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  1. Don't split your army, send your bulky units up front to take on the enemies attacks and have the healers heal them when they take damage, make a 2 man choke point to block the knights and have a good Lance unit with a few Vulneraries or elixirs take on the myrmidons one at a time. Eliwood should stay in the forest in the bottom right corner until Vaida spawns, either with a lancereaver or a decent axe using unit, vaida can grab Eliwood and just frick off when you get her. Don't rush ahead for this map, and follow the reinforcement guide on @Interdimensional Observer's post so as to not need to deal with a huge amount of reinforcements. Just take the chapter slowly and chokepoint and it'll all be okay. This map and battle before dawn are the hardest chapters the game throws at you so honestly you'll be fine once you beat this map.
  2. Most of our names are either bizarre concepts, adjective-noun, things that aren't even words, or collections at random symbols that looks like a word. amd if we're trying to flip the bird at Nintendo's copyright team we could always pull a Kaga and call it Serenes Tear Ring.
  3. The colouring is so much better than it was, although I'm not too sure about the beard, well if that can be called a beard. If it's okay, I'd rather use this version (edited Fenreirs improved version) that is clean shaven. I gotta say man you really do have a good eye for colour.
  4. This is probably coming a bit late but Ibis Paint, is on android and it's what I used for my recolour. It's pretty good, as you can import and edit images. Also could anybody PM me the discord link if possible.
  5. Got myself a portrait at last, I felt it'd be weird to have a bunch of humanoids and then literal actual butter, so I decided to just go with a Green/Yellow O'Neill recolour (yes O'Neill the least memorable character in all of the GBA Fire emblems). It's not amazing and could definitely do with a more deft hand than I but it's the best I can do using an ipad 4.
  6. Well, it's really more that the majority of your magic users (children excluded as they vary too much) are either sorta bad as a unit (Nyx and Orochi are hella squishy, Hayato joins underlevelled and is only okay, Odin is kinda lacklustre Leo is similar to Odin but has Brynhildr, which makes him a little bit better but not that much, Camilla is straight up better with an axe and Izana ain't too good either) or have to learn from E after promoting from a physical class, with barely any magic, the only particularily good learners of magic are base class healers and the avatar, and generally enemies in this game have more res than the previous games, magic is only truly good on a handful of (non child) characters.
  7. While you do get some good utility tomes, it's still just that, tomes, which kinda suck in this game (all magic weapons do really even the shining bow is bad as a weapon by its own merits) Nina's Paralogue gives the aforementioned shining bow, which while being a shitty magic weapon, is still good against fliers, and allows Niles to capture bow users without retaliation as well as make it easier to capture physical enemies with more def than Niles' squat attack (mainly generals and knights and whatnot) as well as some money, and a goddess icon (there's also a partner seal but that's pretty much just more money tbh) Magic bow as a weapon < Tomes Capture utility from Magic bow > Tomes Just dump her on Xander for 8 maps and then yeet her back to the bench, or promote her and use her as an offence backpack. Although she can throw a mean hand axe and that's not nothin.
  8. Not kills everything, just most things, throw Felicia/Jakob a kill or 2 here and there, if they can't kill, they can chip, and for the one pre route split chapter if you can give Azura a kill without any risks, do as it's better exp. While the exp formula will curb their level, Corrin still learns Dragon Fang (a pretty strong proc skill) at level 10 and the most of other units with you early on don't need exp, any and all exp that goes to them, is exp that Corrin loses out on and could have made better use of either by gaining levels, or removing themselves (by which I mean just staying away from combat, they can't be undeployed) from low level battles, allowing your other units to get the exp instead. Adding to this Corrin only has 3 open inventory slots for (directly) pre-route split items while there are 5 items they can get 1 Concoction, 2 Vulneraries, a Godess icon and a HP tonic, they should go into Corrin's inventory straight away anyways, as the two controllable combat allies are best left out of combat, (both for exp gain and that they make better pair bots than fighters) the icon goes straight in so you don't have to waste time trading it later, and the healing items as they are more useful on Corrin than anybody else and if Corrin doesn't use the icon one of the Vulneraries has to get dumped, so use it while is there the hp tonic is pointless as transfer, (while statboosting tonics are very good to have, at this point healing items can benefit more units and are just more useful to have in the convoy, or in an inventory) have Corrin or you club user chug it immediately, but don't throw away anything to get the tonic. Nina's (Niles' daughter) paralogue is one of those good to do early ones as it's one of the few (possibly the only) to feature treasure chests, one of which has a 1-2 range magic bow which is kinda cool, also some gold. Its a good idea to not do any child paralogues until you get Camilla, (it's hard to unlock child paralogues before this point, but is still possible) Check. Enemy. Skills. They WILL kill you. Seriously this cannot be emphasised enough, the enemies especially late game ones, often carry multiple seal skills, proc skills, rally skills and op BS skills unavailable to the player.
