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  1. Been exited for this since I saw the videos of it on your yt channel, looking forward to see what you've done with the game. I can only hope that you kept my favourite grinding spots and also added Arkis.
  2. This seems like a fun time. Havent actually checked the game out yet so this should be a good indicator to know if i'd enjoy it. My biggest question is does it have more of the good Thracia jank (fun hidden mechanics, wacky growths, nonstandardised enemies) or the bad Thracia jank (Invisible warp tiles, no map preview, player only ink of war).
  3. So I dont really have anything to say about Sacae (based)/lIIia (cringe) that hasnt already been said other than the fact that if you dont recruit sue you cant go Sacae. But the other splits are pretty cool. For Thracia what i haven't seen brought up in this thread yet is all the cool items that the b route gives you. Luna manual, a 2nd Vouge, Berserk Staff, Heim Scroll and 1-3 master swords depending on how capturey you feel. So the choice becomes do you go A route to get some strong units for your army or do you go B route to make your pre-existing army better. The only problem with B route is that 16b is the 2nd worst map in the game only losing out to the "Whacky Statue Heist of Blindness and Teleportation". Conomore is nice for the few outdoor maps you have left, Shannam helps oufit your goon squad with Silver weapons and I do enjoy Miranda if only for the absolute hilarity that is Wrath meteor shananagins. But enough about the best game in the series its time for the real big route split. Eirika route has some of my favourite map ideas in the series. Revolt at Carcino is such a cool map conceptually. Normally maps where you save a bunch of green units they are on the way to the seize point, but this map has you approach from a weird angle where you need to get to Innes and co and form a defensive position using the little box and the walls while you divert another squad to rush Pablo. It would be such a good map if only Fe8 enemies knew what stats were. The aias map is pretty interesting too as it puts the player in a pincer attack and forces the player to rush down Aias (or would if again Fe8 enemies were strong in any way). The maps biggest problem is that if you play too fast you miss Cormag which ruins the payoff for the whole Valter/Glen mini-arc so that kinda blows. I think the map would be better if it didnt have just Aias as a win condition but also Pablo too but hey I actually enjoy 5x so what do I know. The Ephraim route maps are all kinda bleh with the exception of the Gheb chapter for entirely meme reasons. All the Ephraim maps are just kind of slow and boring. The only map thats more fun than its Eirika mode counterpart is the castle map, but thats just because the architects all suffered from heatstroke when designing Jehanna Hall.
  4. In all fairness your honour, my client is simply built different.
  5. Well this seems like it will be interesting to observe. Haven't played this hack, but it seems interesting at least.
  6. ,03j7wie Mobile, most definately not, for the win.
  7. Uh, yeah Part 15: Glacial Pace. Repliddidyplabs Whapdatty Boy am I glad to finally have this out. I still intend on completing this LP (for the main game at least) but don't expect updates frequently, as I'm currently busy with college stuff. There probably won't be another update until at least October, but as can be seen from the 7 month hiatus, I'm not too good at keeping a schedule. Until next time folks, stay buttery.
  8. Best not tell him that i just lost the draft of my update which had all the replies again...
  9. Nyohoho? What is this? Most excellent my dude? G W E N D O L Y N I should probably get back to my own LP at some point too...
  10. There are a few issues with this approach. 1. You'd have to play halfway through Alm act 3 before you could even transfer the dracoshield, and at that point you're better off finishing the Alm section so you dont have to deal with more reinforcements. 2. The Dracoshield ruins a characters speed and prevents them from wielding a weapon, so any unit with the draco shield loses any ability to reliably kill enemies, while baron Valbar has base 22 Atk and can wield a weapon, making him a more useful combatant than any Dracoshield user. 3. Getting the dracoshield off Desaix is a very, very time consuming task, as you either have to grind two ram villagers up to high level mages, which takes a really long time in the deliverance hideout, or surround desaix while healing through all the damage he does to whoever fights him. all the while Slayde is running around either killing your squishies or getting himself killed, and if he croaks thats a lost dracoshield. But by all means this is oh so much more convenient than getting Valbar some exp in 1 runthrough of the seabound shrine.
  11. Good, it is my life's work to spread the agenda of anti-ltc. Funny thing is that I realised the *potential* of baron Valbar by complete accident. I was just trying to not waste exp beyond promotion thresholds on team Celica so I had a level 6 Valbar when i reached the exp fountains and I had tge funny thought of act 2 baron Valbar as a meme run for Celica side. (it should be noted that i was doing an all cavalier run of Alm route featuring pitchforked Lukas, Silque and Clair) It was only on a dedicated attempt that i got a (mostly) reliable replicatable route to the funny.
