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  1. After rewatching the trailer again I just realized that Nowi's quote was probably a reference to Echoes. Since Valm is the future version of Valentia it would actually be true for Nowi to believe that witches existed in the past. Nice touch there IS.
  2. I would recommend Emerald as it has in my opinion the best game but since you said games on DS/3DS I would also like to say Platinum is a good choice. The villain team in Platinum didn't impress me that much but most of the gym leaders are actually challenging and the champion is generally agreed to be the hardest in the franchise. Plus there is still plenty to do postgame since Battle Frontier exist in this game. Platinum also isn't as slow as Diamond and Pearl when it comes to saving the game or messing around with PC. Other games I would recommend is Black/White 2 but it requires playing Black/White 1 to understand the full Unova story or Heartgold/Soulsilver if you want to see what Pokémon was like back late 90's/early 2000's but those games are hard to by these days or way too expensive.
  3. I would like to see Owain and Chrom have a support conversation because despite being related they didn't have one back in their home game. I have no idea what they would talk about though besides Chrom comparing Owain to Lissa's frantic personality.
  4. Wow, I didn't notice that we both posted almost the same thing at the same time.
  5. Might as well throw my thoughts out. Awakening Severa/Inigo- I feel these two are the most obvious. Chrom's and Lissa's kids are in the game. With Cordelia and soon to be Olivia also being in Warriors it would look weird to me if they weren't added some time down the line. We also don't have a Mercenary moveset yet and those two could fill that role although I could also see Severa being a Bow Knight thanks to Fates. Gaius- He's a popular male character and could fill the role of a classic FE thief character since our only other thieves are Niles and Anna and they both wield bows. Nowi/Adult Tiki- I feel one of these two could be added just to have another stone user and they are both rather popular. Shadow Dragon Camus- He can be our Lance Cavalier and it would be great seeing him wielding Gravidus. I'm still kind of disappointed not seeing him in the first batch of DLC. Jeorge- He would probably be a moveset clone like the other Archers but his specials could revolve around Parthia. Merric- Again, probably another moveset clone of the mage class but with specials using Excalibur. Being Marth's friend also helps. SOV Alm- I still find it weird that Celica is in the game without any other SOV character but I just want at least Alm in the game, even if he is a moveset clone of someone like Chrom. I have no idea who else from SOV they could put in besides Echoes-exclusive characters like Faye and Berkut/Conrad or fan favorite characters like Gray and Mae. Blazing Sword- Since Lyn is in the game they might as well add a few more characters from her game. Eliwood- He'll easily be a moveset clone of Xander. Hector- I could see him being a representation of the Fighter class like how Lyn sorta represents the Myrmidon class. Ninian- The only other character I know from Blazing Sword thanks to Heroes. I can see her having a unique moveset due to be a dancer, a dragon, and having ice powers all put together. Fates I don't know if anyone else will be added from this game due to them already having most of the well known faces or popular characters in Warriors unless they go out of their way to add dagger users like Felicia and Kaze which seems unlikely at this point.
  6. I'm excited for Owain the most but I voted for my number two Azura. I think her moveset has the potential to be the most unique of the DLC characters besides Olivia. I'm also interested in seeing if Linde and Tharja will have a moveset focused on light and dark magic respectively despite not really caring for Tharja much.
  7. Oh hey, Chie is in the game. She was one of my favorites to play as in both P4A games. Totally expecting Yukiko to get revealed next month unless they decide to reveal a P3 character or Labrys.
  8. Wow, so this game is still getting leaks before it comes out worldwide? You think they would learn by now after happening twice already.
  9. I tried using a Horse Emblem team but those forest tiles were just too troublesome for me. Instead I managed to clear Lunatic and Infernal with the Valentian Mages (Celica, Delthea, and Sonya) + Azura who used Sing on whoever needed another action. I had to fight all the reinforcements but mages in general seemed to work well on this map.
  10. I'm pretty sure they are only going to pull characters from P4A. If they do put in a character from P5 it will probably only be Joker and most likely as DLC to tease a potential P5A. I would like to be wrong about that though.
  11. @Astellius I know I'm a little late saying this but I have gotten your Tiki too. She was fun to use. I think I have gotten everyone's unit that was on team Corrin besides @Vaximillian's Sharena. I never saw her once.
  12. @Vaximillian and @Astellius I decided to send both of you a friend request since you both are on Team Corrin. I hope that's okay. Also, my friend code is 8264658470 if anyone else wants to add me.
  13. Does that mean its Draug disguised as all those soldiers consider Patrick Seitz voices him in Heroes.
  14. I just realize I have a spare Hector in my barracks. Does anyone know if Anna could use Distant Counter or would it be better to keep Fury on her. Her res is actually pretty high and I was wondering if she could be a good Reinhardt counter.
  15. What is going to counter with though? Actually, forget I asked that.
  16. I managed to beat all three difficulties with a team of Klein, Cordelia, Azura, and Olivia. Klein dealt with the red Mage and Minerva with help from the refreshers while Cordelia got rid of anything that came into her attack range. I had to give Klein an Attack Seal and forge it at least once to beat Infernal though.
  17. Time for Round 2. I wonder if there will be any upsets this time too.
  18. Ah, Halo 3. I remember having a blast playing multiple runs of co-op campaign with my brother in this game. I also remember Master Chief's death scream always making me laugh for some reason.
  19. 1. Do Dragonstones come in Iron/Steel/Silver variations? 2. Do you think we are more likely to see other shapeshifting characters like Wolfskins/Kitsune/etc. or will they do something similar to Hyrule Warriors and just put in Adult Tiki from Awakening? 3. Is 4 the maximum amount of characters you can bring into a map?
  20. 1. Do Dragonstones come in Iron/Steel/Silver variations? 2. Do you think we are more likely to see other shapeshifting characters like Wolfskins/Kitsune/etc. or will they do something similar to Hyrule Warriors and just put in Adult Tiki from Awakening? 3. Is 4 the maximum amount of characters you can bring into a map?
  21. I would say my favorite class is Mercenary/Hero. I always preferred them over Myrmidon/Swordmaster due to all their stats being average/above average. Also, I just like the design of the class.
  22. FE 3/12: Linde and Palla, with special mentions to Catria FE13: Owain and Chrom FE14: Leo and Elise, with special mentions to Silas and Kaze FE 2/15: Boey and Kliff, with special mentions to Delthea Whole Series: Anna
  23. Well, I made my decision. I decided to support F!Corrin. My Heroes ID is 8264658470 with B.Lyn set as my leader at the moment . Anyone on Team F!Corrin who wants to add me can feel free to do so.
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