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  1. Oh, I was making a joke there. The less I see of characters like Camilla and Tharja the better.
  2. If money really was the answer we would probably be seeing more characters like Camilla and Tharja instead.
  3. I'm glad I stopped caring about who wins CYL a long time ago. There always seems to be one character that ends up scoring high and causes the sanity of the fanbase to split in half. Looking at the interim results again I'm surprised to see F!Robin in the top 10 for females this year. A!Tiki being in the top 20 is nice to see as well. Still giving the remaining of my votes to A!Anna an then whatever happens happens.
  4. Geez Ike how come IS gave you two resplendent arts? Kind of hoping this is just a special occasion for the anniversary and not a precedent going forward. Especially since we haven't gotten around to other popular characters like Chrom, Ephraim and Celica yet.
  5. @GuiltyLove Ashnard looks amazing for a grail unit. He shrugs off just about everything. Great clear!
  6. Blazing Blade: 7/10- Not one of my personal favorites but it was still a fun game and I enjoyed Eliwood's story. Sacred Stones: 8/10- I liked the side characters in this game and the idea of fighting monster units made this game unique to me. Shadow Dragon: 9/10- One of my favorite Fire Emblem games. Yeah, it doesn't have a lot of mechanics from future games but these days I like simple games you can zip through without having to read 1000+ dialogue boxes or have complicated stories. Sometimes being simple works just as well. New Mystery of the Emblem: 9/10- Pretty much everything I just said about Shadow Dragon applies here as well. Probably my number one favorite Fire Emblem game except maybe Awakening. Awakening: 9/10- High contender for my favorite Fire Emblem game. I like several characters from this game, it's fun to speed through on a day when I have nothing else to do. Still a great game eight years later. Fates Conquest: 7/10- Had fun challenging maps with some characters I like coming from this game. The story and it's main cast of characters however are not so interesting but at least there is a skip button so I don't have to watch the cutscenes every time I play. Fates Birthright: 5/10- Didn't really care for the story or the majority of the Hoshidan characters. Gameplay also felt kind of dull. Fates Revelations: 4/10- Everything was horribly balanced, to the characters and their recruitment time, the story itself and the fact that it was supposed to be the 'golden route'. I am fine just sticking with Conquest thank you. Shadows of Valentia: 6/10- Characters were all interesting and the art style was great however the gameplay itself was what dragged it down for me and it was only fun playing through it the first time. Games that are kind of grindy are just not as fun for me as they used to Warriors: 9/10- Uh, what can I say. I had fun mindlessly destroying armies with my favorite characters. There's not many games I spent 500+ hours playing through. Three Houses: 6/10- Game had well written characters but having to play through the game four times for the full story was a slog and that just made the game's flaws more apparent to me over time. It's still a good game but it just has stuff in it that isn't what I was looking for in a Fire Emblem game.
  7. Wait really? I was kind of just joking since I assumed you would be voting for characters you liked such as Norne, Myrrh and Olivia but if you really don't mind sending a vote to Awakening Anna then thanks! Fates Anna is also my favorite design wise but most people who decide to vote for Anna in CYL have generally agreed to rally behind her Awakening variant since that is the one that always scores the highest.
  8. Yeah, good dagger units are kind of hard to pick one out for since their main role can easily be filled in by other units with the right skill setup. I think I have only ever built up one dagger unit in Heroes. A Norne alt would be really neat to see though. You could always vote for Awakening Anna like I am if you really don't have anyone else on mind that you want to vote for.
  9. Any reason you want a dagger alt for Norne? I'm kind of curious.
  10. Sorry, but I lost interest in who wins CYL a long time ago and while Brave Chrom would still be cool to see Brave alts are just not that interesting or unique to me as they used to be. I would rather vote for my absolute favorites even if they stand no chance of winning. Besides, even if I wasn't throwing all my votes at Anna I would probably end up spreading my votes for other characters in my top 10 favorites like A!Tiki, Cordelia, Linde and Palla (Yes, I'm aware that I am part of the female bias problem Heroes tends to have).
  11. As much as I like Marth, Chrom and Eirika I feel like my votes would be wasted on Lord characters since they get a ton of alts regardless of whether they win CYL or not. I was actually thinking of giving Nyna some votes but I feel very confident she is getting added to Heroes sometime this year either from Archanea's next New Heroes banner, the Fallen Heroes banner or a seasonal banner (like Bridal or Christmas). So all my votes will be going to Anna again for the third year in a row and I will be very happy if she is still in the top 20 since it might help encourage IS to give her one more alt.