  12. In terms of levelling Valbar need to get to level 10 to become a Baron. However, since he gets the last 3 for free, he only Neede to reach level 7, or rather, he needs to level up 6 times. The first map Valbar takes part in is the Cantor boat map. Valbar is able to tank Revenants for days, so as long as you arent trying to LTC, he will be able to get an easy level off of the revenants, Maybe even two levels if spawns are consistently large, an optional 2nd (or 3rd) level can be gleamed if Valbar kills the boss, but he is not the best choice for this, as Celica may still need Seraphim. Due to the many kills he gets Valbar should obtain 40-50 bexp. So we will assume he is at level 2 with 90 exp. There are now 2 options for which map to take, however it is recommended to battle the pirates, first, as this will make it easier to promote Valbar. Valbar easily beats this whole map, meaning he will be able to level up again and should be given the bosskill unless Celica has not learned Seraphim (in which case, what are you even doing) for a 2nd level this map. He should gain 20-30 bexp. We will assume that Valbar is now at level 4 with 20 exp (blaze it Valbar) He needs to level up 3 more times to promote. You could go onto that Arcanist boat next but 1. Valbykins doesn't eat mages and 2. You don't need to. Onward to the Seabound shrine. Valbar will gain like 6 exp total from the necrodragons, unless he kills one in which case he gets 30 ish exp for the small one and 50 for the boss, don't bother with that however as it requires some specific damage outputs from your mages to set one of them up. Valbar is now at level 4 with 26 exp (bye bye funny number). You will find 2 bonewalker encounters and 1 revenant in the first room and 1 revenant, 1 bonewalker and 2 gargoyle encounters in the second (disregarding rare spawns). Valbar will be able to get 1 level in 2 (individual) bonewalker encounters from kills and bexp, easily enough and shouldnt have any trouble getting some good exp from the rev, at this point he will be around level 5 and 60, he wont level off the revenant in the next room, but if fed the full encounterhe should come out at level 5 and 90 give or take a few points, he will come out at either 6 and 10 or 6 and 40 depending on whether you fought them one or two encounters at a time. The gargoyle encounters will most likely be faced at the same time, so just send Valbar straight in to get that epic victory royale, but you gotta be quick kid, and move all of Celica's crewmates away so as not to divert attention from Valbo. He hits level seven, eats an apple and drinks some water and bippidy, bobbidy baron, there you go. Now as for Valbar over Palla, it comes down to Palla not really needing her promotion at that point (the only thing that Falcoknight significantly contributes to in act 3 is 1 rounding summoned gargoyles, but expel does that anyway) she doesnt gain any attack, only gains 2 spd (for a whopping 12 speed unarmed about as fast as an unarmed mercenary) and she has enough base HP and a 50% growth that she only gets on average of 4 hit points on promo. She gets 4 def and and 7 res, the latter of which sounds impressive but this is SoV where magic enemies are either too weak or too strong for 7 extra res to matter. The extra point of move doesnt even help get Palla anywhere she needs to go any faster. Baron Valbar however with his chunky 18 defense takes a single point of damage from every Melee attack thats' not from Deen or Blake throughout the entirety of act 3 without having a Shield equipped. This allows Valbar to absolutely demolish the Archer fort, the Deen map (leather shield Valbar takes 1 damage from Deen at base) and as long as you take care of the witches and arcanists, the Grieth map as well, all of which FalcoPalla struggles to survive in. Sadly, the Mila temple is a bit to mage powered for Valbar, and act 4 is just not friendly to armor knights, the exp shrine in the tempel basement will allow you to get a falcoknight for act 4 where they are actually good. Also give Valbar the Dracoshield for Duma Tower Funnies Thus, Valbar is a better user of the Seabound exp fountains and apple, than Palla. tldr Armor >>>>>> Flier
  13. Normally, I throw all the attack boosts onto Genny, because I really like her as a unit and Also Physic/Expel range. The Seabound Shrine exp fountains (and the golden apple) go to Valbar, because Act 2 baron Valbar, is not only feasable to obtain, but in my opinion, is better than falcoknight palla.
  14. Bwahahahahahah. Niles, more like Bye-byeles. Also you managed to make Christine the first Death in a Berwick ironman again, and you werent even playing Berwick this time.
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