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  1. Very well Zoomer. However I am a Chess fan. I command the full might of the Royal tarot. Your COs and their special abilities shall falter before the might of my absolute feudal system. Your pathetic guns and factories cannot hope to defeat our versatile movement and tactics and your nameless legion shall lie scattered before the court.
  2. I, like many would probably add Cyas into Genealogy, because it gives more backstory options for Arvis, and allows for a non-Lewyn expybot when talking about Julius' possession. Then I'd probably have Patty show up in chapter 6, and unlock the gate at the bottom when Galzus spawns as an enemy, as a) just a cute cameo and b) to make sure that the player can't softlock themself, by not buying keys if Karin Lifis and Lara are dead. (She'd also be in a flavourtext house)
  3. Well it is to prevent spam, but the limit only applies to topic creation, not to comments on other posts. It's more so a botstopper, as bots just make threads, with time, you will be able to make a few more topics, so go have fun interacting with the community. Also, if you click, the arrow next to your name in the top right corner and go into account settings, you can add a cool signature with which you can advertise your hack for anybody to check out. Have fun and good luck!
  4. Nah we good. I'll take a “Finger lickin bucket" please.
  5. Custom Robo Arena: Pretty good if not well known, fun gameplay, decent story (if you ignore a few Natsume-isms) the 3D battle graphics for the DS have aged about as well as DS graphics can (due in part to the intentionally chunky designs of the Robos) only real problem is that it's pretty easy 90% of the time and there's no real way to increase the difficulty, save using intentionally inferior gear, it's only ever challenging in a few BS sections and 2 or 3 genuinely hard fights. The Urbs; Sims in the City for GBA/DS: A lesser known gem of a game. It's a story driven sims game, with a bit more depth in its characters, and surprising amount of stuff to do outside of the story. The in game clock advances when sleeping so it can be awkward getting time specific events, but other than that it's super fun. The DS version is the same as the GBA version except it has a little bit more content.
  6. Castlevania III: Provided it's IGA and not Konami, it'd be nice to see the gothic artstyle used for FE, and we'd probably have Dracula (or just random vampire) as the final boss, which would be pretty cool. The score would be absolutely phenomenal. Gameplay wise I can see it using gaiden style over world (freely moving enemies) and inventory but without gaidens map design. All in all that would be cool. Otherwise, it's a, 80 grand pachinko machine
  7. Accost can be nice on your slow-midspeed units, as it will allow them to actually one-round enemies, but it's bad for non ballista tanking. It's a decently good attack skill if an opponent can't counter but it is dangerous on enemy phase. It's a high risk moderate reward type of skill
  8. Relax man, flying is a breeze, you gotta chill, sit back, sip some cool soda, or water, take a losendge or gummy, and prep for the chilliest hours of your life
  9. Hey, nice to meet ya, quick question what's your favourite type of manga
  10. That's carbo loading, and it's pretty neat. Whats with all the pizza themed questions from Xray lately
  11. There's is no year for even if the body fails the soul shall go on, life eternal, yadda yadda yadda. (Phew dodged a dark question) Anybody want to be evil with the cool gang, or would you rather be lame with the nerd team?
  12. Yo! Welcome to SF, glad to see somebody new in town, hope to see ya around. P.S, write anything I may have read?
  13. Pengaius

    Tears of Serenia

    Take all the time that you need man, life's about the journey, not the destination and all that, don't forget to stop and smell the roses every once in a while too.
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