  9. Yes that perfectly describes that which I desired come clearly across from my response to your response to my reply. I mean you never named him, what else do I call him. ...... suuuuure Oh my! Whatever do you mean? Your picks are fine, but Lina with Runan and Arkis with Holmes so you can finally get him that goddamned level you promised.
  10. While not as busted as Awakening's, thanks to the separation of strikes and guards, Fates Pair up still gives hefty stat boosts, especially to lovers and allows the player to reliably block attacks, even with earlygame and no support pairings, outlaws and ninjas can give mov boosts from the word go, the ability to switch attackers and defenders is helpful as always, and the huge boost to support growth speed allows you to unlock new paralogues in as little as 8 maps, without having to wait for 13 chapters of story before child characters to be available. It's not as powerful as awakenings version but is still quite capable of snapping the game in half with the right units.
  11. This is important for Birthright, not Conquest, it doesn't apply here. Do kill him, you get boots, as a unit Shura is meh. Spare him only if you desperately need a unit with locktouch or a healer. Absurd as in they wouldn't be out of place in FE1 Pair-up is super busted, so if you want the game to actually be hard (subjective), don't use it. Use Jakob/Felicia's heal staff at every opportunity for chapters 2 and 3, as they get a free new one later. In chapter 4 make sure the Godess icon, both Vulneraries and the Concotion are on Corrin. Rinkah is an XP thief, as is Kaze until the route split. In ironman Rinkah and Sakura can die and it's fine, protect Azura at all costs. In chapter 6 Elise's staves can be used as much as you want as she gets new staves when she rejoins. Also in this chapter the royals gain no xp so finish foes with Corrin and Felicia/Jakob The bronze weapons in this game are absolutely awful, it's probably a good idea to only focus on 1 weapon for each unit solely because of how awful it is to have to buy and use a bunch of bronze axes, the exception is the bow as flier advantage is a good investment. Azura can only get to C lances as a songstress, so just keep the brass naginata on her for the extra defences and focus on singing. Butler/Maid is not that great of a class and promoting to them is a bad idea, S staves only gets you this games Aum staff and daggers are just awful weapons, however flame shuriken felicia murders everything, with her insane Mag. Xander and Camilla are both extremely powerful units, Leo is less formidable but still should have some utility, the games other pre-promoted units are very bad. Niles has the capture skill, so build a prison and capture some enemies, especially some of the late game ones as they are probably better than most of your army. Fully upgrade the Fire Orb and the Hotspring and you can unlock Flora and Izana respectively. Kaze is pretty much the only unit who can use a soldier's knife (brave dagger) In the smithy you can use the Ore swap to trade 5 of one ore for 1 of a different kind. The arena gives no xp or gold, only food and ore. If you use M!Corrin, unless they S-support with a Corrinsexual (only able to S-support Corrin) or a child character, you will not be able to recruit all child characters. (Exactly 1 too few non Corrin exclusive female partners) Niles/M!Corrin will not produce any children.
  12. Has just come back to SF after a brief hiatus
  13. Yes that perfectly describes what I intended to convey last update. Bruh. I'm smack dab in the middle of the busiest 5-6 weeks of my year. I'm up and down the fracking country doing everything from paintball, to Cart racing, to huge family gatherings, as well as 3 birthday celebrations. I do not have the energy to can right now. Perfectly balanced as all thing should be. Dragon fight! Dragon fight! Yay! My dude totally reminds me of Orson from Sacred Stones Wrys, kill it with fire! That thing looks like Santa if Santa was a crackhead. That's a twist. Is it pretzel? It's probably Pretzel.
  14. Not every chapter needs a boss, you can always have monsters make up filler chapters or not have a boss in some fog of war maps (it'd kinda suck for somebody to just get totally skipped over because they couldn't be seen. Not every boss need be fought immediately. If, for instance there's some kind of prison map and have, for example Jaemson as the warden, with endgame level stats, the map could be a break in where the boss is the timer and you have to free the prisoners and seize point, hypothetically of course. The issue isn't necessarily getting more bosses (although more is better) but knowing when and where we can afford to place or not place the bosses we currently have.
  15. Because you have a very over-active imagination what's new scooby doo?
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