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  1. If your friend is going into the Series totally blind, but on the hardest difficulty, then I'd say Binding Blade would be the best place to start. It's a reasonably tough challenge, but still offers a good amount of player choice in what units to use. The games sprite art still holds up very well, unlike some of the newer games 3D models. The only issue is that it requires a translation patch, like the one found here and a working rom (which I can't help you find sorry). (Also you used the term 'Blind Walkthrough', when a more appropriate term would be 'Blind Playthrough' or even 'Playing Blind'. A 'Walkthrough' is a step-by-step guide on how to beat a game. Sorry if this is overstepping my boundaries a little bit.
  2. My hopes. Kid Icarus Uprising remaster for Switch Thracia/Binding remake Announcement of a new mainline 2D metroid game to begin development after next years Prime 4 release A more powerful if less portable Switch, that can actually run at 60fps Castlevania Visual Novel. Literally anything about Custom Robo, ninty please. My predictions. BDSP showcase as well as update on Legends: Arceus Prime 4 is still in the works guys, it's still happening don't cancel your pre-orders BOTW2 teaser Famicom Detective showcase. Tellius bundle digital only limited release. Teaser for new FE New Mario game in 3D World engine, still 60 bucks. My Fears. Prime 4 not acknowledged at all. Legends Arceus delayed. New Sword/Shield DLC Genealogy remake in 3H engine (or at all really it's the game I'd least like to see remade and it would probably have to undergo some large changes to be image friendly) Thracia 776 digital only limited release. Still ain't got anything to show for BOTW2 Fates port.
  3. Are any of us really winners here? The amount of spoiler boxes we had to click through is stupid. Also Ulysses uses the Game Theory axe.
  4. Also, sorry to say but I don't really have anything to say on this game other than the large variety of names will give me ample opportunity to carry out my role. Also there's like a 90% chance you play CT as April Fools
  5. Hey. How dare you I'll kill you, I'll have you know that X has an IGN rating of 8.6. Yes. YES! I wonder who this is for... Well, you're more consistent than I am, seriously I have the next Conquest update just sitting in imgbox, but I've been too lazy to assemble it. Hehehehehehehehe. Made you look Rubie, now you have to give Valery a bigger part again. Heh heh, that's me! I wish you no luck, but Karma. The ups and downs are what make your prancing around onstage truly delectable, my dear Ruben.
  6. "Bring me too! Cantus wouldnt slow Noelle down as much." 'This went bad very quickly'
  7. this seems like itll be a fun time, are the names in dialogue replaced too or will everybody be calling Veld, Leaf?
  8. 'You should probably bring me or Toki with you before you go blindly teleporting, in case you run into trouble. Better safe than sorry.'
  9. Fe4: 2/10 The least enjoyable FE game in my opinion,the story is overrated and neither lord is that interesting, player units are either OP or just meh mostly OP, Maps are long and slow and the every turn save just ruins any difficulty the game could have had. The replay value is horrible due to needing to sit through gen 1 every time you want to try out a new child character combination and Holy Weapons are so overpowered and easily accessible that only other holy weapon users can threaten player units. The best part of the game is managing funds for arena that's all. Fe5: 9/10 Great game, huge cast tons of interesting mechanics, probably the best lord in all FE, regular enemies are often weak so their threat comes from their placement, universal caps prevent player units from getting too overpowered, indoor dismount stops cavs being broken, the fatigue system encourages using different units each map, hit bracketing is something I like as it keeps you on your toes. I love almost everything about the game. The only reason its a 9 not a 10 is that some of the maps are admittedly awful. Fe6: 6/10 it's okay, the lords a backpack and Perceval exists but otherwise story maps and difficulty are alright. Fe7: 5/10 see above but replace Perceval with Marcus. though it can be kinda easy so its lower than binding. Fe8: see above but replace Marcus with Seth. GBA Paladins are kinda busted huh? Fe11: 8/10 a generally fun game, huge roster, and reclassing make the game different every time story's good (if you read wayy too much into it) only real downsides are the prologue being locked to super easy and gaidens having the flat 15 unit requirement. Fe12: 6/10 reclassing and roster are again great to have for replay value but i feel the game suffers on harder difficulties due to how low stat caps are. The other thing which loses it some points are 'zone based' reinforcements being a thing that I kinda dislike. Fe13: 7/10 as a srategy game its a 4/10 but I'm kind of an RPG guy so it gets a boost from that. Also it got me into FE so y'know bonus point. Fe14 Birthright: 6/10 Bad strategy game and bad RPG, but I like the freedom it gives as opposed to conquest's rigidness. Also I enjoy a good Ryomastomp from time to time. Fe14 Conquest: 5/10 good strategy game bad RPG some great maps but also a few stinkers. Yes I unironically like Birthright more than Conquest. Fe15: 8/10 despite having horrible replay value and very poor map design its a great RPG with a likeable cast and a banger soundtrack. Fe16: 6/10 I only played VW once on a borrowed copy and I enjoyed it but, objectively it's not a great strategy game nor a good RPG, admittedly I didn't get to know the characters that well buy MY GOD was the monastery repetative. Decently fun? Yes. Would I buy it for myself? No.
  10. “That's probably not a great idea, conisidering how heavy all of my armor is. Might be best if we all just walk, probably not a good idea to split up in the dark."
  11. Thracia is the first game that explicitly states it to be the case, but before that, there were no playable male fliers whatsoever, wyvern or Pegasus. Dean from Thracia was the first playable male flier, then Zeiss, then Heath, then Cormag (Glen and Valter were in CC but...), then Haar (the Bird laguz flied to but eh). Before Reclassing was even a thing there had only ever been 5 playable male fliers, which honestly I think is a lot more interesting than genderlock pegasi.
  12. Astrid, but with Makalov as a duo unit. Erk, but TT Red Tome infantry. Raurblade in 2021 Resplendant Dorcas but not drawn by Ippei, so he just looks like generic axe dude. Caspar but sword armour. Touma, but a GHB unit with an inheritable defense based Berkut's Lance.
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