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  1. Pettiest thing you've ever done Pettiest thing ever done to you Do you often cheat death Why'd you get into Archery Do you enjoy duck meat
  2. I do love the way that Arkis, who is completely new to the #shadowlancerlife is only slightly worse than the fully trained soldiers, and is not only generally less experienced in combat (level difference of 6) but spent most of that time as a horseback fighter, yet still he manages to be faster than them, tldr: shadow lancers suck Good thing poorly levelled under-trained Arkis is still strong enough to withstand heavily invested Runan adept procs I may have bribed a few soldiers into making sure Arkis wouldn't die Lionel, more like Dienel Well I'd suggest... aww... I was going to suggest Lee for farther healing range, sheesh 👌YEETena👌 Unmounted Arkis, given practically no exp I mean you could have set up a choke point to give him more than one kill Well, Lionel's spot just opened up, just sayin
  3. What is the weirdest bug/glitch you've ever accidentally found in a game Do you play or have you played any/many trading card games If you don't mind my asking, what is your political opinion? What is the most interesting place/thing in the world in your opinion This is hammer, how does hammer make you feel
  4. Obligatory opinion question (Yay) Favourite Class to use in Fe Why were you formerly known as Mad Manakete Who won E3? This is invisible hammer how does invisible hammer make you feel
  5. Remind me, between Arkis and Roger, who is currently a corpse. Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! I know! I mean she has been sleeping on the bench since the last time she had any story relevance. 😎
  6. Ah well, c'est la vie. The portrait thing should be fine too.
  7. iPad actually, and I don't have anything to extract it with.
  8. Just asking is this a patch or do I need a specific program to run this, or what. Do I need a computer to run it.
  9. Obligatory impersonations yadda yadda Why oshawott? Why do you like tsunderes so much? In relation to question 3 why Severa in particular. Do you prefer political drama or romantic drama
  10. Ah, darn. Oh well if everybody gets a personal skill then I guess the res/def stance skill would add some better tank, but again this is only if the full cast are getting personal skills.
  11. Tbh I'd actually rather not have pavise or aegis or any proc-skills, if personal skills are a thing and everybody is getting one I'd rather have provoke if it's all the same, both because I'm extremely aggravating and because it'd guarantee I'd be the highest priority target on ep (no point in all that tankiness if none of the enemies ever attack you)
  12. No! Bod Ruben! I'm the prologue boss (or at least the proof of concept boss) maybe you can blind LP it when it's out The Roger the Paladin? More like Dead Roger dead Paladin, he got MELted. You forgot to factor in Sierra's chance of missing pike on turn one so it's actually even lower than that. That's a weird way of spelling Arkis
  13. Honestly I'm fine with being immobile for the sake of comedy, but I understand if you want the map to have a less anticlimactic boss fight that mobility would be a good idea (although because of the movement ranges only Kat with a javelin can attack me before I move but then a flier would have to eat 2-4 arrows depending on speed and I don't see that ending well for team good guys)
  14. I am glad to lend myself to this project, I shall be a fearsome enemy you shan't overcome easily, what do you mean I can't counterattack most of the cast?
  15. One obvious option for the whole mods/admins thing is evil duplicates embodying their worst traits if they're up for it. That or the villains are GameFaqs ore some other forum website idk
  16. While not a completely perfect solution perhaps try checking the Serenes forest interview threads to see who's been interviewed the most or earliest
  17. I've already gone over my role a little earlier (tanky bow cav if you've forgotten) and that I would like to be a recruitable enemy as to the specific details, you'll need to pay 3,000 to recruit me, but not in gold, in butter 3,000 butter, but it's fine if you don't have that immediately I'll take an i.o.u, because you've promised to pay me more than the other guys and I always fight for the highest butter, uh, I mean bidder. (So it's really just a talk convo and an ending) Personality wise: sociable but a bit of a butter nut, that being my whole gimmick, words may often get replaced with butter related words e.g margarine- march, better-butter, often gets distracted by butter related thoughts or analogies e.g. Being ordered to spread out "mmm spread" and the like. But I don't see myself having too much dialogue.
