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  1. Pabumon IS cute (though it does remind me of *shudders* Numemon) but how about this good boy
  2. Bruh, no, behold peak adorable (btw this thing eventually digivolves into Crescemon, one of the hot waifu digimon in the top image, speaking of the top image why the fudge are Lopmon (brown rabbit thing) and Gatomon (the literal cat) on the waifus image, Renamon I understand (because furries) but why the straight up animals?)
  3. Might as well throw my hat in the ring Character Name: Pengaius Forum Name: Pengaius Character Class: Ranger Affiliation: Antagonist (like an enemy general who's hyped up a little and shows up from time to time so the villain has somebody to deliver exposition to, e.g Valter, Petrine, Death Knight (the way he's intended to be portrayed, not ooh! free dark seal) Stage: Late Game Notable features High defense stats Other, Likes butter and is somewhat honourable, but is wholly devoted to the antagonists mission, fights for personal freedom. Portrait
  4. Addams family and Addams family values. I can't tolerate horror at all, to this day I still cannot watch Monster House
  5. Mandatory pay raises for public servants (teachers, public doctors, nurses, etc.) scaling to length of time in job also, smoking areas but for fighting, because I have so many people I want to beat the shit out of but can't due to legal reasons
  6. Hehe car Say what you will about Arkis, but he has more luck than Garo more mastery and luck than both Mintz and The Roger, only one less defense than Yoda, while being significantly lower levelled than all of them, so you and yours can go suck an egg.
  7. I prefer 2rn as it means that ~70~ hit is a little more than 70 hit, it makes me less paranoid and makes me play less turtely, single rn makes 70 hit so much less reliable and as such I play a lot slower almost never going for anything below 75 hit, when a group of enemies have 16 hit in 2rn they almost never hit in single rn, at least one of them will. 2rn reassures the player
  8. Honestly 09 was a blur to me I can't remember a darned thing about it other than playing Pokemon Soul Silver, hard to believe that was 10 years ago.
  9. What you say is true however this is a first, mostly blind run of fe6, optimisation can be dun in subsequent runs, it's better that you have fun using whomever, as even the bad units do not get heavily punished by normal mode enemies. If you play optimally in your first run, you only set yourself up to play optimally every time. The game is to be enjoyed and using bad units or getting hilariously lopsided growths is part of the enjoyment, it's what makes a run unique, if you pick up fe6 solely for the sake of beating it and you never intend to play it again afterward, then you should optimise, but if you intend to play the game for fun, you should just play.
  10. Huh, didn't know that, always thought it was single RN, nevertheless, hitrates are more accurate than you think they are in fe6, dodgetanking is very unreliable
  11. This game uses single ring to calculate hitrates, so an enemy with 50 hit will hit half the time enemies with 36 or so hit will hit every third time, your units are not as good at dodging as in fe7 Other than using Pegasus knights more than nomads, use whatever characters you want, some are better than others but since you're playing the game blind you shouldn't try to play optimally. This is your first run of fe6 go nuts, have fun. While everyone has given you good advice about making the game easier, you should play however you want, if you want to use the armour knights go ahead, if you like the axe users, use em. If you find fe6 fun and go back to it in hard mode, then you can optimise your team. You can only play a game blind once, so make it count.
  12. This is gonna sound a bit weird but I feel that it would be best for you to play Fe7 Lyn's story as a way to become more familiar with how the gba games work, then play Fe8 on Normal, make an extra save right after Renvall, play Eirika's route first, then play Ephraim's route starting from the extra save while Eirika's route is still fresh in your mind. Return to Fe7 and finish Eliwood's story, Then play Hector easy mode, skipping Lyn mode, finally play fe6 normal mode, and make sure that Shanna and Thea are higher levels than Shin and Sue before chapter 16 ends. (you do not want to play the Sacae route first, trust me) This allows you to take in the GBA games at a steady pace, and helps relieve the whiplash that comes with transitioning to the older games, Lyn mode is a nigh-perfect tutorial, but Sacred Stones is the least stressful to complete, Fe7 has one map that can absolutely ruin GBAFe for a player and so it's important that you get one game under your belt so that you can mentally accept that GBAFe is fun and good and fe6 is left till last as it is the hardest of the 3 games. Of course there's no wrong order in which to play the games, and ultimately don't dwell too much on it or you'll get too stressed to even play the games.
  13. *Please understand that the following is a shitpost and I mean you no harm by it* Camilla is a good character because her name backwards is allimaC, and that rhymes with Cadillac and Cadillacs are a car and cars are cool Occasionally when I feel extra sinful that fine morning, I grap a cup of cup Ramen, and in doing so place it agenst my stumak stewmach stammach belly and I try to consume it visa ve osmosis, this angered Cthulu and he called my mother, but Im an orphan so i have no parents to dissapoint. *thus ends the shitpost, please do not ban me*
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