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  1. Fair You must solo rev with Hisame I genuinely dislike Percival as both a unit and a character.
  2. Leif for all of those reasons as well as how the fatigue mechanic plays into his character. Fatigue as a mechanic forces the player to rest their units every once in a while. Everybody but Leif. Leif is not allowed to become fatigued, he must keep fighting, no matter what. I feel that Leif's growths are as low as they are to further emphasise that he isn't getting much rest, and isn't able to fully and properly grow stronger (but that's just reading too far into it)
  3. Should have apologised for your Heals missing. What does this make, Cupid's Bow? Maybe he just hates women? Huh? This guy is the lowest value on Valery's hit-list which means either he's not encroaching too much on the Community's ventures(they only have a little stock in this trade), or Valery has such a large enough income from this industry, that Boltz's gang is only a drop lost from the ocean.
  4. W-whuh, but Greed only appears in thr Samus and Joey manga and it's sequel Metroid EX. How can you even know about Greed otherwise? Ah nevermind. You should read those though. You can find them fully translated on the metroid database. I'll get to work on a pun for Navarre, I have a feeling he wont survive.
  5. Well, that is what Ruben's paying me for. *pun will be dispensed upon verification of defeat* *Unit; [Wil] is currently listed in roster* *authenticating* *ACCESS DENIED* Priskilla Priscilly Rabbit Lifes for not you Here is a video that may help you better understand why some people like Hector. Also, Lyn was the first lord to not have a cape. Eat shit Kaga
  6. Rube must stop him? I must stop him. That petulant harlot Sylvis must never be allowed near the valiant Arkis.
  7. Obscure ass manga reference. S&J was a fun little read. Also good luck, I expect you'll be putting me to work if you intend to get any of the gaiden units.
  8. Fe 1 Abel Fe 3 bk 2 Abel Fe 11 Abel FeH Abel All the same moveset, but in 4 character slots Bay-Bee
  9. "I think I'll walk. In the meantime I'll do a spot of hunting, see if I can't get a few rabbits or a wild boar, maybe try to find a few mushrooms or wild vegetables, dont want a meal to be too gamey. Hope one of ya knows how to cook, don't let me near a skillet if you like your food edible."
  10. If you get 17x, I vote that you be allowed arena abuse Eliwood and only Eliwood, to level 15 because otherwise there's no way you'd get the A route, and because he'll still suck.
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