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  1. Well it's less the ease of removal and more the, we don't want to have 2 versions of this map in the code, because that takes up space, especially since we have to code an overview and a close up of each map, that's actually one of the reasons that 3H reuses so many of its maps, its to stop the game tanking the entire Switch, while still having it look pretty. But they probably did plan on using the final map twice, but just didn't (go figure) anyway, cut the team a little slack, it was a fire emblem game off handheld, of course it was gonna be rough.
  2. Luthier is easier to use and Excalibur gives him a potential one round of any enemy, but once delthea gets her attack rolling and her better spells she becomes a glass super cannon, Nomah is useful for sagittae chip and some healing here and there but that's honestly it. Silque, more like Suque Don't worry it won't be for long. I always use reset to kill all of Sonya's witches, then double back to kill Dean, as well as use it to kill all of Jerome and Zeke's men to optimise exp gain without technically grinding. But yeah retreat is busted. I do like the turn wheel but it should only be like undo one turn, like 3 times a map at most. Just post your current fe12 play through as is and lets all act like it was an fe12 lets play the whole time.
  3. Trust me, it won't. Fe4 is suuuuper tedious, and it has something even worse than a turnwheel, in game save scumming at the start of every turn, meaning you can undo literally any screwup with an infinite number of uses. The story is great for 5 chapters (even if it is a bit minimalistic) then it dumps, and one tenth of the entire game is desert level. It has what I would consider the worst replay value of every game in the series, as unless you do a deliberate challenge run, the first half is going to be the same every time you start over, and the second half is going to be mostly the same, because there's never a deployment limit so you don't get to make fun strategies. If you like mindless every enemy is going to die to one unit you'll love this.
  4. If you ever find a game no longer fun to play, then yes you should stop, FE4 is a meaty S.O.B and your only halfway through, so don't waste what hours you have left on Earth, playing something you don't enjoy, just go to Thracia, it's a pretty fun game partially because of some of its BS, and I think you'll enjoy it.
  5. You get a calcium allergy AYAW getting the power to give virginity to people
  6. Well, I've received 2 sanctions and a warning from eclipse, but none from integrity, but eclipse seems more fun, so I'll go with eclipse
  7. My game virginity went to Mario and the 6 gold coins, on my dads OG gameboy. My first video game love, was definitely Pokemon Red version, could never catch Taurus or Kangaskan though. First console, was the regular game boy, but the first home console was the PS1, I played read ran into the wall of Spyro Gateway to Glimmer for like a minute and a half. First FE was the awakening demo off the e shop, and Awakening was my first Fire Emblem love. My first FE waifu was Lissa, with Gaius as the husbando. Never really played any MMORPGs, unless you count the only *real* game I've ever played on PC Roblox Speaking of PC, my first PC game was some weird educational maths space shooter thing that was on all the school computers. The first game I ever hated was Ishido: the way of stones for the gameboy, because 4 year old me back in 05 couldn't figure out how it worked and it made me angry (I still have no idea how to play it) Honestly, I can hardly remember a time when video games weren't in my life, cuz I lived a mile out from the nearest town (which to a kid growing up was in the middle of nowhere) so I never really had many friends aside from some of the kids in and around the area, meaning I spent almost all my time playing away on ye olde gameboy.
  8. Ehhhehhehh, uh..., he might, take some of them out by accident...maybe? @JCartwright More masc, gotcha, if you need a real Buffdude McGee, I can sort that as well, but I think this might be a bit better than the Ninowil in the meantime.
  9. In my defence, I assumed that ÔÇťresponsible for the total annihilation of a Serenian battalion" meant he defeated them in battle, not ordered them to their deaths.
  10. Warning: Stereotypes Anybody wanna join the Tears of Serenia project
  11. @JCartwright, If your still looking for a portrait, I'd like to offer this one (its in low resolution cause SF won't let me post large pics, but I can send the high(er) quality version over Discord onto you or Sire). It's a very basic Nino over Wil. Since you didn't specify any gender, went for a more andro Lewyn (based on your profile pic) in basic combat gear. I can redo to be more masculine or more feminine if you want.
  12. 2 brands of rope, pulling apart a third brand of rope.
  13. Ehh, the movement starred bow fighter has a pretty good magic growth, so they make for a decent counter to mages, and chip damage is nice to have around, the other bow fighter ain't great, but still scrolls can make most units viable if used right. Some mechanics Brightbow forgot to mention are the stars, they are; Movement Stars every time a unit makes an action they have a chance to move again of (5 x number of leadership stars)% Leadership Stars for every leadership star a unit has they grant their allies an extra 3 hit and avoid
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