder since Shinon will be here as well. I am seriously considering going for a +10 Sothis now that she is on another Hero Fest banner and I like her enough to attempt it. Something told me it was going to be Heroes characters on Valentine's this year. I guess Sharena got abandoned by her family because we really needed another Veronica alt even though she just got one seven months ago. Not liking that A Hero Rising event is going to be decided by another VG again for this year but at least the top 4 is going to be on a sparkable banner if I don't find the winner that interesting. I already kind of have an idea of who I want to vote for but I am also open to hear ideas and suggestions from others of who might be the best units to vote for. Harmonics and Mythics are probably going to be the most voted for units this time. So my final thoughts are it wasn't a bad Feh Channel but nothing really seemed interesting to me personally.
  8. Kind of amused and annoyed that Marth and Eirika got bumped out of first by non lord Three Houses characters and are also losing out of Prf Brave skills because of them. Ah well, I'm probably still going to pick Marth or Eirika as my free summon anyways. Surprised Marianne got a big push to first even though I feel like it is going to be another Lysithea situation where her regular version was going to show up on some banner this year anyways. In other news Awakening Anna is the 25th highest female and 44th overall this year. Would have liked her to still be in the top 20 but I am satisfied and happy with her in top 50.
  9. I have no idea who Sitri is unless I wasn't paying attention to something in Three Houses or she was a character who showed up in the DLC that I never bought but I think a Three Houses Valentines could still happen with some combination of M!Byleth, Jeralt, Leonie, Alois, Sothis and Rhea. As for other games I see a Sacred Stones Valentines having Eirika, Ephraim, Fado and some of their royals friends like Tana and Innes, Heroes would at least have Alfonse, Sharena, Gustav and Henriette and from Genealogy I haven't played them but I do know that just about anyone would work since that game had the marriage system.
  10. I would say it is very unlikely that it will be tonight but who knows it could happen. Tomorrow night seems more likely and will probably be at the usual time when trailers go up so...four hours before the reset for February 2.
  11. Three Houses, Sacred Stones, Genealogy or Heroes seems like the most likely candidates for this year's Valentine's banner to me. Hopefully they skip the silhouettes and all the units gets revealed in the anniversary Feh Channel.
  12. @Diovani Bressan Nice one turn clear! Palla shredded through everything with 1 HP to spare. Naga and flying units work well on this map. @Alexmender Kind of funny seeing Naga being a strong counter against Seiros especially since they are the opposite element. W!Altina looks scary to fight when she has the right support units. I see we both had the same idea to use TA+NFU to fight Seiros. Nice clears! @Landmaster The Elises throwing big numbers out like always. Even Seiros went down in one turn of combat against Gronnblade. I'm surprised HS!Elise survived that attack from the bow cavalier. Great clear! @GuiltyLove It's not often I see V!Catria use Galeforce. I thought it was amusing watching Seiros get pelted by arrows just because a wall was in the way. Nice clear! @Maaka I see S!Fir is the MVP here today with Odd Tempest and having NFU on her weapon helping out. Great one turn cler!
  13. So many dragons on this map so I brought out the Close Counter and Mystic Boost combo this time. Also, Null Follow Up breaks Seiros just as much as it breaks Edelgard.
  14. I guess I will be making all the Seiros related threads this week. Infernal/Abyssal Map Layout Normal/Hard/Lunatic Map Layout
  15. Some things never change, like how I cast my votes in CYL. I stay loyal to my favorite to the end.
  16. Just realized that Seiros being an Anima Mythic means Naga might become more useful in Astra season if Seiros starts showing up a lot on Aether Raid defense teams.
  17. Blue dragon Seiros...wasn't expecting them to go that route with her. Something tells me she is going to be very slow but have high res. I wonder if Dragon Wall will be inheritable to other dragon units. Other than that nothing looks very interesting here. Colorless or blue would be the colors I go for but I think the banner is going to be a skip for me. Would prefer to see what IS has planned for the anniversary instead.
  18. I can't decide between Raven or Marisa since I like them both. Marisa is probably going to have a bigger team than Gerik and I don't know who is more popular between Raven and Heath. Titania is obviously going to be the feather merc team at the start so maybe I should start there. At the very least this time I have everyone here besides Saber. I mean we already had a Tactician VG without either gendered version of Robin, Tiki was not present on the green hair VG and I probably could have picked out several more iconic characters for the Pigtails vs Ponytail VG than what they went with. They don't need to shove Ike into every VG theme especially since he has appeared the most in this event at this point.
  19. I guess Japan must be really liking the premium fodder skills on the New Mystery banner over a sparkable Mythic Hero though I am fine with either winning really. Yeah, I don't see Dread Isle sticking around since there is nothing interesting there and I guess Spendthrift Bow is the only thing keeping the Fates banner afloat.
  20. I see. I'm pretty much content with the New Mystery banner or the Awakening banner winning.
  21. I was reading the notifications recently and noticed that they are already doing a new poll for the next forging bonds revival. Does anyone how that is currently going?
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