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  1. What drives those with nothing to lust for money so, and for what? Is it merely the vengeance of the deprived, or the foolishness of the depraved? Perhaps to gold's sweet clink and bloods intoxicating scent, the why and the who may vanish from the mind. Who provides the ichor and coin to those who taint their souls and why? Is it to spread more coin and take more blood, or to take more coin and spread more blood. Perhaps it is both in equal measure and to mix that deepest dread into it all. Oooh I like this one, can you hire him Ruben, please please please? I'll take a pay cut if that's what it takes, I'll stop calling you mean things dead units are still fair game though, I'll even let you in on what my super secret screenshot LP is gonna be if that's what you want.
  2. Since I don't own a switch i had to borrow a friends for 2 weeks, i played Golden Deer Hard Classic. It was okay, the fact that they reused so many maps felt kinda lazy, but since I didn't get all the paralogues I didnt come across the same maps too often. All in all, from my personal experience with the game, as well as what has been said about it by some of the people I know (mainly Rubenio up there), while the game is a neat, I don't think I could justify buying it for any more than €30-40 if I do ever get a switch.
  3. Or, just hear me out, Give yourself an all stats capped Batta the Beast as a berserker with an unbreakable 1-3 range Killer Axe , who will only be used once and never again. Otherwise mine glitch
  4. Butter sprang up and took note of the situation. “Those damnable lizards could be trouble if they get close" Snatching up his bow he exclaimed “ Everyone stay back! Leave those wyverns to me!" Narrowly dodging the first rider's axe swing, he nocked and fired two arrows in quick succession when the remaining beasts got close. From the way they crumbled upon defeat and the iconic headgear that the enemies wore, Butter deduced one thing. “Masked"
  5. Only Shokkoth I know is the one from Conan (and I only know that because I just looked it up), so no demonic contracts I'm afraid. This is more of a personal project anyway
  6. Just helping some ... "friends" reach out to you. htps:/forms.srnesforst.ne/inde.php?/profil/17747-sin-rubenio/ htps:/forms.srnesforst.ne/inde.php?/profil/17747-sin-rubenio/ my dear Ruben htps:/forms.srnesforst.ne/inde.php?/profil/17747-sin-rubenio/ indeed It's alright, you dont need to know. What you don't know can't hurt you right? htps:/forms.srnesforst.ne/inde.php?/profil/17747-sin-rubenio/ ... and so the cries get louder htps:/forms.srnesforst.ne/inde.php?/profil/17747-sin-rubenio/
  7. C'mon Roger, ol buddy, ol pal. Get something killed already, be like Ruben, or Benice, I need the work man, otherwise the IRS (Income Ruben Service) might investigate my contract, and find out that I'm just a write-off employee, then the whole company goes down.
  8. “Well then, I suppose it's time to wrap up for the night, I'll take first watch and wake you in say 4 and a half hours. Sound good Toki?
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