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  1. "If I recall correctly from my last visit, there should be a shallow cave in the rock wall just up ahead, much closer than any of the forts, it should provide adequate shelter, but it won't be as comfortable as a fort. On the other hand we can't be sure the fort's occupants would let us in, they could even attack us if they think we're Masked, or are Masked themselves. Regardless of where we're going, we should hurry up. I don't think Karen will last much longer in all this rain."
  2. "I've been here a few times on jobs, the terrain is nothing compared to back home, so long as we stick to the main trail that is, but I wouldn't recommend going up when it's as wet and dark as it is, mountain paths tend to get slippy in the rain, not ideal for night climbing."
  3. Gosh golly I really intended to get this out earlier, whoops, I think I'll be able to get more parts out soon, at least 1 a week, but don't hold me to it sorry. Part 14: Many evolutions. Replies: Update: Stay buttery folks.
  4. Hey all Post Production Pengaius here. Apparently I somehow linked my own LP thread instead of the Edgelord's music. Sorry about that. Here it is then. Post Production Pengaius out!
  5. Ayyyo! 2021, may this year be better than the last. Part 13: Navvoldeager. Replies Update Happy New Year! Stay buttery, in 2021.
  6. I would have done so earlier but i still don't understand how this game works. As much as I'd like to let you revel in the good times, I do have an obligation to attend to no point in hiding it anymore. Christine? More like Christoute. Esteban? More like Estebanned. Czene? More like Penne (they both have a big hole in the middle) Clifford? More like Cliffailed Elbert? More like Elburied Leon? More like Le-gone Marcel? More like Parcel (of guts, entrails and the like) Arthur? More like Arthurt (this one had me stumped as I couldn't think of a hood one so here) Alvina? More like Alvinada Larentia? More like Lamentia Sylvis? More like Spillvis (on account of all the blood and guts that spilled out of her)
  7. Hello, everybody, hope y'all had a wonderful Dec 24th-26th, I'm gonna try to get an update out every 2-4 days or so from now until I beat maingame. Postgame is something I'll show a little of but I can't guarantee that I'll have a solid pace for it. Part 12: Toxic Relationship. Rplys e pdt Uae Keep it Buttery folks.
  8. Personally I'd love to see an avatar that takes the few nuances of Sigurd' character and tramples them into the mire, leaving Sigurd as just boring naïve Lord who Deirdre falls in love with. It would also be great if they replaced Seliph as the protagonist if gen 2 as well. We could even bring in a singular 3rd Gen character so that you can S Support 2nd gen characters as well. Maybe this avatar can S-Support 2 times once in gen1 and once in gen2 we can have them lose their memory so that complications for characters that survived Belhalla or parental relationships aren't in the way! The whole 2nd gen eugenics for extra holy weapons wouldn't even matter though, as you'd still only be able to get Valflame/Helswath/Mjollnir/Gungnir for the final map. Anyway, systems shouldn't be added that further discourage use of the base cast which the 2nd gen units are substitutes for, because lets face it the replacements are already busted enough we don't need to make the easiest game (imo) even easier.
  9. This update, was kind of a pain to put together actually. Either my computers screenshot function or imgbox messed up because the body of the update where the castle battle took place was randomly spread around the rest of the images, thankfully their order didn't get messed up but was still annoying. Part 11: Getting real high Re sponses: Like, Gameplay man: Like, keep it buttery dude.
  10. I have no idea what anything you just said meant, good luck with... whatever this is. But one of the names on the list was Joe Rival, which is a funny name, so can I make you pick Joe Rival? (I do not know if I've messed you up or just handed you the W) Again good luck, looking forward to this (even though I'll barely keep up with it I'm sure)
  11. Hey all post production Pengaius here. Just a heads up that I may be putting out another update in 2-4 days. Oh and because I forgot. Stay Buttery. Post production Pengaius out.
  12. Hello, hello, if you're reading this you may want to reply fast, as I may or may not start cranking these out at an absurd rate soon enough. Part 10: That one Tellius map with all the rocks, we stole it. Replos: Opdat
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