  12. @Maaka I don't know if I just never noticed before but I'm seeing Bartre quadding now. That's amazing! @BoaFerox I like seeing galeforcing dancers. They always seem unique to me. I was surprised to see Tana survive and knockout out Osian. Nice one turn clear! @Diovani Bressan I don't think I have seen anyone do a one turn clear with beast units before. Nice clear! @Landmaster I was surprised to see Elise survive a Luna attack from Tanya without Miracle (I don't think I saw it activate anyways). The Elise team shredded through the map quite quickly.
  13. @Landmaster That looks like a well rounded Echoes team. What kind of bait did you use to lure Azura down to your units. She didn't like the bait I had which is why I had her 'leave the stage' on turn 1. Nice clear!
  14. I got a blank version of the bingo card from this link on twitter. blank on Twitter: "blank version https://t.co/ZfPzD3W9kZ" / Twitter
  15. So we have a Plegian themed banner but it only has one character from Awakening actually in the event. Not that it bothers me since I am not a fan of the Dark Mage attire from Awakening I just find it amusing. I also find it funny that Dorothea has two seasonal alts before her normal variant got put in Heroes. I'm happy to see Raphael here. I always kind of assumed if he was going to be added to Heroes it would be on a seasonal banner. Banner's a skip for me since I find the TT unit the more interesting once again since Kris is wielding axes just like when I play New Mystery of the Emblem. I have been waiting for a new axe cavalry to use in this game besides Frederick.
  16. About a week ago I saw a lot of people post bingo sheets for who they want to see come to Heroes in 2021. I decided to make one myself for fun and was surprised I could come up with 25 characters I would like to see even if I kind of cheated a little. I decided to post it here since it seemed appropriate for it (plus what's five more characters).
  17. @Maaka Looked a bit tricky to pull off but great one turn clear! I see Bartre is a fan of ninja weapons now. @Landmaster Nice clears with your Fates teams! This map really didn't like Elise huh. @SatsumaFSoysoy Slow and steady won the race here. Hel, Lilina and Brunnya were in no rush to finish off their opponents. Nice clear!
  18. I don't really record my GHB or BHB clears anymore but this map looked like it had fun potential for one turn clears. Also, when will Raven get his Askr Resplendent art to go along with the rest of my Galeforce core team? @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear with Duessel! He can pretty much solo maps by himself with everything IS gave him. I'm of the opinion Duessel just absorbed all of Seth's god tier strength for himself with he came to Askr.
  19. @GuiltyLove L!Alm and L!Celica look powerful. I have yet to summon either of them. I'm surprised Azura jumped in and attacked Catria instead of the Green archer but I guess he couldn't do much against Iote's Shield. It was nice seeing Catria wreck things with Vantage. Nice clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy Brave Bow and Bold Fighter looks like a powerful combo for an armored unit. The Celicas looks great as always. Great clears!
  20. I also think this is Kaze's first time being a bonus unit in Arena. I think I will actually use him next week since I have him fully merged up. Probably better than using an unmerged Sharena anyways.
  21. Left looks like Tharja and the head on the right made me think of Donnel for a moment but the body build doesn't match unless this is Donnel 10-20 years after Awakening. They didn't really leave a good hint on what the theme could be.
  22. It's been a while since I actually had to think hard about how to clear a hard FE map with my limited resources. I forgot that Azura's map starts off with so many annoying units like that flying firesweeper, the flash cleric and of course Azura herself. But after three hours of struggling I remembered that I used F!Delthea to solo this map with dancer assistance a long time ago and adopted a similar strategy to clear the Abyssal map. @Maaka Gray looks powerful with his prf and was able to enemy phase those cavalry units easily. I see we had similar ideas about knocking out Azura right away with FH!Delthea. Nice one turn clear!
  23. I had a healthy selection of characters to use this time around with they games they chose for this month's Limited Hero Battles. Kronya GHB: L'Arachel, H!L'Arachel, Marisa, W!Eirika Ike and Soren BHB: A!Anna, A!Tiki Cordelia, Cherche Death Knight GHB: Eliwood, Hector, B!Hector, Ninian Klein and Clarine BHB: Reinhardt, Ares, Ethlyn, Green Tome Olwen I guess I will find out tomorrow if the Clair I built up will be able to clear Azura's LHB for me. I only just now realize that despite liking the Echoes cast I haven't really built up that many of them in Heroes.
  24. Oh yeah, I forgot about Awakening. It would be nice to see more characters from that game. It's a shame IS has gotten cold feet towards anything Awakening related since 2019 and does not seem to have much confidence in characters from that game.
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