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  1. I'd say Hardin still gets corrupted, probably more easily too, since Gharnef would spin it to be Marth having 'stolen' Nyna from him after all Hardin did protect Nyna longer than Marth, why shouldn't she have married him. It probably wouldn't be the hardest thing to rile up the people of Aurelius against Macedon or Grust, and Elice would be less protected in Altea as Marth would have no choice but leave her to govern. Maria and Lena would still be easy as they were to kidnap. The biggest difference that I can see is that Hardin would not be able to hand Nyna over, so Gharnef would probably take Yumina. If Archanea get involved in stopping Aurelius, Marth wouldn't be in a position to go to Anri's way, at least not until much later on, so Gharnef would be in an better position, not having to fear Starlight,Marth would still have the Falchion though (unless it remains in Altea for some reson), so that could maybe even it out.
  2. I'm tagging @Saint Rubenio because I love his 3H takes, and because he has played enough of the game to properly criticise it. (I've only played VW) 1. Reduce Reclass options: The whole certification exam was a neat concept, but because of how many options you have to reclass, its potential never got used. A individual unit should have 2-3 reclass paths, with the 3rd possibly being hidden behind budding talents, that have different pass ratios for each student (keep weapon ranks increasing pass odds tho) where say brawler Raphael has a 20% base for brawler and a 40% base for Knight or something. Not. Everybody. Should. Be. Able. To. Fly. 2. Have Individual Maps: I get that seeing the same place across different routes is cool, but when every forest paralogue is on the same map (Dagda and Edmund, looking at you two) the maps get boring. Every map should have been individually designed, ALSO include villages and houses instead of just random ass chests in the woods. ALSO ALSO missions should have been more House based, with some common missions, instead of the first 12 maps are always the same. Have only the Blue Lions fight Lonato, and have the other houses do other shit like defend a Village in the alliance from Demonic beasts, or “keep the peace" between two imperial lords bickering over a border villages taxes while some opportunistic bandits pillage freely. 3. Have missions on set days of the Calendar: so instead of having everything on the last day of the month or whatever, some missions could take place week 2 or week 3, maybe even lead into missions on the last day of one month and the first week of the next. This way it's not just take over a fort, fuck off back to Garrag Mach for 4 weeks, take over fort near the other one. This would help better pace the game and avoid those whiplash moments of wait outside the Palace for a month. I havent played Cindered Shadows, so I cant judge on that, sorry.
  3. This got way more attention than it reasonably should have. Part 1: White Clouds Errar Errar Well, that's all the time we've got for today, dear readers, stay safe and keep it Buttery.
  4. Huh, that's weird, they're all fine on my end, they might show up if you switch to another device or use incognito, because otherwise it's an issue with imgbox.
  5. Hello, it is I Pengaius here with my long awaited contribution to the SCU Let's Play thread, well here we go. Part 0; The Prelude to Conquest
  6. “P-perfectly fine, just uh, stretching my mouth muscles! Anyhow, lets hop to it!"
  7. "I would ordinarily go with you but I have a sneaking suspiscion that leaving Cantus alone in the undergrowth would be... unwise, what with all the tripping hazards and unidentified plants."
  8. When I finally get the working software for what I need to do. Have you checked discord recently.
  9. I just enjoy it man, it tastes nice on bread, or in a sauce, or for baking, it's a good all purpose food. Uh... how's Spain?
  10. What is you favourite aspect of Radiant Dawn's gameplay?
  11. “Hey Charlie?" Butter spoke up. "Think it would be a good idea if you and one other person go and pack up the tents while the rest of us search for a little while longer? Then when you have the tents packed up you can signal us to stop the search? Since we have more eyes in the sky, we'll need less on the ground and all that and it'll shave a couple of minutes off of the time we'd take getting ready if everyone kept searching." 'Hopefully he'll pick up the hint and take Karen out of here. She looks half ready to throttle Noelle over there.' Butter thought to himself.
  12. We chose the basic boiled potato as our staple food, my people were traditionally to busy hating the English to enjoy life.
  13. No, margarine is far more processed, it's main use is for baking, but when consumed by itself is severely lacking in creaminess and flavour compared to butter. This, the fats used start of as healthier unsaturated fats, however they pump them full of hydrogen, to create hydrogenated fats which are heavily misshapen and super not good for the body. Any reason why, they never made a big impression on me, since they were all basically the same unlike skel which had good weapon variety. Well, it's still fairly common in my neck of the Emerald Isle to see margarine. Flavourings are something you need to check on a case by case basis, since the ingredients arent always uniform. Not sure about cheesier, but it does wonders for the creaminess of sliced cheese in toast
  14. My browser actually crashed when loading this so gg i guess. ... dude what if all of October was Friday the 13th? This thread is for spooks and frights not existential eldritch horror thanks. Bruh theres no image attached.
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