  18. Bow cav/nomad line sounds good, and if possible I'd like to be high def/hp/con low spd everything else average. A mounted bow tank, can act as a wall but because of the bows cannot counterattack very well, this way you can have a high mov enemy phase damage magnet, without them being a take no damage but kill everything on EP. As for the formal entry yadda yadda Username: Pengaius Character name: Butter the beast Pengaius Class: Bow Cavalier Recruitable, but shows up as an enemy first. (possibly tutorial/prologue enemy/boss)
  19. The biggest issue I've always had with light tomes is that they way far too much compared to the other tomes for what you get off of them, there slim magic in might hit and crit but blades in weight, elder magic at least had cool effects (and fenrir) to balance out the weight. Perhaps light magic would be better compared to fates clubs, being an infinitely worse version of a pre-existing type. The issue with removing non-special light and dark tomes is that it means you only really lose flux from the dark tree ( fenrir isn't a real weapon in gba Fire Emblem) and just throw all the light magic out the window (unless you take a leaf out of the worst games book and make lightning brave again). Anyway in this new system how do the Runesword, Wind Sword and Light Brand work, and are there be fire/thunder elemental swords as well?
  20. One issue is making maps, especially good maps takes a lot of time and a lot of testing, if the project is not very long-term, I'd recommend copying (read: ripping) some of the more interesting maps from the gba games (assuming this is a gba mod/hack as they are by far the most stable) and modifying them slightly (particularly indoor maps can be awkward to make from scratch and look good at the same time) at least for the prototype version(s) because this helps to get a better look at what you want the finished game to be like, and may help with writing the scenario if you have a loose approximation of what maps each chapter is in. On the character side I'd like to submit myself (bold I know as I'm effectively a background character on site) for the role of green Cavalier (or random nomad dude (maybe a hostile Pengaius tribe) if somebody more suitable for the role comes along) I have a portrait here by @Saint Rubenio png so no need to animate it if that helps, if it's too much effort to import, literally just a full yellow square with a green line at the bottom would do.
  21. While I'm not too familiar with conventions or events, and I do believe hygiene should be especially important for large gatherings of people, I pretty sure that people might not feel all that comfortable showering or bathing somewhere new; so imagine your headed to a smash tourney that's 2-300 miles away from home, you know your gonna have to budget this thing so you hedge your bets on a cheap motel, when you get there the first thing your gonna want to do is get cleaned up when lo and behold the shower is caked in dirt and grime and is absolutely disgusting, you want to go get the manager, but you remember your only paying like 18 bucks and are just here for the tournament and are leaving in 2 nights so you can probably just deal with it using deodorant, it's not too hot and it's not exactly a full body workout, you have 2 sets of spare clothes so your good. Cut to the tournament and you get a bit stressed out, you get sweaty a little at first but then a lot more, you think that since you've plastered yourself with deodorant it'll be fine, nobody will notice , so you go about this for the day and a half never noticing just how bad you smell. Now multiply this by 1000 people and the stink really builds up. People who smell bad likely aren't doing so on purpose, they might just feel uncomfortable shower/bathing in a new place. (I know I sure do) That said that's no real excuse to not double-check yourself and “top-off" every hour or two, and I have no idea why anybody would try to protec the stincc or anything.
  22. I'm going to keep this as a reaction image if that's ok! Wrys is my spirit animal. Oh no The Super Secret Stealth Attack! I can only imagine the look on his face as he marches to reclaim his homeland unnopposed, what a boost it shall provide to his troops morale. You forgot to mention Guenchaos and his dragon-waifu, Holmes drinking his sorrows away while Eugen beats him up and Sasha's wyvern having a break from the bloody conflicts. (Sasha is probably killing some undeads or something)
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